10 Best Coworking Space in Brooklyn

Best Coworking Space in Brooklyn

With over 2.8 million people calling Brooklyn home as of 2016, it far surpasses all other New York City boroughs in population. 

To put that in perspective, if Brooklyn were classified as a city, it would be the third most populated in the United States, behind New York City and Chicago. 

Since Brooklyn is home to such a huge and varied population, it is no surprise that the borough teems with coworking spaces, many of which have perks you won’t find anywhere else.

Coworking spaces in Brooklyn have a wide variety of options to meet the demands of professionals in every industry. 

Many shared office spaces are available today, from those catering to teams to those catering specifically to individuals, such as writer’s retreats, tech hubs, copywriter’s dens, and designer’s sanctuaries.

Check out our comprehensive guide below to all the Brooklyn coworking spaces and find the one that best suits your needs in terms of pricing, location, and facilities.

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Best Coworking Space in Brooklyn

  1. Kongo coworking space in Brooklyn

    Kongo is a coworking space in Brooklyn for serious yet laid-back media creatives and other artists in a hip loft in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo. 

    From its open space workstations to its conference rooms, the facility was built to maximize attention, with high-speed WiFi, a printer, and a telephone to assist support efficiency and high production, just like a creative firm, but without the politics. 

    There is ping pong, a bar table, Nespresso, a fridge, a microwave, and a kitchen so you can take a break from your screen time. Their membership plans are adaptable, so you may increase or decrease your usage as your needs evolve. 

    $450 per month for membership

    68 Jay Street, Unit 503, Brooklyn.
  1. Work Heights coworking space in Brooklyn

    Work Heights is a coworking space in Brooklyn with three locations there. It was founded in 2014 following the transformation of a former junkyard and used parts business. 

    Each of these coworking space Brooklyn locations has been made by hand using up-cycled materials, giving it a vintage vibe and encouraging creativity and ecological living; together, these factors create the ideal atmosphere to enter a flow state. 

    Super-fast Internet access is provided to all members, as are overnight lockers, printing, scanning, refreshments, and usage of common areas with couches and greenery.

    $145 for night and weekend access
    $195 for a shared desk during business hours
    $255 for a shared desk around the clock
    $455 for a dedicated workstation around the clock.

    Work Heights is located at 650 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC.
  1. The Compound Cowork space in Brooklyn

    The Compound Cowork coworking space in Brooklyn is conveniently located near Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, as well as several modes of public transportation. It was designed to break away from the conventional office model. 

    The area has high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and a wide variety of workstations and seating options to accommodate its eclectic community of entrepreneurs, remote workers, and artists. 

    High-speed Internet access, printing/copying capabilities, and noise-canceling headphones create a conducive environment for getting work done. In contrast, free beverages, a kitchenette, and a comfortable lounge with a giant bean bag, a hammock, and a chalkboard all contribute to a pleasant and social vibe. 

    $25 for a day pass
    $250 per month for open membership
    $400 for a private office
    $200 a year for a night owl plan.

    The address for the compound coworking space in NYC is 1120 Washington Avenue #2, Brooklyn.
  1. The Bakery coworking space in Brooklyn

    The Bakery, formerly a kosher diner, is now a specialized coworking space in Brooklyn and a gallery in South Williamsburg. It serves as a home to the city’s artists and creatives. 

    Monthly social clubs and other regular events are held at the Bakery coworking space in Brooklyn. The place features six studios, approximately a dozen desk spaces, and a community area for meetings, photo shoots, and project brainstorming. It’s also a gallery showcasing works by local artists, including some Bakery regulars. 

    $30 for a day pass
    $500 per month for a shared office space
    $950 per month for a private office.

    The Bakery is located at 325 Rutledge Street. Brooklyn, NYC.
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  1. The Yard coworking space in Brooklyn

    The Yard is a coworking space in Brooklyn with three locations there. It was founded in 2011 to create a place where members can come to get things done, make connections, and have fun. Every room has a sophisticated modern classic style with industrial touches. 

    This coworking space in Brooklyn hosts a variety of workshops, seminars, and networking events. It also features a rotating exhibition of artwork by local and international artists as part of its Art Program.

    $300 per month for a hot desk, depending on the location. There is no option for daily admission. 

