10 Best IT Colleges For International Students

Best IT Colleges For International Students

Looking for the best IT colleges for international students in the USA? look no more than this as we have listed out the best schools for you to study information technology in the USA.

IT represents the development of science and technology in the world, IT today represents the development level of the United States, and IT also represents the future development trend of the world at large. Therefore, when it comes to IT majors, people yearn for and look forward to bagging an information technology college degree in the US.

For students who want to study in the United States, the IT major is indeed a relatively good one, and it is also a popular major for students to apply for every year.

Do you know any of the excellent colleges and universities for IT majors in this country? you’re about to find out. The following are the excellent Best IT Colleges For International Students studying IT majors in the United States of America.

10 Best IT Colleges for International Students

Best IT Colleges For International Students

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The school’s American master’s degree in mathematics, science and engineering is very famous. Considered one of the coolest dorms in America, the MIT dorm near the Charles River was designed by renowned architect Steven Holl.

MIT offers several high-quality IT courses and programs to students.

The dormitory, named “Sponge”, has won many architectural awards. The best destinations for IT graduates studying abroad in the United States: are Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft.

2. Stanford University

This college is located in the California area of ​​Silicon Valley. Although it seems to be the advantage of the Silicon Valley terrain, some students actually say that Stanford cannot be lacking in Silicon Valley. This is actually a great affirmation of Stanford.

The college has always been a comprehensive excellent college. We all know that the college is famous for its wireless courses.

In fact, the college’s IT class is indeed excellent in the United States. In addition, the college also A full bonus is set up for students.

Although it is a little difficult to get it, for outstanding students, there is still a chance to get it. If you can get the full bonus, the burden on students can be greatly reduced.

Stanford graduates are found in top technology companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Snapchat. Stanford University has a staggering figure, the combined annual profits of all the companies founded by its graduates are $2.7 trillion.

Best places for IT graduates: Google, Apple, Cisco.

3. University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley, California According to economists, an engineering student at the University of California, Berkeley, is more likely to earn more in total 20 years after graduating from college than a non-college graduate. $1.1 million more for those who went to college.

Best places for IT graduates: Google, Oracle, Apple.

Although this school may not be as famous as Stanford in everyone’s eyes, it is indeed an IT major and is relatively excellent in academia.

This institution is abbreviated as UCB. If students are willing to choose this institution, they can provide students with engineering and computer science degrees, ranging from undergraduate masters to doctoral degrees. It is just that students who want to apply for IT may have different requirements for students.

More, students should do good preparation before applying, such as mathematics, engineering structure, linear algebra, and other science and engineering subjects, it is recommended that students have a good foundation.

4. California Institute of Technology

Caltech is not only good in engineering, but also in the top 50 in the overall ranking. The school’s R&D department has close collaborations with NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Such scientific research ability is a good base for American graduate students studying abroad. Best places for IT graduates: Google, Intel, IBM.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia)

Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the best IT colleges in the United States for international students to get a degree in information technology.

The school’s electrical and electronic engineering major has a good reputation likewise its IT majors. Best places for IT graduates: IBM, Intel, AT&T.

6. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the few public schools on this list. Notable graduates include YouTube founder Chen Shijun and film critic Robert Albert.

The best places for IT graduates in the United States to study further and work from this school are IBM, Intel, and Microsoft.

7. Carnegie Mellon University

In last year’s ranking of computer science graduates’ annual income, students from Carnegie Mellon University were relatively high, and many students studying in the United States would go to this school to study IT.

The average annual income after graduation is $84,000. The best places for graduates of IT majors to study in the United States are: Google, IBM, Microsoft.

8. Cornell University

Cornell University is the most prestigious school in the Ivy League. In 1883, the world’s first bachelor’s degree in electrical science was born here.

Last April, Cornell University received $133 million in funding to open a polytechnic campus in New York City. Best places for IT graduates: IBM, Google, Intel.

9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor is one of the most livable college towns in the United States, and also has excellent engineering schools. The overall ranking of the University of Michigan is 28th. Best places for IT graduates: Google, Microsoft, IBM.

10. Purdue University—West Lafayette

Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus is the main campus of Purdue University. The school’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics is known as the “cradle of astronauts”. The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, attended the school.

If you want to study in the United States to study IT, you may consider this school. The best places for IT graduates: are IBM, Intel, HP These are the top universities that you can choose to study in the United States to study IT.

You can apply according to your actual ability. If you have enough strength, I believe these and international IT Silicon Valley companies are opening their arms to you.


We hope this article helps in finding the Best IT colleges for International students seeking education in information technology courses in the united states of America

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