6 Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple

Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple

The article centers on the question of whether or not Android is better than Apple. Google created Android as an operating system for touch screen gadgets like cell phones and tablets.

Google Inc. owns Android, which was launched on September 23, 2008, in Palo Alto, California. Steve Jobs died in 2011, and Apple Inc. was taken over by the Vanguard Group and BlackRock, Inc. iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices are powered by the iPhone Operating System (iOS).

Apple Computer Inc. started operations in Los Altos, California on April 1, 1996. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Asus, and Lenovo are just a few of the many that offer Android devices.

6 Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple

Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple

So here are 6 Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple

1. USB Type-C

It’s not just Android devices that can use the USB Type-C port cable; it works with a wide variety of modern electronics. MacBooks and iPads use USB-C port cables as well, but iPhones do not.

This has been the standard issue cable for most electronic devices since 2016. The cable enables Android devices to charge at speeds exceeding 30 watts. By keeping your Android device plugged in for at least half an hour into the PC’s USB Type-C port, it will be fully charged.

The widespread adoption of this cable means that it can be readily and cheaply replaced if it ever wears out or stops functioning. The cable is far more robust than Apple’s lightning cables.

To transfer files or display information, connect your Android phone to your laptop via the USB Type-C port cable. The cable’s versatility makes it easier to bring along than if it were designed specifically for the iPhone.

2. Pricing

Multiple brands use Android to make devices that meet customer needs and budgets. Devices range from cheaper, affordable, slightly more affordable, expensive, and very expensive. You can experience the convenience of cutting-edge technology with Samsung discounts by using voucher codes and discount deals.

Very expensive is at the range where Apple is, since they only sell the most advanced products in the line. This means that there are a lot more Android devices being bought than Apple devices.

If you want to get any accessories for your Apple device, you have to buy them at an Apple Store or iStore for a fairly expensive price. Accessories for Android devices can be bought at any technology store for a lot cheaper, and they last longer too.

Any electronics shop should be able to fix your Android device, but only Apple-authorized retailers can fix your iPhone or iPad. 

3. Google Play Store

Google’s Play Store is Android’s official app marketplace, while Apple’s App Store serves its devices. Many more apps are available for free on the Play Store than in the Apps Store.

Apps for Apple devices have to be bought from the App Store, which has a lot fewer options than Play Store. Some apps aren’t available on the App Store but are on Google Play Store.

Android devices are not limited to downloading apps from Play Store but can download them from websites and other platforms. Google Play Store is also very user-friendly and easy to read, showing people what they want to see while being visually pleasing. 

4. Customisation

Android’s customizable interface allows you to personalize your device’s appearance and behavior. You can customise the size of the device, how big its screen is, and what colour it is.

The device’s physical features can be customised according to your personality and needs. The device’s software can also be customised according to your preferences.

The entire launching system can be changed from the factory setting to the one that you prefer. You can change the login system to choose the authentication method that you would like to use, whether it’s facial recognition, a password, or a fingerprint scanner.

You can rearrange the home and lock screens to look how you want with the widgets of your choice. Apps can also be arranged in a way that you prefer on different pages.

The display of your device can be personalised, including skins, themes, and backgrounds. Sound settings can be changed according to your preference. You can even change the type of keyboard and search engine that you prefer.

5. File Management

Android devices come with file management systems. When connecting your Android device to your laptop, it will show as an external drive. You can browse this drive and transfer items between the two devices.

Downloaded files can be opened without any extra supporting apps and systems. Files can be transferred from your Android device to your laptop and immediately opened, and vice versa.

An Apple device doesn’t show as an external drive on your laptop, and you must download additional apps to connect the devices. And even then, certain transfers are not possible. Apple devices need extra support to transfer and open downloaded files.

If you transfer a file from your Apple device to another device that isn’t Apple, the files are inaccessible. You can only open files sent from an Apple device on another Apple device. However, images and videos are accessible. 

6. Storage Options

Android devices come with external microSD card slots allowing you to add storage space to your device. MicroSD cards come in a wide variety of sizes. Google provides free cloud storage for Android devices, like Google Drive.

You don’t have to delete images, videos, files, or apps to make space on your device. You can even access iCloud on your Android device. For Apple devices to get extra storage space, you must buy it on iCloud.

If you want to keep this space, you have to keep paying monthly fees for it. You will most likely need to delete several items to make space for iCloud. Apple devices do not come with a way to add external storage space.


This article looks at different reasons why Android is better than Apple. A quick history of both systems is given, along with a few of the Android brands that are available.

The six reasons given why Android is better than Apple are USB Type-C, Pricing, Google Play Store, Customisation, File Management, and Storage Options. 

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