15 High Paying Jobs for Introverts in High Demand

high paying jobs for introverts

Being introverted has its positives and negatives, but when it comes to getting a job, the positives seem to outweigh the negatives for a crucial reason. While it’s not a bad thing that you’re on the introverted side, people seem to want workers that are capable of relating excellently with potential customers in most positions.

That limits the pool of jobs you can get as an introvert. Thankfully, you have an introvert on the other side of the screen here, and I can assure you that there are in-demand and high paying jobs for introverts that you can do without going out of the way to change your introverted nature.

In this article, I’ll show you 15 high paying jobs for introverts that you can choose as your career. What’s more, the majority of these jobs are in high demand, and you don’t need any special training to qualify for them. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article.

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Who are Introverts?

An introvert can refer to anyone who doesn’t enjoy being in social gatherings. They generally prefer spending time alone in quiet environments, while minimizing interactions with others. Introversion and shyness typically go hand-in-hand.

Interestingly, not all introverts all exactly alike. Introversion is a spectrum, and on one end, we have people who enjoy moderate social interactions as long as they can occasionally “recharge” by spending time alone. On the other end of the spectrum, we have people with extreme agoraphobia (fear of large gatherings).

To be clear, introverts are not unable to form connections with people. They do relate with people they know pretty well, and they usually have no problems keeping (generally few) friends. However, when crowds get bigger, they find it generally to enjoy themselves as extroverts do.

When it comes to the workplace, introverts are more comfortable working independently without insanely strict supervision. They’re also not the best at mapping out strategies for a team, and when they’ll be in a group, they prefer smaller ones to larger groups.

Why is it hard for Introverts to Get Jobs?

While it’s not something we like to admit, it’s significantly more difficult for introverts to get jobs than extroverts. According to this study, extroverts have a 25% chance of being in a high-earning job than people with introverted personalities. The question here isn’t about if; it’s about why that’s the case.

There are several reasons why introverts find it generally more challenging to get the same set of jobs as extroverts, with everything else being equal. An obvious reason is that extroverts find it significantly easier to market themselves than introverts, giving them the edge during job interviews.

One of the crucial steps when hiring a new employee is the interview stage, which requires you to converse with an individual, typically of a higher rank. For extroverts, it’s business as usual; for introverts, however, it’s another time to go out of their way to converse, and yes, for introverts, elongated conversations could be “going out of their way.”

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Also, interviews generally see extroverts as more passionate than introverts, and you already know how much people value passion, especially when it comes to job interviews. Since the extrovert is more comfortable talking about what value they’ll be adding to the company, it’s always a minus for the quiet introvert in the corner.

However, you don’t have to waste time competing with extroverts to get a job reserved for extroverts. In the following section, I’ll show you 15 high paying jobs for introverts that will reduce the competition and make great career options for you.

high paying jobs for introverts

15 High Paying Jobs for Introverts

While an introvert could theoretically excel in any profession, they’re better off in very specific professions that align with their personality traits. Here are 15 high paying jobs for introverts to consider before picking your career.

1. Architect

Architecture is a creative industry, which works perfectly for introverts with a very artistic side. The average architect spends most of their time working alone, which aligns perfectly with the personality traits of an introvert, although they may have to meet clients to discuss terms from time to time.

Not only is architecture perfect for introverts, but it’s also a high-paying job without tons of qualified professionals around. By all indications one of the best in-demand high paying jobs for introverts in 2022.

2. UX Designer

UX design is short for user experience design, which is a booming career path that involves creating user interfaces for apps and websites. The UX designer conceptualizes how a website or app is supposed to look and feel before sending the designs over to the web or app developer to recreate using code.

UX designers typically work with web development firms, collaborating with clients and developers to come up with ideas that transform into awesome designs. If you’re the creative type of person, UX design is an excellent career choice for an extrovert. Here are some great platforms to learn ui/ux design.

3. Web Developer

If you enjoy designing websites but not as a UX designer, web development might be an interesting career path for you. While you don’t necessarily need to come up with designs for websites as a web developer, you may have to do it in some cases, when working with firms or clients without interface designers.

Being a web developer doesn’t require excellent interpersonal skills, and you won’t have to engage in interviews very frequently. As long as you can take instructions and engage with clients properly, you should be able to do well as a web developer.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are saddled with the task of communicating the ideas of a particular product or service using pleasing visual concepts. They are a crucial part of any marketing strategy, especially since the internet and social media have become core aspects of marketing.

While the average graphic designer doesn’t make a lot, there’s a good chance of earning well if you can devote enough time to be part of the very best around. The most interesting aspect of being a graphic designer for introverts is that you’ll spend most of your time working alone.

5. Accountant

Accounting is one of the few careers that can allow you to work in any industry. In addition to having an extensive pool of available jobs, they’re also among the most paid professionals around, thanks to how many qualified accountants there are.

Since accountants mostly work alone, an introvert can do it with no problem. Even when they need to meet people, it’s often one-on-one meetings with clients. As long as you’re qualified enough to be an accountant, you shouldn’t regret becoming an accountant.

6. Veterinarian

While introverts don’t enjoy being around too many people for extended periods, the same can’t be said of animals. For introverts like me, having a dog or cat around at all times is necessary, which is why being a veterinarian is one of the most interesting career prospects for introverts.

