10 Disadvantages Of iPhone Over Android

disadvantages of iPhone over Android

Despite it being an expensive gadget and the talk of the town, iPhone is far from perfect. There are various disadvantages of the iPhone device, some of which include short battery life and limited storage. While iPhone may have some perks to its name, there are still debates on iPhone and Android. 

Android has several advantages that you may hardly find in iPhone devices. Although they are both unique gadgets, some key factors make iPhone disadvantageous. 

However, despite its many disadvantages, it has its advantages, which is why the iPhone VS Android comparison is a never-ending debate on which one is better, and probably. It will never have a real winner. In this overview, we will provide insights into the Disadvantages of iPhone over Android.

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The comparison between iPhone vs Android will most likely continue as most users do not understand why iPhone should be more expensive if the gadget has weak battery support and some remarkable features missing.

However, to get rid of this comparison, you must know that both devices have different types of systems. Which are closed (iPhone) and open(Android). Android may have come first with several features that you may find in an iPhone, but iPhone has more advanced similar features.

IPhone users can only download and install apps through Apple only. While Android users can download through external sources. iPhone users will hardly get software bug-related issues while Android users may face them from time to time.

Also, the features of an iPhone are more advanced in terms of technology than Android. While Android has more capacity in different aspects.

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Apple is an American multinational technology and is the world’s biggest company in revenue. Its operating system, iOS, is used to power many of the company’s mobile devices. iOS is one of the most powerful and popular operating systems in the technology world.

Making a logical choice between iPhone and Android requires understanding the features and advantages. The features to look at are:

1. Google Assistant Vs Siri

Siri and Google Assistant are popular voice assistants designed to help users with their daily activities. However, Google Assistant is better than Siri. 

While both voice assistants offer the same features, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Google Assistant works better at answering tough questions.

It also picks up voices perfectly. While Siri, on the other hand, it has a better understanding of looking for music and making phone calls. Google Assistant is available on all Android phones and tablets.

It is also available for iOS users via its app. Siri is mainly for iOS devices such as iPad and iPhones.

2. Software Updates

This is one area where iOS has an enormous advantage over Android. It is not new that Android lags far behind the Apple operating system iOS in terms of software updates.

Apple regularly brings iOS updates with new features and security enhancements to keep your phone up to date. While Android, on the other hand, is a bit slow in bringing new updates.

3. Security

The security on iPhone devices is much stronger than on Android and that cannot be disputed. Apple uses several technologies with a firewall to provide privacy for all their devices.

Also, every app on the Apple app store is closely inspected to help reduce malware apps and attack issues. But Android, on the other hand, is an open-source platform, which makes it a bit more vulnerable than iOS.

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Here is a list of some of the major differences between iOS and Android:

  • iOS applications are available to download in the Apple store. Android applications are available in the google play store.
  • Developers use Java, Kotlin, and Basic language to build applications on Android. And in some rare cases, C++ can be used. On iPhone, developers use Swift language to Code.
  • Apple devices run on closed operating systems, while Android devices run on open operating systems.
  • On Android users can fully control their device customization. It is not so with the iPhone. iPhone has a very strict security system.


Since we have to discuss some advantages of the iPhone over Android, let’s look at some disadvantages of iPhone over Android. 


One of the disadvantages of the iPhone over Android is the price difference. As mentioned above, iPhone is an expensive gadget. It is ranked No 1 among the top 10 expensive phones on the market. 

The top disadvantage of the iPhone is its pricing, and unlike other phone brands that cost around $150, the least expensive iPhone brand costs around $250 to $350 on average and keeps increasing yearly. 

Additionally, if the iPhone gets damaged, the repair fee will cost around $40 to $600. This varies based on the type of damage and the iPhone model. However, even with its high price, users are quick to purchase the newly released iPhone.

The cost of maintaining an iPhone is on a wider margin. Although Android is not a cheap smartphone, they are affordable. The cost of repairing an iPhone can easily buy you a new smart Android phone.

There are other expensive brands of Android devices you can opt for, such as LG smartphones, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and others. 

Disadvantages Of iPhone Over Android
Source: Apple.com


Another top disadvantage of iPhone over Android is the storage capacity. When it comes to storage options, Android handily beats iPhone on this.

