Comprehensive List Of Co working Space In Lagos

Co working Space In Lagos
Here is a comprehensive list of co working space in Lagos :BVF office Centre: Workstation; Workbay Ikeja; Venia Hub; Enclaave; V8 Valley; LeadSpace Yaba; The Village; Intrepid Spaces;

Boost your productivity by setting up your business in the best co working space in Lagos. A great business environment that is serviced with a 24/7 power supply, fast internet, furniture, and necessary machinery, is the finest space to set up a business.

Coworking spaces do not only provide space But also provide businesses with impressive ways to plan their business success. One of the benefits of working from a co-working space is the network and collaboration opportunities they offer.

Gone are those days when we struggle to find and rent offices when starting a business. There are several co working spaces for rent in Lagos in a good environment. 

In this overview, we will provide a comprehensive list of coworking space in Lagos , but first, let us have a clear understanding of what co-working space is all about.

What is meant by Coworking space? 

co working spaces are space designed for different workers of different companies working independently or collaborative in a shared office space. There are different features of co-working space, they include:

  • Fast internet
  • Shared work spaces
  • Shared lounges, kitchens and bathrooms
  • all needed equipments are available
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to conference rooms.

Benefits of coworking space

Here are a few benefits of coworking space:

  1. Increase productivity and creativity
    When you are working with other people and businesses, you gain more knowledge of ideas that could help increase your productivity.
    Here are some apps that can help increase your productivity too
  • Cost-effective 
    Coworking allows tenants to only pay for the space they need. However, the co-working space payment may only include electricity bills, internet fees, the space you are renting, and your operational costs.
  • Private and shared office 
    Co working spaces have both private and shared offices available to all workers. The private and shared office gives the workers choices to choose between working alongside people or working in a peaceful space
  • More networking opportunity

    The great thing about co working spaces is the opportunities and networking events that it offers. Co working spaces help businesses find new clients and partners.
Co working Space In Lagos

Are co working spaces worth it?

Co working spaces are more affordable than any other type of space for businesses. It is also easy to acquire more knowledge and improvement in work performance while using a co-working space.

A shared space is a great option when it comes to business because it will be easy to find new partnerships and clients there than working at home. So if you want improvement and increased productivity in your business, use this opportunity and search for a co-working space that fits your business.

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What is the future of co working space in Lagos 

Without any doubt, co working spaces are the soon-to-be-embraced offices by all business owners, because of their continuous growth all over the world.

Also, unlike a traditional office, co working spaces allow you to work alongside people from different companies and connect with other individuals, which without a doubt will help your business and provide you with various opportunities.

So it is much easier and cheaper to rent a co-working space and its facilities( facilities include internet and electricity)

co working space in Lagos 

 List of co working space in Lagos 

Here is a comprehensive list of co working space in Lagos. Please also remember that the pricing listed here are based on information we have at the time of article publication.

1. BVF office Centre (Lekki):

Are you searching for coworking space in Lekki, Lagos? Then consider getting the BVF office center. It is one of the best co working space in lekki, Lagos .

BVF office center is a well-furnished co working space in Lagos  that offers new entrepreneurs and businesses core virtual office services. It is spacious for your business endeavors. And it is worth it’s pricing.

BVF office center is situated in Unit A8, Plot 27 Emma Abimbola, Cole street, opposite Arabella place, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Its pricing ranges from N120,000 to N180,000 per annual.

2. Workstation (Victoria island):

Workstation is a co working space in Lagos . It Offers workers a co working space in Lagos  providing them with an outstanding working environment 

The Workstation offers workers two types of workspace, you can either go for a permanent or temporary workspace.

It is located in No. 7 ibiyinka Olorunbe Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. The workstation pricing for a Private office is N150,000/month. for Weekends it is N20,000/month, and for a Fixed Desk N60,000/month.

3. Workbay Ikeja:

Workbay in Ikeja is yet another co working space in Ikeja, Lagos . And this workstation comes with so many benefits that are worth it’s pricing.

