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Hulu, without a doubt, is one of the streaming platforms with the greatest collections of movies. Despite having a collection of movies that the whole world wants to see, it is only available in the United States and Japan. This has made many people resort to using VPN.

Another issue is that Hulu detects and blocks VPNs very fast. That means not all VPNs work with Hulu. The joy is that there are still some VPNs for Hulu that work.

To help you search for the best VPN for Hulu that works, we’ll list some in this post that we highly recommend you try. Make sure you read this post to the end because it’ll help you.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that provides a mobile app, desktop app, or other software that encrypts your internet traffic to help boost your privacy online. With a VPN, you can circumvent content restrictions in some countries and access important news and educational materials while also expanding your streaming entertainment options. 

It also stops your internet service provider from tracking the websites and apps you use and prevents the majority of those websites and apps from seeing your actual geographic location. The top VPN offers robust privacy protection without sacrificing functionality. We heartily advise using a reliable VPN for both professional and personal use, in this case, Hulu.


It could be difficult for you to decide which VPN service is suitable for you if you don’t have much prior experience. Here is a summary of the key elements that will aid in selecting the best VPN for Hulu:

1. Features For Streaming. 

To choose the best VPN for Hulu, you’ll need to consider its streaming features. You will require a VPN with Smart DNS functionality if you wish to stream Hulu on your smart TV or gaming console. Router applets and other functionality might also be useful.

2. Cost.

When you want to choose a VPN for Hulu, you’ll need to set your spending limit before selecting a supplier. However, before committing to a subscription, make sure to review all the features and functionality. You receive the best deal this way.

3. Unblocks Hulu From Outside The USA. 

This is the core criteria that the VPN for Hulu that you’re selecting must fulfill. It is imperative to locate a VPN service provider that is fully compatible with Hulu, regardless of your location. This is the main reason you’re searching for a VPN in the first place.

4. Speed. 

Another vital thing to consider when choosing a VPN for Hulu is speed. Excellent speed makes it possible to stream Hulu without latency. If the service provider offers industry-leading tunneling protocols like NordLynx and Lightway, or WireGuard or its variants, you can rely on their speed.

5. Apps And Simultaneous Connections. 

Your choice of VPN for Hulu should have a functional and easy-to-use app. It should also have plenty of servers that you can easily connect to.



Now let us list some of the VPN for Hulu that we recommend you should try. These VPN for Hulu are the best.

1. ExpressVPN

VPN for Hulu

Kicking off our list of the best VPN for Hulu is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has a few servers that can connect to Hulu. Simply visit their website and use the live chat feature to ask a customer service agent which to use. There is more than enough bandwidth and a very solid ExpressVPN connection to stream Hulu episodes in high definition. There are numerous server sites available in the US.

ExpressVPN has a smart DNS proxy service called MediaStreamer that comes with all ExpressVPN subscriptions. It can be used independently to unblock Hulu and other streaming services, but it is used by default anytime you connect to a VPN server.

ExpressVPN also works with other streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, SlingTV, Amazon Prime, and many more. ExpressVPN costs $6.67.

2. PrivateVPN

Next on our list of best VPN for Hulu is PrivateVPN. It does not have as many servers as other VPN providers, but its performance is strong enough to make it a viable option for Hulu and other streaming services. It does this by not keeping any logs or logging your IP address on the servers, so your private information is kept safe.

It has a single-click setup for Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and routers. This makes it easy to connect a PC or mobile device in about a minute without any restrictions, complicated code, or complicated operations. It has amazing speeds and limitless bandwidth and uses AES-256 encryption with 2048 bits. It costs $9.99 per month.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is the next VPN for Hulu on our list. With its patented SmartPlay DNS built right into the VPN, NordVPN can unblock a wide variety of entertainment sources, including Hulu. You can use the official NordVPN knowledge base or the live chat help to determine which servers to connect to. 

NordVPN is compatible with other streaming services like Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, and HBO in the US and other countries. It is an amazing VPN for Hulu and offers a flawless streaming experience because of its speed.

For your security, it has a complete zero-log policy and complex encryption that ensures impenetrable online security. 

The company offers other dedicated servers for use cases like double VPN, ultra-fast streaming, anti-DDoS, and Tor over VPN. You can connect up to six devices at once with a single subscription which costs $2.99 per month. Applications are also available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and MacOS.


4. Ivacy VPN

VPN for Hulu

Another VPN for Hulu you need to try is Ivacy VPN. Ivacy VPN is among the least expensive VPNs you can use to stream Hulu from any location. And it also works with Netflix, Max, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer.

Selecting the ideal server for your requirements won’t be a problem because it has over 5,700 servers spread throughout 68 countries. There are servers in 13 US states as well as several in Tokyo where you can watch Hulu.

Ivacy VPN is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, and it allows for up to ten connections at once.

Ivacy VPN provides several tunneling tools and uses the most complex encryption available. It also contains a dependable kill switch to stop data leakage and you can choose which services to connect to a VPN server for bandwidth conservation because of the VPN’s split tunneling feature.

Ivacy VPN offers a subscription that starts at just $1.00 a month, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers. Furthermore, a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is also an outstanding VPN for Hulu that works. It is one of the best VPN for Hulu. You will have little buffering and fast speeds no matter where you are.

IPVanish has an auto-reconnect tool in cases where you unexpectedly lose connectivity. In that case, the stream resumes from the second the connection drops, and this service automatically selects an alternate server.

