Best Christian Daily Prayer Apps

Best Christian Daily Prayer Apps

Prayer is very paramount in the lives of every Christian as it is a means of communicating with God. Through prayer, we establish a relationship with God and make petitions. But finding time to pray or remembering to pray in today’s hectic world is a challenge to many Christians.

The beautiful thing is that we have a loving father in heaven who has assured us that all that pertains to life and godliness has been given unto us, (2 Peter 1:3) this includes daily prayer apps that help our weaknesses.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best daily prayer apps that help you communicate with the father best. Make sure you read this post to the end because it’ll be very helpful.

Is It Wrong To Use Christian Daily Prayer Apps?

Best Christian Daily Prayer Apps

Using a digital instrument to develop a prayer life in communion with God may seem strange. Nonetheless, any tool—including daily prayer apps—that encourages us to have a close relationship with God is appreciated.

Many will argue that using daily prayer apps is improper but that using a book on prayer is appropriate. Why would daily prayer apps be ineffective if a book may benefit our time of prayer and devotion to God? It is always wise to consider reasons.

A change of heart is unquestionably required if using a digital device is becoming more significant than praying in person! The most crucial thing is to get close to God, not using a prayer app.

Tips To Boost Your Prayer Life With Your Smartphone

  1. Put alarms and reminders on your calendar to serve as a reminder to pray.

    Without purposefully setting aside time to pray, the majority of us cannot experience a fulfilling prayer life. One method to be more deliberate is to use the calendar and alarm features on your phone.

    Your phone can serve as a constant reminder that you must rely on the Lord in prayer, and you make appointments with the Lord a few days in advance. Here is one approach to make sure you retain your relationship with the Lord as your top priority if you’re a busy person with a packed schedule.
  2. Use the Kindle App or iBooks to browse prayer books. Looking through pre-written prayers can substantially enhance your prayers and inspire your heart to pray more fervently and creatively than usual. I also use this technique to get my prayers going, but it should not be used as a crutch.
  3. Play music that makes you feel more heart-warming for prayer.

    Worship music has a way of soothing the heart and preparing it for prayer; perhaps it does the same for yours. Music often calms the heart and focuses it on the Lord when you can’t seem to quiet your heart or muster the desire to pray.

    Don’t let music become a crutch that causes you to focus on the music instead of God Himself, even though it can be a helpful tool to get your prayers started.
  4. Use a notepad and daily prayer apps to Organize your prayer requests.

    As soon as someone shares a prayer request with you, add it to your list. This is beneficial for at least two reasons: it helps you focus your prayers and prevents vital prayer requests from getting lost in the shuffle.

Best Christian Daily Prayer Apps

Out of the growing number of Christian daily prayer apps, below is a list of some of the best.

1. Prayers & Blessings Daily

Prayers & Blessings Daily is one of the most downloaded daily prayer apps on app stores. About a million people have downloaded it from the Google Play Store alone. Furthermore, it offers a lot of intriguing features that can undoubtedly assist you in elevating your prayer practice.

There are many reasons why people appreciate Prayers and Blessings Daily. It provides you with daily access to strong, biblical prayers. It provides you with a brand-new source of motivation for your regular prayers.

Moreover, you can select from many text versions and use the audio read with Prayers and Blessings Daily. It is one of the best prayer apps and it comes highly recommended.

You can download the app by simply going to your app store then search the name.

2. Echo Pray

Best Christian Daily Prayer Apps
Echo Pray – daily prayer apps

Echo Pray is one of the best daily prayer apps for Christians. Prayer is a strong and effective tool for us to communicate with God. But remembering to pray for the things on your list when life gets busy and organizing or keeping a list of your prayers can be difficult sometimes, even for vibrant Christians.

To address these issues and give you a place to communicate with your Creator, Echo was developed. Echo exists to assist you to pray. Its ability to help you remember to pray and keep track of your prayers is one of its best advantages.

It also provides you the power to pray for others. You can download Echo for free on iOS and Android devices.

3. PrayerMate

It’s so simple to fit in prayer time with this user-friendly app. You can pick from a variety of prayers under various headings, such as “Family” or “Biblical Prayers.” You can also enable alarms to remind you when it’s time to reflect. This is one of the most effective daily prayer apps.

With the aid of PrayerMate, you can consistently pray for the people and causes that matter to you. You can simply swipe between them to pray. Every day, PrayerMate will choose a person or subject that you’ve entered from each of your main categories (like “My family” or “My small group at church”) and present them to you as a series of index cards.