Being a veterinarian ensures you’re constantly caring for animals at all times while building relationships with their owners. In addition to the advantages it has, it’s a relatively high-paying job, and at the moment, it’s one of the most in-demand ones.

7. Writer

There’s probably no profession more befitting of an introvert than a writer. If there was a dream place, nearly all introverts would become writers. Writing allows you to express yourself in detail without having to say a single word.

There are many categories of writers, and you can be any of them as an introvert. You can be a freelance writer, a reporter, or a blogger, which is probably the most flexible. Depending on what kind of writer you choose to be, you’ll need different levels of interactivity with others, all within what the average introvert is capable of. As a writer you might need to some freelance platforms, so we have curated 20 best places to hire talented freelancers for business, you need to sign up with one and business owners will definitely find you.

8. Librarian

If you read my definition of an introvert, you’ll notice that one of the defining qualities of one is how they love to recharge alone or in a quiet place. Since libraries are meant to be quiet places where people can come to read quietly, being a librarian is certainly an interesting career choice for introverts.

9. Photographer

A photographer is basically a writer, but with pictures. If you don’t enjoy typing hundreds of words at a time in front of a computer, you’ll probably enjoy going out into the world with your camera, while trying to reproduce what you love in the best possible way.

Being a photographer allows you to do that and get paid for it. You can even niche down to something you enjoy doing; food photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, and nature photography are some excellent examples. If you’re after high paying jobs for introverts without a degree, there are not many better options. Do you know how to sell feet pictures on instagram? I bet you don’t so find out

10. Social Media Manager

If you’re moderately proficient in content creation and graphic design, you can delve into social media marketing, a career that requires you to attract new customers to a brand using social media. This career allows you to harness your creativity on social media without necessarily posting about yourself.

The job of a social media manager isn’t only to create social media posts, they also plan the posts strategically to ensure they reach the most number of people. With that said, you should know you’ll be doing a lot of work, but the fact that most of your work will be done independently should offer some relief.

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11. Software Developer

If you have an affinity for computer science, becoming a software developer is a natural career choice. You’ll struggle to find a better career option for a creative introvert who likes computers and actively enjoys building stuff for others to use.

An introvert can either work as a self-employed developer who focuses on building applications personally. For the best chance of success, however, working with a firm is preferred since there’s a much higher chance of earning an above-average salary that way.

12. Data Scientist

Data science is another career field for individuals that enjoy thinking analytically and collecting data for predicting trends and solving problems. Scientists in this field work by identifying new trends in data and creating algorithms using the trends to predict the outcomes of future events.

Thanks to the rarity of competent data scientists, getting a data science degree should put you on course to becoming a professional data scientist. In addition to the plentiful jobs, data science is also a high-paying field, with the median salary being a lot more than the average.

13. Mobile App Developer

With even more people relying on their smartphones for basic computing tasks, there’s the need for more mobile apps on both the Android and iOS operating systems. It’s little wonder, therefore, that mobile app development is one of the most in-demand and high paying jobs for introverts.

If you’re going into mobile app development, it’s best to branch into either Android or iOS development. With knowledge of basic programming concepts and expertise with development platforms, you should be ready to start building mobile apps. Read more about some mobile development tools.

14. Researcher

Becoming a researcher or working in any research-based career is an excellent option for an introvert. Researchers work by sourcing, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to predict trends and offer solutions to real-life problems.

Since researchers spend most of their day carrying out experiments, sourcing data, and writing reports, nothing is challenging about the job for an introvert.

15. Cybersecurity Consultant

With more businesses integrating computers into their day-to-day workflow, the problem of malware has continued to pose a threat. People who study malware and work to prevent and mitigate its effects are known as cybersecurity analysts or consultants.

Just like most other IT roles, you can do well as a cybersecurity consultant, even if you’re introverted. While you’ll need to interact with people regularly, you’ll enjoy it since you’re talking about something you like and you don’t have to work with noisy teams.

Best Careers for Introverts

As you’ve probably noticed, a good percentage of high paying jobs for introverts fall within the information technology industry. Becoming a developer, regardless of what kind, is one sure ticket to getting a quick and high-paying job for introverts.

Another industry that seems to have a ton of jobs for people who generally keep to themselves is the creative industry. If you can dedicate the time to learning how to become a UX designer or graphics designer, you shouldn’t spend too much time searching for a well-paying job.

In addition to what’s already listed, becoming a psychologist or a commercial airline pilot are some other excellent career paths for introverts. As a pilot, you spend the majority of your time with only one or two copilots, so you shouldn’t feel drained doing your everyday job.

Also, it’s crucial to note that it’s possible to achieve success in a career not listed in this article. If you’re passionate about something I forgot to list here, don’t be shy to go for it; the best career for you is what you love doing the most!


Getting a well-paying job as an introvert mightn’t be as difficult as you thought. Instead of trying to compete with extroverts in professions reserved for outspoken people, why not try becoming proficient in professions reserved for introverts.

In this article, I’ve outlined fifteen high paying jobs for introverts. If you’d rather not spend tons of time sending in CVs, attending interviews, and getting rejected, consider becoming proficient in one of the professions listed earlier.

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