FunWithFeet Reviews: Is It Worth It?


FunWithFeet is gradually gaining the status of a reputable website for buying and selling foot pictures. Some people believe that it is on course to surpass other foot-focused websites in terms of traffic. But more recently the platform has been very unbalanced, with an excess of vendors and insufficient buyers. FeetFinders seem to be the best marketplace worth your time and money.

In this post, we’ll take a look at FunWithFeet Reviews and ascertain if it is worth it. To do this, we will examine all the features of FunWithFeet to know if its pros outweigh its cons. This post will be very helpful, so endeavor to read it to the end.


FunWithFeet is a platform where users can sell pictures and videos of their feet, setting their prices. Customers can look around the website and buy content. It’s a specialty market that caters to people who have a foot fetish.

You need to be at least 18 years old to sell on FunWithFeet. You add your preferred payment method and select a subscription price after creating an account and passing the identity verification process. This fee aids in defraying the network’s operating expenses so that you can charge for your pictures and videos.

You have the option of choosing between $9.99 or $3.33 per month for a 3-month subscription and $14.99 or $2.50 per month for a 6-month subscription. Whichever option you pick, you can upload an infinite number of pictures or videos. You’ll pay a 15% commission on each sale in addition to the subscription price.



FunWithFeet could appear to be a desirable choice for purchasing or selling images of feet, but according to our in-depth assessment, it’s not worth the time or money. The marketplace on the site is unbalanced, with an excess of vendors and insufficient buyers. This makes it difficult for new merchants to generate substantial sales.

There are numerous technical issues as well. Many users have complained that they are unable to access their inboxes, which keeps them from reaching out to potential customers. Some are still unable to access the site, making it impossible for them to log in.

If that wasn’t demoralizing enough, FunWithFeet also has poor customer service. An already challenging user experience has been made even more challenging by complaints regarding customer service’s poor and delayed response, that is if they respond at all.

Another red flag on FunWithFeet is scammers. The marketplace has come under fire for its lax security procedures, which has led to a rise in scammers preying on vendors. It is therefore an unstable site for carrying out any type of business.

However, FeetFinder stands out as a much better choice. With fewer vendors and more buyers, it provides a balanced market that makes it simpler for sellers to complete transactions. It is also notable that customer support is considerably more responsive and helpful.

The security precautions used by FeetFinder include requesting credit card information from customers when they sign up, which is another significant benefit. This access limitation appears to have a dissuasive effect on potential scammers, strengthening the platform’s security. With more than 5,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, FeetFinder is equally well-regarded. It advertises itself as the most dependable and effective marketplace for purchasing and selling images of feet.



It sounds intriguing that FunWithFeet allows vendors to make thousands of dollars. In actuality, the outcomes are frequently heartbreaking. FunWithFeet’s flaws are clear when compared to rivals. Both the number of purchasers and members is declining. This lowers your ability to make money.

The platform FeetFinder provides vendors with a more adaptable setting. Some sellers can accumulate sums in the three figures and occasionally thousands by concluding foot-related trades. However, it is commonly acknowledged that the majority of foot-related transactions do not produce such large returns on investment.

FunWithFeet poses difficulties for its merchants, such as a limited buyer base. While some sellers may generate remarkable revenue, the majority may only generate low three-digit incomes.

As a result of the platform’s inherent restrictions, the success of FunWithFeet merchants who earned hundreds is overshadowed. The smaller audience, fewer customers, and inability to compete with FeetFinder limit the earning potential of the majority of sellers. 

If you want to make more money by selling feet pictures, it is best to look for different platforms that offer more favorable conditions for financial success.



Overwhelmingly negative reviews labeling FunWithFeet a fraud may be found on Trustpilot. The Washington City Paper also reviewed FunWithFeet and came to the same conclusion in their assessment. Here are a few FunWithFeet Reviews on Trustpilot:

  • “I have not experienced a legitimate buyer yet. Over 20 people have messaged me just asking to message them on Snapchat then promising all this money but really they have a scam set up. What am I doing wrong and how do I find real buyers?”
  • “Total Scam! You can’t open any messages and the site is so slow that you can open it 1 time on 10. They ask you for money for publishing and you can’t interact with messages. Inbox never worked. After some messages to customer service, I never received answers. Total SCAM!”
  • “Scam!! You can’t open any messages, there’s no phone number for customer support and the “contact us” page probably gets ignored. I submitted multiple times trying to get assistance and was just ignored. Don’t waste your time here.”
  • “The same as other one star reviews, it’s clearly a scam. Paid the subscription fee, for essentially no service. The website is unbelievably slow. I received a ton of messages, but i’m unable to open them. The one’s I did manage to open were from scam buyers anyhow. Please don’t waste your time. I’ve cancelled my subscription and deleted my account within less than 24 hours of opening it due to how awful the site is.”
  • “Funwithfeet is definitely scam. I doubt that anyone ever made money on this platform. You get sketchy messages from users telling you to add them on Kik, Telegram or Snapchat. Before signing up there you should definitely read the reviews on Reddit because the 5-Star Reviews here on this website are most likely to be fake. I wish I did that before signing up there.”
  • “The website is fine but there are so many scams and bots claiming to want to do business with me and I’m just trying to navigate through all the BS!!”


Can You Stay Unknown on FunWithFeet?

Yes, you can remain anonymous on FunWithFeet. Nothing that you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly can be disclosed. As many consumers need to see a face to complete their fantasy, many merchants can, nevertheless, opt to reveal their faces here. Instead, they use a pseudonym to protect their anonymity.

How Much Does FunWithFeet Take?

Subscription fees bring in money for FunWithFeet. You will receive 100% of the price your customer pays for your material because it currently does not subtract commissions from your earnings. However, this excludes any expenses associated with processing payments to withdraw your money.

How Does FunWithFeet Pay You?

Within 24 hours of someone downloading and purchasing your content, you receive 100% of their purchase in your FunWithFeet wallet after which you can withdraw it using your preferred manner. Your location will determine the payout options. The most popular option globally is PayPal, despite its hefty fees and currency conversion costs. Segpay and Paxum are some further alternatives.

How much money can sellers make on FunWithFeet?

There are no restrictions on how much money can be made on FunWithFeet. According to some accounts, sellers on this marketplace can earn over $5,000 each month. This figures are presumptuous. There is no actual evidence of this.

Does FunWithFeet Really Work?

Yes! There are numerous examples of sellers profiting significantly from selling foot images on FunWithFeet. However FunWithFeet does not offer a balanced client base and opportunities to make sales.


After careful consideration of the reviews above, one can conclude that FunWithFeet is not worth it. It is challenging for new vendors to sell foot images on FunWithFeet since there are too many sellers and not enough buyers. In addition, a lot of vendors have complained about poor customer support, scammers, and slow website loading times.

We’ll advise you to choose a better option: FeetFinder, if you want to start selling feet pictures and videos. We hope you found this review very helpful. Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts. You can drop a comment below.

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