10 Top Coworking Space in New York City

Coworking Space in New York City

Let’s talk about the coworking space in new york city. New York City is a major economic and cultural center where many things happen. New workers are drawn to the city because of its flourishing tech scene, and its long history in the clothing sector continues to influence fashion worldwide.

The number of people using coworking spaces in NYC is growing. Businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs and freelancers to large organizations, are searching for shared office spaces that encourage creative problem-solving and provide a less formal setting to get work done.

Finding a suitable coworking space in NYC can be challenging because of the size of the city. Searching Google won’t provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect venue, whether you’re searching for a place to have an event, hold meetings or conferences, or hold private, focused work.

So if you’re looking for a place to work in the financial district of Rockefeller or near Central Park (like Spacious NYC), you’ll be able to find it here. Anywhere you go in the city, you can find a coworking space. 

You can get everything you need in New York City, from the posh Upper East Side to the gritty Lower East Side, from the Bronx to Staten Island. This article will explore the greatest coworking spaces in NYC and tell you why they are so fantastic.

Coworking Space in New York City
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Coworking Space in New York City

  1. WeWork Coworking Space in NYC

    There is no separating WeWork from the best of New York’s shared office spaces. The company develops both physical and digital coworking spaces, as well as enterprise-grade servers, for independent workers and small business owners. 

    WeWork has over 65 sites across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the rest of New York City’s most important neighborhoods. The company designed each workplace to encourage focus, efficiency, and interpersonal bonds.

    These NYC coworking spaces offices have meeting rooms, distinctive common areas, free refreshments, and phone booths for holding private calls and video conferences. The communal areas will motivate your staff and any guests you may have.

    There are over 60 WeWork sites in New York City alone; some are:

450 Lexington Avenue

199 Water Street

148 Lafayette Street.


Private office space begins at $450

Membership for shared office space begins at $750 per month.

  1. Convene Coworking Space in NYC

    In contrast to the hassles of a traditional commercial lease, Convene provides fully-equipped office space monthly. 

    They care for everything so you can focus on running your business and managing your employees. Their offices, located in some of the world’s most recognizable structures, are equipped with five-star services, amazing views, and beautiful decor to ensure maximum productivity

    Private offices are costly, but they offer a state-of-the-art environment to maximize productivity and comfort. For smaller groups, there are several low-cost options to choose from.

    The city’s largest office spaces and event venues are at One Liberty Plaza, Downtown Convene. Convene offers office space solutions for groups as small as 5 persons and as large as 85 people. Professionals working out of any of Convene’s NYC coworking locations have access to the space and the facility’s kitchen and catering services, provided by a dedicated in-house crew.


  • New York City is home to 14 different Convene coworking spaces, including 
  • 101 Greenwich Street in the Financial District
  •  530 Fifth Avenue in the Midtown East
  •  530 Greenwich Street Downtown.


You need to visit the website to inquire.

  1. Makerspace Coworking Space in NYC

    Makerspace can fulfill all your artistic needs in one convenient location. Members of this Staten Island-based coworking space have access to cutting-edge hardware, high-quality tools, and industrial-strength fabrication methods.

    Makerspace is a type of shared creative office. Two sculptors had the idea for NYC, and with the help of volunteers, they built a great space for other artists and creatives to gather. 


  • The New York City sites of Makerspace are as follows: 
  • 450 Front St., Unit B, Staten Island
  •  10304 Brooklyn Amy Terminal, Building B, Unit 1C
  • 140 58th Street, Brooklyn


  • $150 per month for regular membership
  •  $250 per month for the pro member plan
  1. The Farm Soho Coworking Space in NYC:

    The Farm is a collective of three coworking spaces in New York City with a distinct character. Members of this coworking space are considered to be highly engaged, leading to the emergence of vibrant, innovative groups. 

    Everyone from budding business owners and artists to programmers and social workers will find a home at this low-cost NYC coworking space.


  • The three Farm Soho locations in NYC are Soho:
  •  447 Broadway, 2nd Floor, NY. 
  • Nomad: 1178, 2nd and 3rd Floor, NY
  •  Soho East: 188 Grand Street, 2nd and 3rd Floor, NY.