Unlike Android devices that offer expandable storage through a micro SD card, allowing you to add more storage space, iPhone does not support expandable storage, there is no SD card slot on any iPhone model. 

This means you will either have to pay a monthly subscription for iCloud storage or delete your files, pictures, or apps to create more space.

Although, some latest versions of iPhone devices now come with 128GB inbuilt storage capacity, which is impressive. But it comes with a high price, while Android devices provide more storage capacity at lower prices.


Another disadvantages of iPhone over Android is its lack of inbuilt radio. Unlike other devices that allow you to listen to things going on in the world and communicate between devices. iOS devices do not support this. The only way for users to use an FM radio on their iPhone device would be to download it.

Having a device with inbuilt radio would significantly be helpful in case of an emergency when internet connections are unavailable. However, iPhone does not have an FM radio.

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One of the top disadvantages of iPhone over Android is the battery health of the iPhone device. With battery health, the iPhone’s battery life does not last long. However, its battery life is still not up to other smartphones.

Most Android smartphones have higher MAH ratings than iPhones. Also, constant recharging is a regular complaint by many iPhone users, hence, it needs more power sources to keep up the phone. 

However, most Android comes with a unique MAH rating that can go for as far as 3 days without running low.

disadvantages of iPhone over Android
Source: apple.com


The disadvantage of iPhone over Android is access to limited software applications. iPhone users can only install applications from the app store is a constant complaint by iPhone users. If Apple does not approve of an app, then you can’t use the app forever on your iPhone. 

Therefore, leaving users with fewer choices of software. However, with an Android, you will have access to unlimited software applications. Although, getting apps from untrusted sources can damage or infect your phone with viruses.


iPhone devices are only compatible with other Apple products, such as the Apple Watch, iPad, or MacBook. It is a closed ecosystem, meaning the products only work perfectly together.

Connecting another device with your iPhone can be a tough experience. This can be difficult if you have to transfer files, videos, or photos from your laptop to your phone or vice versa. 

Therefore, the Apple ecosystem is considered a curse by many users, this is because it is there to make users purchase more Apple products.

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disadvantages of iPhone over Android


Another top disadvantage of iPhone over Android devices is overheating issues. Overheating is a constant complaint by iPhone users. If you use your iPhone for too long, it heats up and eventually starts malfunctioning. If this happens, you will need to leave the phone for at least 10 minutes before using it again.


The Headphone jack is used for connecting a pair of headphones to your phone. It lets you connect headphones and other audio devices to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, Apple got rid of the Headphone jack, the only way for users to use a Headphone with their iPhone is to purchase a separate lightning to 3mm jack connector or purchase iPhone’s wireless AirPods.

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disadvantages of iPhone over Android
Source: apple.com


Another disadvantage of the iPhone over Android is its limited customization options. Users cannot install an app outside of the App Store, meaning iOS only supports apps made specifically for the phone and does not allow users to customize their phone’s interface beyond the options provided by Apple.


Another major disadvantage of the iPhone is its app size. iPhone app sizes are usually too big, consuming a huge amount of storage space. Hence, users need to make way for apps they want to download by deleting other apps. Also, installing apps from other sources is not supported on iPhones. 

This means Apple does not let you send or receive apps from other devices, even iPhone to iPhone is not supported.

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iOS is a closed ecosystem, preventing viruses from spreading across your device. However, it is possible for an iPhone to get viruses, but it is extremely rare. 

Jailbroken iPhone, on the other hand, is likely to be harmed by viruses, so as long as you don’t jailbreak your iPhone, the chances of it contracting a virus are very low.


Both devices have their perks and disadvantages. If you are reading this article because you hope to buy one of the devices soon, we recommend you go for the one that suits your taste. We hope our overview of the disadvantages of iPhone over Android is a helpful guide to your search.

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What are the factors that can damage an iPhone?

iPhone hardly encounters software-related problems. However, factors that can damage an iPhone include overcharging, getting dropped in the water, hitting a hard floor, and others.

Is the iPhone camera better than the Android camera?

There are several debates on the quality of both device cameras. However, iPhone has better camera quality than most Android devices.

Can I use my iPhone while charging?

Yes. While it may not be advisable because of some risks, it is, however, safe to use your device while charging.

How can I improve the battery health of my iPhone?

Avoid overcharging your device and using it in hot environments. Also, do not fully charge your iPhone.


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