10 Best Coworking Space in Seattle

coworking space in seattle

Workplace flexibility is on the rise, whether due to the growing popularity of telecommuting, the recent boom in the number of startup businesses in the United States, or the expansion of the gig economy.

For many, the ideal solution is to join a coworking space where they can maintain their professional identity while enjoying the benefits of a relaxed social atmosphere and a flexible work schedule.

This is especially true of life in Seattle. Since the city is home to one of the major tech businesses in the country, there is an abundance of startup companies, freelance opportunities, and a plethora of coworking spaces to accommodate them.

Here is a list of the top 10 coworking space in Seattle to assist independents, remote workers, business owners, and other professionals in their hunt for the ideal office environment.

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Best Coworking Space in Seattle

1. WeWork Coworking Space in Seattle

WeWork, the world’s largest shared office space provider, has sixteen sites in the Seattle area. Each is remarkable for its contemporary style, furnishings, and accessibility to parking and public transit.

Members of the WeWork Seattle coworking location get access to several amazing features around the clock. Fast internet, a dedicated mail room, and helpful employees all fall under this category. And that’s without even mentioning the locally made drinks, which are sure to be a hit whether you’re entertaining customers or rewarding yourself.

$300-$500 per month for a hot desk

Hawk Tower at 255 South King Street, Suite 800
1411 Fourth Avenue
1610 Fifth Avenue
501 East Lake Avenue East and many more in Seattle.

2. Hing Hay Coworks Coworking Space in Seattle

Hing Hay Coworks is a community center and nonprofit shared office space in Seattle, ideal for startups of any size or industry. Joining this workplace requires only one thing, respect for teamwork and friendship.

Hing Hay Coworks provides its members with several convenient services, such as private offices, free coffee and tea, a fully stocked kitchen, mailboxes, lockers, a print and copy center, and a selection of different-sized conference rooms, as well as access to fiber internet.

$35 for a day pass
$145 for a 10-day flex membership
$200 for a 15-day flex membership
$330 a month for a full-in fixed membership

Hing Hay Coworks is located at 409B Maynard Ave S Seattle, WA 98104, Seattle.

3. ATLAS Worksbase Coworking Space in Seattle

ATLAS Worksbase coworking space in Seattle is best for those looking for a long-term coworking space. Each package also offers daily booking in addition to monthly passes.

 Intentionally planned and adaptable workspaces are provided so that community members may effectively innovate and run their businesses. ATLAS Workbase is the product of a team that works hard, plays hard, and takes immense delight in its development.

The perks of this shared office space include a place to hold meetings and events, 10Gbps internet, parking, bike storage, mail and package services, IT assistance, spa showers with towel service, lockers, complimentary refreshments, and a gourmet cooking area.

$199/month for the lounge
$299/month for the Concourse
$379/month for full access concourse
$1495/month for a private work base in the concourse.

ATLAS Workbase is located at 500 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109, Seattle.

4. Regus Coworking Space in Seattle 

Regus coworking space in Seattle is a premier workspace supplier servicing thousands of employees throughout the globe. And the Regus Seattle shared office space satisfy the coworking requirements of hundreds of American visionaries.

 Plus, a big aspect of all Regus Seattle coworking space locations is that they are in premium corporate skyscrapers. You will also enjoy the stimulating company of the other professionals who make this their place of business.

The lounges at Regus are one of the facilities provided to guests. On top of the fantastic areas to get work done, you also get access to cutting-edge equipment and a robust international network.

$99 per month lounge access
299 per month for a hot desk

Regus Columbia Center at 701 Fifth Avenue, 42nd Floor
The Regus Smith Tower at 506 Second Avenue, Suite 400, and many others.

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5. Galvanize Coworking Space in Seattle

Galvanize coworking space in Seattle is much more than simply another shared office space. Here you will discover everything necessary to succeed as an individual or startup owner. Galvanize emphasizes training and education, as seen by the presence of over 200 mentors and the monthly occurrence of over 15 workshops.

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Dog-friendly, private conference rooms, a wellness area, a private patio, free coffee, and safe, fast Wi-Fi are just a few of the numerous perks that Galvanize offers.

$125 per month for a flex membership
$200 per month for a hot desk
$399 per month for a dedicated desk
$800 per month for a private office reserved desk

Galvanize coworking space in Seattle is located at 111 S Jackson St., Seattle, WA 98104.

6. The Riveter Coworking Space in Seattle

The Riveter is a groundbreaking coworking facility that focuses on women. This shared office space caters specifically to the needs of women entrepreneurs and is thus filled with strong, independent women with goals and ambitions.

Additionally, to achieve the desired gender parity, they are willing to hire and accept male members. Their rapidly expanding network, which will soon include many more sites, is a testament to the Riveter’s success.

Members of The Riveter shared office space have access to a plethora of fantastic benefits. In addition to providing coworking spaces open around the clock, they also provide excellent professional programs that may help you reach the pinnacle of your profession.

$99 per month for 10-hours-per-day access
$375 per month for 24-hour-per-day access.

1517 12th Ave Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98122
1300 N Northlake Way, Suite 200, Seattle.

7. Knack Coworking Space in Seattle

Knack coworking was established to give back to the communities of amazing women, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, and their allies. They want to reduce that by 2% by developing a hub for entrepreneurs that offers invaluable resources, including shared office space, educational events, and access to successful entrepreneurs who can help members expand their businesses.

Access to local coffee and tea, an experienced advisory board, regular events and seminars, and savings on partner services are just a few of the perks of working in a Knack-shared office.

$375 for full-time flex membership
$600 for a dedicated desk
$1,850 for a private office.

Knack shared office space in Seattle is at 2132 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121.

8. Coterie Coworking Space in Seattle

The Coterie Work Lounge is one of the most upscale places to work in all of Seattle. Coterie has private offices, a bar, and a series of private conference spaces. If you like working in style and convenience, then Coterie is your place. Coterie has private offices, a bar, and a series of private conference spaces.

In addition to free high-speed Internet access, print, copy, and scan services, member mixers, a kitchen, a bar, and private booths for working alone, the facility also provide a daily cooked breakfast.

$30 per day for a guest pass
$220 each month for executive membership

Seattle’s Coterie Worklounge can be found at 1414 Fourth Avenue.

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9. The Inc Coworking Space in Seattle

The Inc shared office space in Seattle is home to another nonprofit coworking site which also features a playschool to make life easier for new parents. 

In this sense, the space is based on coworking, community, and childcare pillars. So, working parents may sigh relief knowing they don’t have to choose between their children and their careers.

$60 for three months of membership
$16 per hour for 1-5-year-old playrooms

Coworking space Inc. may be found in St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, which is situated at 111 NE 80th Street in Seattle.

10. Black Dot Coworking Space in Seattle

Black Dot is a shared office space established in 2015 to foster and foster connections among African business owners. People may exchange ideas and build meaningful relationships across disciplines and backgrounds in their new homes. 

Moreover, they provide start-up instruction in various areas, including knowledge, technical training, professional growth, and a full launch curriculum.

Black Dot’s coworking space provides a wide range of services, including high-speed Internet access, a projector, printer, resource room, gallery exhibition space, entrepreneur tools, a free parking lot, and much more.

$100 per hour for conference room
$140 per month for co-working lab membership
$200 per month for training room membership.

Black Dot coworking space in Seattle is located at 1437 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA, 98144.


Sea, beautiful mountains, and untouched woods surround Seattle, the state capital of Washington.

We created this list of the top Seattle coworking spaces to assist you in making an informed decision about where to conduct your business. You can check other coworking spaces in different area in the United states here as we have made a list of them all.

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