Best Android Apps For Screen Recording

Best Android Apps For Screen Recording

These days, most Android phone manufacturers have built-in screen recording functionality. However, the quality of the screen capture tool depends heavily on the type of smartphone you’re using. 

Some devices feature sophisticated screen recorders that adjust bitrate, orientation, frame rate, and more, while others do not. We recommend looking at third-party Android apps for screen recording in such a scenario. 

But not all of them are worthwhile because most of them have bugs or other problems that prohibit you from recording your screen. Because of that, we have compiled a list of the best 15 Android apps for screen recording.

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What is an Android screen recording app?

A screen recorder is a software that records your device’s screen to be viewed later. There are several situations where you could find recording your screen using an Android app helpful. Videomakers, for instance, can benefit from android screen recording. 

You may use Android apps for screen recording to create tutorials. Also, mobile gamers can use this feature because it allows them to film their gameplay and share it with gaming media platforms or friends.

Top 15 Android apps for screen recording

Below are the best Android apps screen recording that we could discover. There are a variety of apps out there, and you should choose one that best suits your needs. 

  1. Inbuilt Screen Recorder

    The inbuilt screen recorder on most smartphones is now available on Android phones. You can use this software to record a short, straightforward video of your Android screen. There should be a built-in screen recording app on your phone, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy model, a phone running Realme UI or MIUI, or any other model.  All Android phones operating on Android 11 have an inbuilt screen recording software.
  1. Screencast-O-Matic

    Screencast-O-Matic is one of the top Android apps for screen recording. The trial version only records for 15 minutes. However, the full version removes that restriction.

    Your recordings can be uploaded as YouTube videos or saved to your computer. Previously exclusively available on desktop computers, you may download the app through the Google Play store.

    The app can only record sound if a microphone is connected, but you can use your phone’s internal mic instead. This is ideal for documenting your demonstrations, critiques, gameplay, and audience reactions.

    The program also allows you to add text, photos, and other media to your films for additional customization.
  1. AZ Screen Recorder

    AZ Screen Recorder is one of the top Android apps for screen recording. This Android software is a screen recorder that can capture your screen in high definition and full high definition. You can pause and continue recording at any moment, and ads, time limits, watermarks, or rooting are required to capture the Android screen. In addition, mic-recorded audio enhances the utility of Android Screen video creation.

    The options to change the video’s bit rate, and screen orientation, set a timer, choose a directory to save the file, play back the file, and share it are all available without cost. The live stream function of this screen recorder app translates between many languages.

    The Magic button, which manages your recording without displaying any interface elements, is one of many capabilities available only in the pro edition. Thanks to the front camera, you can doodle on the screen in whatever color and record your face in a tiny overlay window. But for an additional $2.93, you can get the premium version.
  1. Mobizen

    With Mobizen, you can easily record, capture, and edit the gameplay from any video game or app on your computer’s screen. High-definition video is supported, and the built-in Facecam lets you record your reaction.

    This Android screen recorder also includes a suite of editing tools. It doesn’t need to be rooted to work, and you can get rid of watermarks for free using the Clean Recording Mode. There are no upfront costs, but the software does rely on in-app advertising and microtransactions to make money.
  1. Vysor

    Whether you’re playing a game, giving a presentation, or watching a video on your PC, Vysor might be an entertaining addition. You can use desktop software to capture the broadcast if your phone supports screencasting over USB. Vysor may be obtained through the Google Play Store and the official website. The software and its use are free, while paid memberships start at $2 monthly.
  1. XRecorder

    Regarding Android apps for screen recording, XRecorder is among the finest. You may do whatever you choose on your gadget, and it will record both what you see and what you hear.

    Use this app to record a how-to video or screencast your device’s specific features. The unique features of XRecorder include the ability to pause and resume recording, shake to stop recording, change the video quality, and change the orientation.
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  1. Screen Recorder V

    With ScreenRecorder V, you can record a screencast with a countdown timer of up to three seconds, which a touch gesture can trigger. And if you’re using Android 10 or later, it can capture your surroundings and your voice.

    You need not worry about a watermark when using this Android app to record, as there will not be one. On the other hand, if you want to add a logo to your recording, you can choose an image from your smartphone and insert it into the program. Though this app is free, there is also a paid premium version.
  1. InShot Screen Recorder

    Among the many developers on Google Play, InShot stands out as a leader in the video editing space. It has one of the best screen recorders available. You may use this screen recorder to record anything, from how-to videos to video games. The program has built-in audio recording capabilities, a simple video editor for editing, and no watermark.

