FunWithFeet Reviews: Why Sellers Don’t Make Any Sales


Did you know that selling images of your feet can bring in money? Even though it sounds absurd, there is a market for it. One common technique to generate money online is by selling pictures of feet. And there are websites and applications created for it so you can sell feet pictures anonymously and in safety.

In this post, we’ll take a look at FunWithFeet reviews and tell you why sellers don’t make any sales there even though it is a very popular platform. This post will be very informative and helpful, so endeavor to read it to the end.



FunWithFeet is a website that specializes in selling feet pictures and videos. The platform lets you customize your profile with several different categories so you can provide both free and paid foot pictures.

To use this website, you must first sign up for one of their packages, which costs $9.99 for three months or $14.99 for six months. When your subscription expires, you’ll immediately need to renew it to continue selling feet pictures on the website.

The ability to designate particular categories in your profile, where you can provide a mixture of paid and free feet photographs, is one of the website’s distinctive characteristics.

The website provides useful tools, such as guides on taking the greatest pictures and videos and pointers on marketing and promoting your material for anyone interested in selling feet pictures and videos.


FunWithFeet is legit. It is a growing marketplace for foot fans to easily buy and sell images and videos of their feet. No one has ever questioned its genuineness. FunWithFeet retains 20% of sellers’ earnings.


FunWithFeet gives people the chance to make money off of the photographs and videos of their feet. Joining FunWithFeet is a straightforward process. You first need to create a free account and then upload your work.

You are not charged to submit or distribute your work, but you will be paid a percentage on each sale. Your income potential increases with the amount of traffic your content attracts. Both premium subscriptions and private shows can bring in money for you. 

Customers can quickly browse uploaded photos of their feet using categories like foot type, size, style, color, and more. If they like it, they can buy your material. Every download or view will earn you a commission, and funds are instantly transferred to your account after the sale.



It is extremely overstated to say that FunWithFeet vendors earn hundreds of dollars. While a select few top earners might receive bigger payouts, the typical seller finds it difficult to make a living.

On FunWithFeet, the majority of foot image dealers make less than $500 each month. Many people earn nothing at all in certain months. Sellers have to put in a lot of effort to get a few dollars because the website takes a 20% fee on every sale.

FunWithFeet entices prospective models with claims of significant rewards and a sizable customer base, but the truth is far different. They extort you out of your profits, demand outrageous “registration fees,” and hardly ever pay models. Many claim that even after months of labor, they have never received a penny for their images or films.

The competition on FunWithFeet is another reason sellers don’t make sales. There are tons of sellers, models, and dealers and just a handful of buyers. It takes a lot of time and work to stand out and develop a following of devoted customers, with little chance of return. Many give up after a few months with little results out of frustration.

Another reason sellers don’t make sales is that FunWithFeet is full of scammers who don’t pay for services. This is because they have no functional screening procedure despite their claims to the contrary, placing models at risk of harassment and abuse.

FeetFinder is a better alternative here; the typical feet picture vendor earns between $1000 and $5000 each month. Top earners can make $10,000 per month or more, especially those who work to develop their brand. Instead of making exaggerated claims about large rewards, FeetFinder provides foot models with a moral, effective means of making substantial income. FunWithFeet pales in comparison to the earning possibilities and support network. 


Yes, you can technically make money on FunWithFeet, but let’s face the facts; it’s like fishing in a pond that’s almost empty. If you’re lucky, you might catch something, but it’s not the best use of your time and energy. Since there are more vendors than customers, the odds are tiny and the competition is fierce.

But don’t let that get you down! You see, FeetFinder Pond is a different, larger, and nicer pond. You can almost feel the tug of capture before your bait even touches the water in this kind of setting. For many years, FeetFinder has been a trustworthy marketplace that has given millions of money to sellers like you. 

FeetFinder is the place to be if you plan on sticking with it and value your time. The community is vibrant, the payout records are available to the public, and opportunities abound. So instead of fishing in an ocean, why settle for a pond? Select FeetFinder to ensure that your efforts are genuinely fruitful.



Below are a few reasons you should avoid FunWithFeet completely:

1. Privacy and Safety

Privacy and security were top priorities when developing FeetFinder. Your private information and images are safe and secure. On the other hand, FunWithFeet has a dubious reputation for leaking information and images.

2. Community

The community at FeetFinder is all about encouragement and support. Other models and clients can be found encouraging and uplifting one another. Unfortunately, the FunWithFeet community has become fairly toxic. There are not enough moderators and there are too many trolls and creeps.

3. Greater Potential for Earnings

Selling foot photos and other content on FeetFinder is a simple way to get a reliable income. They take a smaller percentage of your profits and have a larger consumer base and subscription prices. You’ll have trouble getting by with FunWithFeet. Because of the few clients and expensive fees, your profit margins are still quite low.

4. Additional Features

FeetFinder provides extra services like cam shows, personalized photo sets, and text that let you increase your income. Model selection in FunWithFeet is rather limited. Selling simple photo packs, which draw little interest or money, is all you can do.



Some people might think it peculiar, but thanks to websites like FunWithFeet and FeetFinder, selling images of feet without getting scammed has become an unusual method to make money.

According to users of FunWithFeet, it must be simple to use, safeguard users’ privacy, maintain the security of payments, and attract lots of customers. In each of these situations, FeetFinder performs admirably. It has a lot of buyers and an excellent customer support crew. Read reviews about FeetFinder to increase your confidence and trust.

According to what people are saying, 85% of FeetFinder’s consumers are satisfied, demonstrating that it’s a good option in this niche industry.

FunWithFeet has come under fire for paying employees too slowly. Nevertheless, it receives praise for safeguarding user information. This demonstrates that users are willing to wait longer for payment provided it ensures their safety.


FunWithFeet shouldn’t be your go-to option to sell feet pictures and videos because of the reasons explained in this post. The major reason you want to sell feet pictures and videos is to make some money. Now, if the platform doesn’t help you accomplish this, then it’s not an ideal platform for you. Since you don’t want to put in effort and not see results, you’ll need a better platform like FeetFinder.

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