Although most of us wish we were more adept at it, prayer is one of the greatest blessings for the believer. You can now be guaranteed to follow through when you say, “I’ll pray for you!”

You can swipe through the subjects of the day in PrayerMate’s intuitive index card interface and create custom categories to fit your needs. It contains a “country of the day” feed from Operation Global that lets you choose a nation to pray for. Dropbox also lets you import and export files.

Prayer points can be arranged using PrayerMate by date, weekday, or month. You may privately email or message the individuals you are praying for from within the app, and it has a PIN code function for increased privacy.

This app is available for free download on the play store and apple store 

4. Ora

Daily prayer apps
Ora – daily prayer app

Ora Prayer Network is one of the most well-known daily prayer apps that seek to improve our prayer life. It serves as a reminder of the beauty of prayer, which we must fully appreciate.

Because you use it for more than just prayer, it is a wonderful instrument for developing your faith. You are part of a congregation of Christians who regularly pray. You have the option of sending anonymous prayer requests to be interceded for you and viewing the prayer requests of others at the same time.

For many Christians who enjoy praying, Ora continues to be significant. It aids users in developing a devotional lifestyle and a life of prayer. It has one of the top platforms for connecting you to other Christians who value prayer all over the world. A reminder is also set to do this.

It aims to encourage you to actively engage in the Body of Christ by setting aside time to pray for others and to offer support to believers with heavy burdens. Your devotional and prayer lives will both be much strengthened as a result of using this amazing prayer app.

5. Christian Prayer Prompter

This God-centered, worship-based prayer program called Christian Prayer Prompter stores and arranges Scripture verses and prayer requests by category and rotates them based on the importance you give to each one. It is one of the best daily prayer apps for Christians.

With the help of the Christian Prayer Prompter, you can practice worship-based prayer as well as prayer based on the Scriptures. Additionally, it enables you to divide your prayers into two files: one for intercession based on the Bible and another for specific prayer requests.

It is available for download on IOS devices for free.

6. MyCBN Prayer & Devotional

One of the best Daily prayer apps is the MyCBN Prayer and Devotional app. It includes both fervent prayers and devotionals. The prayer app connects you with other users and helps you develop your religion.

The fact that it guides you through life’s obstacles with prayers and biblical instruction makes it much more intriguing. Also, you can post prayer requests to receive sincere encouragement from other Christians.

By using the MyCBN Prayer & Devotional, you become a part of a Christian community where you can enhance your prayer habit by interceding for others.

You can schedule a time for daily prayers with this lovely daily prayer app. This function makes it easier for you to monitor your daily prayers. You can also keep a journal of your prayers and their results.

In addition to the messages, God sent you while you were praying. Overall, the rich content of this software will surely support your spiritual development.

7. Prayer Notes: Ask, Seek, Knock

Daily prayer apps
Prayer Notes- daily prayer apps

You can use the app Prayer Notes to keep track of the requests and responses to your prayers. Its straightforward design makes it possible for you to swiftly create, check, and share your requests with others via airdrop, email, and SMS.

Every day, God speaks to you and works in your life. Start keeping a prayer notebook right away! A daily record of thoughts and biblical quotations are included in Prayer Notes. This app is now your go-to resource for quiet moments and devotions.

An easy-to-use user interface and category groups for prayers are features of Prayer Notes. The days of the week can be used to organize your prayers. You can add a Today widget to your home screen, and it contains references to the Bible.

Password privacy protection is present in this app and you can set Daily prayer time reminders and weekly prayer calendars. It can be automated with Apple Watch making it one of the most exceptional daily prayer apps.

8. Abide Bible And Sleep Meditation

This is one of the best daily prayer apps. Abide is a Christian meditation app for improved sleep and reduced stress. It contains Bible-based bedtime tales that will help you drift off to sleep.

With Abide Bible’s daily meditations, you may prepare your mind for the day by starting it off well. You can choose from its collection of more than 1500 Bible reflections. This is one of the daily prayer apps that is so effective that countless people, including Grammy Award-winning musicians, clergymen, and Christian therapists, meditate with Abide.

Of all the daily prayer apps, this daily prayer app discusses exactly what biblical meditation is so there is no confusion regarding the app leaning towards a new age base.

You can use this app for meditative prayer and for going to sleep as God’s word is spoken with natural sounds in the background. This app helps you draw near to God and find insight into life’s hardest issues with hundreds of Biblical meditation subjects. It is available on IOS and Android and it’s free but has In-App purchases.