Also, Workbay is an Office space that provides entrepreneurs and startups with a co working space in Lagos  in a suitable environment.

It is located in 3-9, Olu koleosho Str, Off simbiat Abiola Rd, Ikeja Lagos. The pricing for workbay includes

• Private office – N115,000/month 

• Dedicated Desk – N20,000/month 

• Virtual Office – N6,000/month 

• Workstation – N30,000/month 

4. Venia Hub (Lekki):

Venia Hub

If you are looking for one of the best, consider Venia business hub. The Venia hub is a co working space in Lagos . 

It is located in a serene environment. They provide the best workspace for new, small, and existing businesses, freelancers, startups, and SMEs.

Its address is Plot 8, The providence St, Lekki Phase 1, 106104, Lekki. the pricing for Venia hub includes:

• Private office – N200,000/month

• Hot Desk – N60,000/month

• Hot Desk – N3,000/day

5. Enclaave:

The Enclaave is one of the best co working space in Lagos . They focus on helping workers increase their productivity by providing a quiet and inspiring co working space in Lagos .

Its location is at 16B Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki phase 1 106104, Lagos. The enclave pricing includes:

• Private space – NGN 40,000/month 

• Private Executive space – NGN 120,000/month 

• Meeting Rooms – NGN 5,000/day

6. V8 Valley:

V8 valley is a co working space in Lagos  that comes with unique features. V8 Valley is a large office space that offers unique facilities like a kitchenette, a 24/7 power supply, free packing, training rooms, and many more.

Its location is at 7b Dr. S. Ezekuse Cl, off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. The v8 valley pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 75,000/month 

• Dedicated Desk – NGN 39,250/month 

• Flex Plan – NGN 30,000/month 

7. LeadSpace Yaba:

co working space in lagos nigeria

LeadSpace is yet another co working space in Lagos mainland  that specializes in providing office space to SMEs, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers. 

Regardless of your business type, this location offers the best spot for business endeavors. 

Its location is at 10 Hughes Ave, Yaba 101011, Lagos. The pricing of leadspace includes:

• Daily pass – NGN 3,000 per seat 

• Meeting Room – NGN 5,000 per hour 

• Dedicated Desks – NGN 40,000 per month

• Private Office – NGN 150,000 per month 

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8. The Village:

The village is an alternative co working space in Lagos  designed to help grow the productivity of Creatives, freelancers, enterprises, and small businesses in a shared Office.

it is located in 371, Borno Way, Spencer St, Alagomeji Yaba, Lagos. The pricing for the village includes: 

• Freelance – NGN 30,000/month

• Cooperate plan – NGN 350,000/month 

• Daily pass – NGN 3,000

9. Intrepid Spaces:

Intrepid is a perfect place for all productive businesses in search of an ideal workspace to increase their productivity. 

They provide a fully serviced co working space in Lagos  with amenities such as Tea & coffee, parking, fast internet, and print/scan. 

Its address is Suite 201, Unit 11B Maben Terrace LFS Manen Rd, Lekki – Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 100,000/month 

• Virtual Office – NGN 3,500/session 

• Training/Meeting Rooms – NGN 3,000/hour

• Team Room – NGN 135,000/month 

• Co-work desks – NGN 3,000/day

10. HubAspire:

coworking space in lagos nigeria

Consider HubAspire if you are looking for the be co working space in Lagos . The HubAspire is a space that helps you Enhance your productivity, increase your skills and make your impossible ideas possible.

It is located in 19A CapWire House, Sinari Daranijo St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos. The pricing consists of:

• Private office – NGN 100,000 per month 

• Virtual premium – NGN 12,500 per month 

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11. Cranium One:

Cranium one offers a well-furnished office for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to work side by side. Its membership includes a private office, dedicated desk, pay-per-day use, meeting room, and a shared desk.

It is a co working space in Lagos  with a premium workspace that offers businesses a shared, dedicated, and private office space. 