    It does a decent job at its designated tasks. Even if your phone has an in-built screen recorder, this one improves upon it in several ways. Some features require a paid subscription, but it’s great otherwise.
  1. ADV Screen Recorder

    Another trustworthy Android screen recorder with all the basics is ADV Screen Recorder. It provides you with two engines to choose from while recording the screen of your mobile device. You can alter the video’s frame rate, bit rate, and resolution and annotate it with your drawings and notes.

    Both the front and back cameras are available for usage during recording. It also has a pause function if you stop the recording midway through. This screen capture app for Android does not have a watermark and does not need to be rooted to work. It has a 3-second delay before recording the screen’s activity. It’s simple, without cost, and replete with advertisements and in-app buys.
  1. Google Play Games

    Google Play Games is pre-installed on the vast majority of Android devices. If your Android doesn’t already have it, you should get it. While you might not be able to capture everything on your Android device, a screen recording option is included. It integrates a face camera into any game screen recording, including those found in the Play Store.

    To record a game, simply find it in Google Play Games, choose the recording icon in the top right, and choose the video quality. Selectable video quality options are 480p and 720p. After starting the game, the app will prompt you to begin recording.
  1. MNML Screen Recorder

    If you’re looking for a high-quality screen recording program, go no further than MNML Screen recorder, which is available in the Google Play store. It’s easy to use, and the app has no annoying advertising.

    The recording quality is also flexible to meet your specific requirements. The app’s goal is to address a significant shortcoming of Android: the absence of an in-built screen recorder.

    It’s one of the simplest methods to capture screen activity without requiring administrative privileges. No in-app purchases are necessary, and the app is available at no cost. Since it’s open source, anyone is welcome to add their touches to the program.
  1. DU Recorder

    The DU recorder app is one of the best Android apps for screen recording, with over 10 million downloads on Play Store. It lets you capture a video of whatever is displayed on your screen.

    You can edit the video in post-production with the in-app editor. The recording time is unlimited, and it doesn’t necessitate root access. However, all of your finished videos will feature a watermark.

    The front-facing camera, shaking motions, GIF generator, and resolution settings are just the tip of the iceberg. The ad-free, feature-complete free edition does not require any additional purchases. The ad-free, multilingual Android screen capture app supports 20 different languages.
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  1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

    With Apowersoft, you can record your screen in 1440p, making it one of the few screen capture apps that can do so. 

    In the app’s settings, you can assign a prefix to the recordings to make them simpler to find in your phone’s storage. You can adjust the size of the floating icon to reduce its presence in your recorded video. 

    In addition, the app is helpful because it records your touch actions. However, one crucial function needs to be added to the Apowersoft screen recorder, which could be a deal breaker for some. If you’re using Android 10 or later, you won’t be able to capture the system sounds.
  1. Super Screen Recorder

    It’s easy to use and record your screen using Super Screen Recorder, a screen recording app. This program allows users to record their screen with various inputs (Facecam, microphone, phone camera) and then publish the resulting video to various social media sites.

    If your recording is interrupted by a phone call or anything else, you may pause and resume it with this Android recorder. Super Screen Recorder is the app for you if you have an Android device and want to record your screen while providing vocal commentary.

    The app’s video editor is the best component, allowing users to make polished videos without expensive software or extensive training.

    You may get this software free from the Google Play Store with optional in-app purchases.
  1. Go Recorder

    Record high-definition video without spending a dime with GO Recorder. Given its extensive feature set and support for different languages, it is arguably the most effective screen recorder tool for Android smartphones.

    If you want to build a tutorial or demonstrate how specific features of an app or game operate, this is the perfect app for you because it also records sounds from your device’s microphone.

    You can record uniqueness with the app’s many video effects. Once you’re done recording, you can send the files to your phone or upload them directly to YouTube.


Anyone from casual gamers to professional video makers to regular folks can benefit from using Android apps for screen recording. Many apps will allow you to capture what’s happening on your Android device’s screen, whether you’re playing a game, recording a lesson video, or trying to get your hands on a video that’s not downloadable. This article will help you pick the best screen recorder for your needs.

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