IPVanish supports up to ten devices at once and offers a large option of channels. It also has a kill switch feature on Mac and Windows devices.

6. Surfshark

Surfshark is next on our list of best VPN for Hulu. It is a fantastic tool for cutting cords and accessing Hulu and other streaming services. Surfshark permits an infinite number of simultaneous connections, so you never have to worry about exceeding the device connection restriction when you share your VPN with friends or family. It is also compatible with Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix US and UK.

You can get live chat assistance 24/7. The service permits P2P file sharing and has no data retention or log-keeping policies. Both the PC software and the mobile device have a kill switch and can be used on Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows. It costs only $1.99.

7. PureVPN

VPN for Hulu

PureVPN is another great VPN for Hulu. It also works with YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and other well-known streaming services. It has over 6,500 servers across 65 countries.

Although PureVPN has many servers in places where Hulu is accessible, streaming is somewhat slow because PureVPN isn’t renowned for its speed. Our testing indicates that PureVPN can maintain 67% of the original internet speed, but it is unable to guarantee a seamless streaming experience.

One PureVPN subscription can be used to set up ten devices and it works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can buy it for $2.08 per month and use the 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out risk-free.

PureVPN is a VPN service with few features. Despite having a dependable kill switch and market-standard encryption, it covers all the essentials. However, there aren’t many other features that can improve the streaming experience.


8. Windscribe

Windscribe is an outstanding VPN for Hulu. There are many reasons to love Windscribe especially when it comes to using it for Hulu. No matter where you are, you can view Hulu content by connecting to a U.S. server using the free plan. The good news is that Windscribe lets you access the Hulu streaming library right away, even though it’s free.

Windscribe gives you 10GB of free data you can use to watch a few HD movies on Hulu. With the Pro plan, you can access unlimited data and bandwidth if you require more for streaming Hulu content. Windscribe has a build-a-plan feature that lets you pay for server access, with prices starting at $1 for 10GB of data per location making it a trustworthy VPN for Hulu.

9. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a very effective VPN for Hulu you need to try. Recently, CyberGhost has increased its capabilities. Hulu is among the several streaming channels that it can now unblock. Instead of just selecting streaming servers based on location, the desktop software also lets you select from a list of streaming servers based on which streaming services it can unblock. 

You’ll need to choose the Hulu-optimized servers from the streaming areas of the apps to unblock Hulu. For a little cost, you’ll also receive excellent encryption, a no-logs policy, and blazingly quick download speeds and it works on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Firestick. It costs only $2.11.


10. AtlasVPN

VPN for Hulu

The last VPN for Hulu on our list is AtlasVPN. It is a very good option for getting US services from overseas. AtlasVPN has servers in only about 44 countries and 6 of these servers are in the US. AtlasVPN can access HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix US, and Prime Video. 

AtlasVPN VPN works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and you can use an infinite number of devices in succession. This makes it extremely affordable because you can share your account with friends and relatives. With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can evaluate it against our other choices for yourself.


No, using a free VPN to access Hulu is not something we advise. Even though you might be eager to cut costs, free VPNs can offer extremely limited services or lack credibility. Poor speeds, delays, and IP address prohibitions are caused by free VPNs’ inability to match the extensive server networks offered by paid VPNs. 

Even if you discover a free VPN that grants you access to Hulu, you might not be able to enjoy the streaming service because it requires fast upload rates. Furthermore, using a free VPN can be risky. They might, for instance, log data and sell it to unapproved parties. Cybercriminals can also use the illusion of an alluring free VPN service to conceal harmful viruses. We advise using a premium VPN to ensure that it is secure and offers fast viewing speeds.


Why do I need a VPN for Hulu?

Getting a VPN is primarily necessary if you want to view Hulu from anywhere, even if you live in the US. You would see this alert without a VPN: “Hulu isn’t available to stream in your area. It seems that you are located outside of Hulu’s geographical service area.”

Does Hulu work with a VPN?

Indeed, Hulu supports VPNs. By using a dependable VPN for Hulu, you can get around geo-restrictions and view the entire collection of content. Select your favorite VPN first, download it, and then create an account. After logging in, you can begin watching Hulu as if you were connecting from the US by choosing a US server.

Why is VPN blocked on Hulu?

Hulu does not specify the blocking of VPNs in its Terms & Conditions agreement. If a user disobeys content access policies, the provider reserves the right to deny them access to the service. Hulu does not specifically state that VPNs are blocked, but if users violate the terms of service, the provider has the authority to suspend or cancel accounts. This suggests that Hulu might take action to detect and prohibit the use of VPNs. Nevertheless, using a VPN is not prohibited.

Is there a free VPN that works with Hulu?

Yes, you get seven days to utilize Surshark and NordVPN for free. You can take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee when the free trial ends, so you don’t have to sign up for a service right away.

Which VPN service is best for Hulu?

Our testing has shown that NordVPN is the greatest VPN for Hulu. It has a large server fleet in the US, exceptional speed retention rates for lag-free streaming, dependable security features, and a reputation for getting around geo-restrictions with a variety of streaming apps.

Is Hulu available in Mexico?

No, Hulu is not accessible in Mexico at this time. But if you use a reliable VPN service, you can watch Hulu in Mexico and other nations.


Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy streaming Hulu. All you have to do is download, install, and use any of the above-listed VPN for Hulu. These VPN for Hulu will remove the error and grant you access.

The secret to enjoying this is to download the best VPN for Hulu. We have listed some of them above and how to choose the one that suits you most. Try them and let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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