9. is one of the most popular daily prayer apps for Christians. You can develop wholesome habits and listen to Bible tales and other spirit-filled stuff on You can also pray with your church, friends, and family before going to sleep while listening to the Bible’s bedtime stories.

Everyone, including individuals, Church and Religion leaders, can use this app. It provides beautiful daily devotionals where you can hear biblical wisdom. You can connect with your pastor, minister, bishop, priest, and other religious leaders via this app.

The most significant benefits are that you may immediately enable free mobile giving, strengthen your community, and cultivate a culture of prayer in your church.

10. Daily Prayer Guide

Daily Prayer Guide is a daily devotional and prayer guide based on Leaves of Life; a compilation of bible verses, prayer, poems, and quotations from famous authors, writers, and poets, and is one of the best daily prayer apps.

The Daily Prayer Guide provides daily prompts to read your daily devotion as well as classic and timeless devotional content. You can add your notes, save your favorites, and listen to the built-in voice synthesizer devotional content.

You can share inspirational text or images via social media or messaging services, and you can select your reading font and reading mode from white, sepia, or black.

This app is available on IOS for free

11. InstaPray 

Daily prayer apps

InstaPray is one of the notable daily prayer apps. You can use this app to pray for people you follow, for the world, or a group of people. It requires you to create an account. You can click “PRAY” to let the recipient know you prayed when a request pops up. You could also encourage them in a message.

The “GROUP” setting on this app is its best feature. To rapidly share prayers and updates with your small group, church, or family, you can establish your private group. I liken Instapray to the Twitter of prayer; it’s a great way to connect with people from all around the world.

12. Lectio 365

The 24-7 prayer movement’s leaders assembled Lectio 365, a collection of straightforward meditations based on the Bible and designed around the straightforward “PRAY” idea (Pause, Rejoice, Ask, Yield). Similar to Alpha’s Bible in a Year app, fresh daily meditations are available every week, typically centered around a topic like justice or hospitality.

The app is an excellent way to learn the ancient Christian practice of Lectio Divina, often known as spiritual reading, which is the foundation of the system. You are prompted to take a moment before and after beginning the day’s scripture reading by built-in hints.

If you wish to move at your own pace, you can read the meditations aloud or listen to them. The most impactful part always occurs during the “Yield” phase, when you hear the verses again and beg and trust God to make certain verses stand out for you specifically today.

Given the time and effort that goes into creating the app’s content, it is amazing that it is free. The range and diversity of the visitors give this app a feeling of being especially pertinent and attentive.

You may track back through the archive for about a month, download your favorite prayers, and share them—all kind but straightforward tools that will encourage you to pray more frequently. This is one of the best daily prayer apps.

13. Powerful Prayers – Morning & Evening Prayers

Our relationship with God is the main factor in determining how much the Holy Spirit will guide us in our prayer lives. Prayers that are effective offer more than just that. Powerful Prayers – Morning & Evening Prayers is one of the perfect daily prayer apps to help you achieve this.

It is brimming with fantastic resources to aid in your spiritual development as well. Also, it includes powerful daily prayers. It’s without a doubt one of the best prayer apps available in app stores.

Heartfelt prayers and inspirational Bible texts are included in the revised edition. In conclusion, Strong Prayers – Morning & Evening Prayers is ideal if you need to improve your prayer life immediately.

Which Of These Daily Prayer Apps Is Right For Me?

The most crucial factor in determining the best daily prayer app is that it must have a biblical viewpoint. The second way to decide is based on how well the app fits your personality, your preferred method of prayer, and the way God designed you to learn. It’s acceptable if one prayer app is fantastic to you but not to someone else.

You are unique because God made you that way; there is no one else in the entire world quite like you. You comprehend information in a method that is individually suited to you. You also convey your emotions and heart in a way that no one else can.

This lovely distinction that God gave you is present in our prayer life as well. That is why the best daily prayer apps that is right for you will be decided by you.


Daily prayer apps have proven to be very helpful in improving prayer life, especially for Christians who struggle with prayer and wish to overcome this.

Most of these daily prayer apps separate prayers and organize them based on priority. Reminders and Christian communities also help to strengthen faith. So without a doubt, daily prayer apps are a plus to Christendom. 

We hope our post on the best daily prayer apps is as very helpful as promised. Feel free to drop and comment below to let us know what you think.

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