  • Members can choose between a communal and a private workstation at the Farm. 
  • Individual workstations range from $29 to $349
  • A monthly membership is from $700 to $12,000.
Coworking Space in New York City
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  1. Cubico Coworking Space in NYC:

    The chance to work at a global crossroads will motivate your staff. Cubico is a coworking space in NYC built to inspire awe. It has various meeting rooms and event halls for all types of gatherings. Some examples include a cellar, a rooftop patio, and a business with an outside space.

    This coworking space in NYC provides a variety of amenities, including hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. That way, your staff will always be able to work in an optimal environment for the task.


433 Broadway, NYC


  •  $19/month for a hot desk
  •   $500/month for a dedicated workstation.

6. Con Artists Collective Coworking Space in NYC:

The Con Artist Collective is the best creative coworking place in New York City. None of the characteristics of a community, shared office, or art gallery are present here. The Con Artist Collective is unique because its members can let their creative side come out.

Thanks to the gallery-like atmosphere, the room is a breeding ground for new ideas and fresh perspectives. As a result, you’ll find yourself in the heart of several different artistic initiatives.


Broome Street in New York 


Membership plans start at only $20 per month.

7. Galvanize Coworking Space in NYC:

Located in the heart of New York City’s digital scene, Galvanize is yet another of the city’s shared office spaces that offer great opportunities to expand tech businesses. 

At Galvanize, you may utilize your connections with other businesses and members. Additionally, the central Manhattan location of this coworking space greatly expands its reach and influence among its member firms.

Galvanize provides three distinct packages for tech startup founders of different stripes. 


Spring Street in New York


  •  $399 per month for coworking space
  • $699 for a dedicated desk 
  • $1700 for a private office with room for anything from 4 to 35 people.

8. Croissant Coworking Space in NYC:

Croissant facilitates the search for temporary office space. It’s made for telecommuters who can’t afford office space or spend much time out of the office in the center of town.

With a monthly coworking membership, you may use the shared workspaces of some of the city’s best companies. Finding a job in the city that you’ll enjoy is easy because there are so many unique options.

Simply use their app and browse for a coworking space in your area to hold your next meeting or get some work done in peace. Pick a place with available seating, and then log your attendance using the app. You’ll discover a supportive community, high-speed Internet access, and a cup of coffee in each NYC coworking space.


8500 One World Trade Center in New York


 $39 per month for the explorer plan

$129 per month for the creator plan

$249 per month for the luminary plan

9. Primary Coworking Space in NYC:

Primary is another great coworking space in NYC geared toward the success of local entrepreneurs. They provide a dynamic and ever-expanding setting, providing members with inspiration and opportunity. 

Primary has created the most beautiful interiors of any coworking space in the city using a green color scheme accented by white. At Primary, you and your team can work from a shared office or a private suite, surrounded by a dynamic and creative group of people who can help you grow your business.


Penn Station (251 West) 

30th Street Downtown (26 Broadway) 


$300 for shared office space

 $750 a month for a private office space

 $75 per month for the virtual office.

10. The Wing Coworking Space in NYC:
The Wing is one of the top coworking spaces in NYC. It began as a modest effort to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst women in the urban setting and has expanded into a global network of coworking spaces. 

The Wing’s mission is to unite the women of NYC so that they may network, encourage, and challenge one another.


1 Main St. Brooklyn

Wing Flatiron at Penthouse, 45E 20th St., NY.


$215 a month for the membership plan.

Thanks to your membership, you’ll have access to the greatest office environment, designed along the lines of efficiency and creativity.


New York, one of the world’s most populated and visited cities, offers many opportunities to develop your company. You can meet new people and expand your professional network everywhere you look. Any shared office location might be where you meet your next great customer, business associate, or even buddy.

Discovering the vast network of New York City coworking places has been fascinating. These offices are one-of-a-kind; they provide their members with a wide range of possibilities, paving the way for increased innovation, productivity, and professional success. 

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