Its address is Plot 1 Towry Cl, Eti-Osa, Lagos. Its pricing varies depending on the membership you are paying for.

12. TyWorkspace:

if you’re looking for the best co working space in Lagos  that will increase your creativity TyWorkspace is an excellent environment for that.

Its address is 17 Ibikunle St, Yaba, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 340,000/month (people: 4)

• Dedicated Desk – NGN 150,000/month (people: 1)

• Hot Desk – NGN 40,000/month (people: 1) 

13. Seedspace Lagos Ikoyi 

Seedspace is another co working space in Lagos  that connects entrepreneurs and small businesses with new partners, investors, and clients.

Its address is 23 Agodogba Ave, Parkview Estate, Lagos Ikoyi. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – N50,000/month

• Dedicated Desk – N35,000/month

• Hot Desk – N35,000/month 

14. Agos Executive Business Lounge

Agos Executive Business Lounge is a well-equipped co working space in Lagos  located in the heart of Lagos. They provide a fully serviced office and all needed facilities that help promote your business.

Its address is at 54b Adeniyi Jones, Oba Akran 101233, Ikeja. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 200,000/month

• Hot Desk – NGN 50,000/month 

• Virtual office – NGN 10,000/month 

15. Hub30 Coworking Space:

Hub30 Co-work is a private and shared workspace that offers creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners access to diverse opportunities. And it is one of the best co working space in Lagos .

Its address is 29, 204 Road, 2nd Ave, Festac Town 102312, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 45,000/month 

• Dedicated Desk – NGN 26,000/month 

• Hot Desk – NGN 20,000/month 

16. Space unlimited Workspace: 

if you are a freelancer, a startup, or a small business owner searching for a workspace, space unlimited workspace is the ideal space to work in. 

Just like its name, Space Unlimited specializes in providing the top and best workspace for its clients.

Space unlimited Workspace is a co working space in Lagos , and its address is 76, Mobolaji Ban AnthonyWay (Anthony Agbodji office complex, 1st floor), Ikeja. It features 24/7 access available, phone and meeting rooms, Ocean view, Private space, and unlimited internet.

17. Virtual Hub

Virtual Hub is one of the leading co-workspace in Lagos, they provide their clients with an executive office suite, Hot desk, meeting, conference, and training room, additionally, they provide unlimited internet, 24/7 power supply, and security.

Its address is in Ikeja, 5 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 100232, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – NGN 147,000/month

• Hot Desk – NGN 50,000

• Virtual Office – 140,000

18. Avalanche space: 

Avalanche helps increase the productivity and creativity of workers by providing a quiet and peaceful environment.

Avalanche space is a co working space in Lagos  and Its address is 33 Saji Ayangade St, Anthony 105102, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Dedicated Office – N45,000/month 

• Meeting/Training – N2,500/hour

19. Work box limited:

Work box limited is a fully serviced workspace. They provide workspace for freelancers and all business owners, not just that, they have a beautiful garden space that can be used for weddings, wedding proposals, baby showers, and many more.

Work box limited is yet another co working space in Lagos  and its address is 10, Ojora Close, Off Idowu Martins, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

Pricing ranges from N220,000 to N440,000

20. Impact Hub Lagos: 

Impact Hub is a provider of workspace for every business owner, they specialize in inspiring and connecting entrepreneurs, aside from the workspace, they provide support and all needed amenities.

 Impact Hub is a co working space in Lagos , and its address is 7A Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Its Pricing ranges from N20,000 to N85,000 monthly.

21. Proximity Space:

Proximity space is another unique workspace in Lagos that offers its clients Quality co-working and private offices.

Proximity Space is yet another unique co working space in Lagos . Its address is 315b Akin Ogunlewe Rd, Victoria Island 106105 Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – N150,000/month

• Dedicated Desk – N55,000/month

• Hot Desk – N4,000/day

22. MusterPoint co working space in Lagos 

MusterPoint co working space in Lagos  offers their clients a peaceful and calm environment to help increase their productivity. They provide 24/7 power supply, internet, desks, and chair.