    The Yard is located at Williamsburg Bridge, Williamsburg & Gowanus. Brooklyn, New York.
  1. SHARED Brooklyn coworking space

    SHARED Brooklyn is a green, sustainable coworking space in a 150-year-old warehouse with breathtaking views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and Lower Manhattan. 

    SHARED coworking space in Brooklyn was built and fashioned by local craftsmen and artisans using as much of the original construction materials as possible. Flexible month-to-month memberships attract diverse independent workers and creatives from various industries. 

    In addition to a monthly allotment of conference room time, members have access to a wide variety of services and facilities, such as high-speed internet, printing and scanning capabilities, an open cafeteria stocked with free beverages and snacks, a private phone booth, a fully-stocked kitchenette, and frequent opportunities to network with other members. 

    $30 for a day pass
    $250 10 days per month Community Seat
    $435 per month for a dedicated desk

    SHARED Brooklyn is located at 185 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn, New York.
  1. Prosper Gowork coworking space in Brooklyn

    The two Brooklyn sites of the popular coworking space Prosper Gowork all offer convenient access to various restaurants, shops, and other facilities in the surrounding areas. 

    Prosper Gowork coworking space in Brooklyn has dedicated workstations, private offices, and “zoom” memberships for exclusive usage of the conference rooms presently available at the venues, all of which were designed with the needs of remote workers in mind. Free coffee, tea, and water are provided, and there is also a kitchenette, printing services, phone booths, and scenic outdoor spaces. 

    $150 per month for Zoom membership
    $250 per month for a dedicated desk includes unlimited video conferencing, a dedicated workstation, and unlimited phone and internet access.

    Prosper Gowork is located at Bushwick & Crown Heights #8. Brooklyn, New York. 
  1. Bat Haus coworking space in Brooklyn

    Bat Haus is a coworking space in Brooklyn where people from all walks of life may come together to work quietly and productively while treating one another with the utmost respect. 

    The space provides free high-speed internet access, a print/scan station, a kitchen/lounge, two meeting rooms, and a garden space, and it is open from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. 

    $25 for a day pass
    $99 for a five-day-a-month membership
    $225 per month for a full-time membership

    Bath Haus is located at 279 Starr Street. Brooklyn, New York.
  1. Nowhere Studio coworking space in Brooklyn

    Nowhere Studios is a cozy boutique coworking space in Brooklyn located in a converted warehouse with original exposed brick walls, tall windows, and abundant natural light.

    Creative types such as filmmakers, photographers, authors, designers, and painters use the area open around the clock. Free coffee, a large rooftop terrace, a fully equipped kitchen, super-fast WiFi, and printing and scanning services.

    $195 for a monthly membership
    $175/month for a weekday pass.

    Nowhere Studios is located at 1582 Atlantic Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. 
  1. BrooklynWorks at 159 working space in Brooklyn

    BrooklynWorks at 159 is a large open workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small enterprises located in the convenient Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenwood Heights.

    This coworking space in Brooklyn will give you access to all their amenities, which are open round the clock. They provide services like limitless printing and scanning, meeting rooms, communal areas, phone booths, lounge seating, free beverages, a staffed front desk, shared kitchens, and more. 

    $15 for a day pass
    $100 for a weekly hot desk.

    BrooklynWorks at 159 is located at 159 20th Street #1b. Brooklyn, New York. 

Free coworking space in Brooklyn

The above-mentioned coworking space in Brooklyn needs you to pay before you can work there. Below is some free coworking space in Brooklyn.

1. Libraries

The Brooklyn Public Library provides a free alternative to expensive office spaces.

In most cases, participation is not required, but we still recommend it because free book rentals are awesome.

2. Parks

If you want to expand your horizons or like working outdoors, we suggest you visit a park like Brooklyn Bridge Park. The great thing is that you can work in a park for free!

3. Cafes

Cafés are also fantastic locations to work without spending money, but some may need you to buy a drink beforehand.

Brooklyn Roasting Company and Brooklyn Ball Factory are just two cafes you can work for free in Brooklyn.

Final thoughts on coworking space in Brooklyn.

These coworking spaces in Brooklyn are some of the best you’ll find. Each office was designed to make your coworking experience easier while fostering an environment conducive to teamwork and exchanging professional contacts.

Before making a final selection, you should find out from the coworking space’s management if they can accommodate your unique company requirements.

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