12 ways you need to know on How to make money in tech aside having a full-time Job

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Everyone most likely wants to learn how to make money either to assist their full-time job, side hustle, or focus on it as their major way to earn a living. In our society today lots of youths and able-bodied men are on the lookout for White-collar jobs that pay well most especially in the Tech sector thereby turning a blind eye to some things in the Tech sector that can actually make more money for them aside from having a fulltime job.

Here in Nigeria a lot of individuals want to know how to make money to increase their income, and there are various ways to do that even though most of them might take a while before they might start yielding money.

It is quite important that we take note of some of the benefits of working most especially as a freelancer one of which includes financial freedom. Imagine the feeling of not being constrained and tied to a certain amount of money per month? You get to make money when and how you want it.

Most jobs have definite working time and hours which often times limit the productivity and flexibility of its employee. Besides getting a job that restricts you to a place and constraints your freedom, you could engage in things that will not only bring money but will also give you the opportunity and the platform to use your potential in full.

In view of this, it is important to highlight some things that are capable of helping you make money.

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12 Ways on how to make money

1) Free Lancing: freelancing involves going into a particular area of interest as an independent body. Such areas could be writing, programming, web design, and lots more. As a freelancer, you could charge per day, hour, and per project. Payments for freelancers could be percentage upfront or upon completion.

Freelancing has some benefits as it enables people to attain higher levels of employment. It also gives the ability to be able to choose who you want to work for and which is more beneficial.

2) Saas products: Saas products mainly software products hosted by a central provider and are offered for sale to customers using internet as medium. Examples of such products include; Bigcommerce, hubspot, slack, Salesforce and lots more.

Money could be made from the sale of Saas products and to sell source products, one must use a reliable cloud hosting services, offer a free trial, consider a freemium model as well as include a video of how the product works.

3) Shopify: Shopify is an e-commerce websites that deals in selling online. With shopify you could create your website and decide what to sell on your website. Your website could consist of various segments ranging from programming and tech, graphic design, business and lots more.

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4) E-book: E-book is a short form of electronic book. It is a book made available in digital form. It consist of texts, images and lots more.

Through writing of eBook, one can also make money All that is needed is writing it to a high standard, chosing the best value publishing platform, entering into a book competition and developing a marketing strategy for it.

5) YouTube: Lots of people have refused to see the fortune that could be made through YouTube. YouTube is a website where music, videos and original contents are uploaded.

To make money on YouTube you have to sign in to a YouTube account you want to make money from and agree to the terms and conditions. It’s required that make you must have about 50000 views per day to make money.

6) Sell bots: Bots are software application that runs automated task. As a programmer or software developer you could build a bot and sell to company or corporate bodies.

7) Newsletter: Newsletters are mainly small publication containing news of interest addressed to a special group or specific set of people. Money can be made through publishing of newsletter purposely for selling of adverts.

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The more money you can make from newsletters depends solely on the number of subscribers. Hundreds of thousands can be made through newsletters, provided that people are subscribing to it.

8) Sell Apps: Selling of apps has become a common way of making money for young developers in recent times. One could build an app from the scratch or employ the service of a programmer to build and develop such app and sell it.

9) Email templates: an email templates is a pre-formatted or pre-written email. It can be used to replace our own contents. Email templates can be monetized by selling your products, replaying promotions, segmenting your list and many others.

10) Blog with Ads: As a blogger you could show ads from ad services on your blog. Some of the steps required include promoting an affiliate products on your site, using targeted advertising with Google, approaching companies directly for advertising consent and signing up for a specific ad program.

11) Creating GitHub repose and getting sponsors: Creating a github repose include creating an open-source platform that can be used to build stacks of reusable software components.

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12) Sponsored posts: Sponsored posts involves posting of articles on blogs or websites in which the website owner or blogger is paid to do. To make money, site owner can be hired to write the post and publish it as well. The least web owner charge for a sponsored post is around $50 to $100 per hour.

Getting a sponsored post such blogger or site owner has to first develop the site to an admirable stage by creating a media kit as well as engaging the audience.

The above-listed options and many others are some of the ways money can be made besides getting a job in the world of tech.

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