Its address is in 1 Adekunle Owobiyi Cl, Ogba 101233, Ikeja. Its pricing includes:

• Private offices – N400,000/month 

• Dedicated Desk – N45,000/month 

• Hot Desk – N30,000

23. eespace:  

eespace is an amazing workspace located in Lagos. They provide all necessary amenities to their clients and also 24/7 security.

It is one of the best co working space in Lagos , and Its address is in Cardinal Building, 3 Ijaiye Road, Opposite Mobil Filling Station, Ogba, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• private office – N45,000/month 

• Hot Desk – N25,000/month 

24. CubeHub:

CubeHub provides the best, most affordable, and most comfortable co working space in Lagos  for startups and SMEs, CubeHub is an amazing place to work, collaborate and learn

Its address is 38 Opebi Road Adebola House (Suite 100, Rear Car park Wing Ikeja 100281, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

Private office – N200,000/month

co working space in Lagos  – N100,000/month

Virtual startup – N53,700/month

25. Enterprise Hubs: 

Enterprise Hubs is a workspace designed to help businesses grow by providing virtual Offices and a peaceful co working space in Lagos .

Its address is Trinity Avenue by Landmark, Off Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private offices – N432,000/month

• Dedicated Desks – N360,000/month

• Hot Desks – N150,000

26. ReDahlia

ReDahlia is a co working space in Lagos  for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and creatives. They provide affordable and comfortable office space.

Its address is in no. 43b Emina Cres, Allen 101233, Ikeja. The ReDahlia Pricing ranges from N50,000 to N100,000.

27. Regus – Lagos 

Regus is one of the leading Networks of Office, Virtual Office, co-working, and meeting spaces in Lagos. They offer great support and all the needed amenities. And it is one of the best co working space in Lagos .

Its location is in The Waterside, 5, Admiralty Road, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 101224, Lagos. Regus has over 3,000 locations Globally. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – N76,400/month 

• Dedicated Desk – N62,200/month

• Hot Desk – N39,900/week

28. theBunker Lekki

The Bunker is a co working space in Lagos  in Lagos that provide all necessary equipment and various workspace.

theBunker location is in no. 24B Bashorun Okusanya Street, Off, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Private office – N125,000/month

• Dedicated Desk – N25,000/month 

• Hot Desk – N25,000/month 

29. Battens Hub

Battens Hub is out to provide the best workspace for startups and entrepreneurs in Lagos. They offer a training and meeting space.

Battens hub’s location is in no. B40, Adeniran Ogunsanya mall, Surulere, Lagos. Its pricing includes:

• Daily plan – N1,700 

• Monthly Plan – N25,000

30. Peace Office Hub:

Peace Office Hub is a co working space in Lagos  designed for entrepreneurs. It is located in a peaceful and serene environment. They provide clients with all the equipment they need to succeed.

Peace Office Hub’s location is in no. 248 Muyibat Oyefusi Crescent Omole phase 1 Estate, Isheri 100010, Ikeja. Its Pricing ranges from N20,000 to N45,000 per month.

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Looking for a co working space in Lagos  can be quite overwhelming. But getting the best ones will help you in the long run of your business. Whether you are looking for a short-term co-working space or a long term, we have got you covered. We hope this overview is a helpful guide to your search.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are co working space in Lagos  expensive?

No. co working space in Lagos  are quite affordable, and the pricing varies on different grounds. You should stick to your budget when looking for a co working space in Lagos .

Is co working space in Lagos  worth it?

Yes. co working space in Lagos  is worth it because most of the listed co working spaces come with additional benefits.

Is co working space in Lagos  negotiable?

Prices may or may not be negotiable, but there is room for negotiation.

Who can get a co working space in Lagos ?

Anyone interested in getting a co working space in Lagos  can rent one.

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