How to Hire a Software Developer

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How to hire a software developer has been a rough process for most industries.

The Stress of this processes often make most companies outsource their software positions to professional recruiting companies to help them on the processes.

Every startup owner or a software development firm know the importance and the competition involved in hiring a software developer.

You cannot afford to build a buggy and poorly developed software if you want to achieve success in the marketplace.

No doubt, software developers are expensive and no one is saying you should only hire the “rockstar” software developer. If the developer is good and affordable, then it will give you some room even for the expenses of business development and marketing processes, i.e ample time to focus on your business logic.

It is important to note that if you fail to hire the right developers, then it can bring down the morale of your team and a bad reputation for your company if care is not taken.

Few List On How to Hire a Software Developer

Knowing the main key focus on how to hire a software developer is highly important for firms/companies that are in need of software developer

  • Hire a Software Developer Who is More Smart and Intelligent than You

Why is it good to hire a software developer who is more intelligent than you? It is because it will trigger a process of hiring more and more smarter people into your company which will turn it into a center of highly intellectual developers in next few years.

Big companies do this, why shouldn’t you

Every now and then, new programming languages and software development tools are being launched.

A software developer who only thinks code is all he needs to do is not the right candidate. Pay attention to how a candidate approaches a problem and how he thinks out of the box to solve a problem.

Studies have shown that it is easier for a great problem solver to learn a new programming language or development tool than learning the problem-solving skills for a master of any particular language.

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  • Don’t Pay Too Much Importance to the Resume

It is easy to create a catchy resume these days. There have been many instances when a developer looked great based on his catchy resume and the skills written in it, but failed to perform well in the interviews, process/test or while doing the actual project work later on after joining the company.

Who is saying Resume/CV are not good?, Resumes/CV are vital and great, but it is important to assess the developer’s skills through coding test(s) to see if they can really defend what’s on their CV.

  • Make Sure the Software Developer Can Write Clean and Crisp Code

Okay, the developer has 25 years experience of writing C++; well that’s not enough to hire a good developer. Basically, quantity of experience is not the same as quality of experience.

Clean code has numerous advantages, one important one is the efficiency of and the performance of the product.

writing clean code is a skill and an art which every software developer should possess.

Hence always look for such kind of developer who writes clean code because if the developer writes messy code, then it will be very difficult to collaborate with him and to include him to work in any team no matter how good he is at other required skills.


Of course there are other tips on how to hire a software developer; like

  • A Developer Who Can Give Solution to a Real Life Technology Problem
  • Good communication skill
  • Innovative and full of ideas

However, the above tips will work whether you are a Startup, or Web Development Company or a Business who wish to scale up quickly.

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