Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults

Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults

A disability shouldn’t prevent anyone from gaining meaningful employment; people, especially adults living with a disability are very much able to work and earn a living for themselves. However, it would be insensitive to suggest they compete in the general labor market.

Many of the jobs available today are only practical for people without disabilities, no thanks to the amount of physical effort required to pull them off. However, there are certain jobs for disabled adults that don’t require nearly as much effort and are just as rewarding as the average career.

In this article, I’ll show you the most practical jobs for disabled adults for the year 2023 and beyond. Also, you’ll learn why my list contains only good ideas and how you can get started with some of those jobs.

Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults in 2023

With more workplaces becoming accessible, the number of jobs for disabled adults keeps rising. Here are a few to consider for any disabled person old enough to join the labor force.

1. Call Center Agent

Ever since the start of the pandemic in 2020, most call center businesses have gone completely remote, opening a whole new world of jobs for disabled adults. As long as the individual is capable of communicating clearly over the phone, they can work as a call center agent with any of the reputable businesses around.

Being a call center agent isn’t one of the highest-paying jobs for disabled adults in the United States, with an average annual pay of $35,000 for professionals. However, the job is one of the most flexible options on the list, allowing you to try side hustles when you’re not actively picking up calls.

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2. Accounting

If math happens to be one of your strong suits, you should definitely consider seeking employment in accounting, as financial institutions have consistently made it to the list of the highest source of disabled jobs for adults in the economy.

The average salary for accountants is around $63,000, which is much higher than what you earn as a call center agent. However, accounting is a highly skilled profession, as you’ll need to spend a couple of years in college to get a degree before you can think about going into practice.

Accounting is perfect for adults whose disabilities are mostly mobility-related, but people with hard of hearing or sight can do well with an assisted working environment. Since most workplaces still have no provisions for proper assisted working environments, you might as well go for an alternative job that’s more suited to your needs.

3. Audio Engineer/Sound Technician

Talking about easy jobs for disabled adults more suited to your needs, audio engineering is a strong candidate for people with vision impairments. Since the loss of vision is known to improve your sense of hearing, it’s only understandable that visually impaired persons do better jobs at tuning audio than people with no disabilities.

The average salary for an audio engineer in the United States hovers around the $50,000 mark, which isn’t terrible for a job you can do remotely. Also, it doesn’t require a steep learning curve like accounting, which gives it a lower barrier to entry.

While a college degree isn’t expressly required for a job in this field, having one makes you more employable. Throw in the ability to work with a team and some hard work and you’ll have one of the most rewarding jobs for disabled adults in 2023.

Perfect Easy Jobs for Disabled Adults

4. Entrepreneurship

A fair percentage of successful entrepreneurs have some form of disability, a fact that becomes evident when you look at the lineup of the sharks on Shark Tank (an entrepreneurship show). Three of the six sharks on the show are dyslexic but still went on to become entrepreneurs so successful that they started investing in people without any disabilities.

If you’ve always wanted to start a business, it’s pretty clear that disability isn’t a hindrance. With the patience and business acumen required to start and grow a business, you can mostly bridge the gap between you and someone without any disabilities.

Fortunately, there are several foundations geared at helping people with disabilities kick-start their businesses, either by offering them loans, grants, or the mentoring required to grow a successful business. Hooking yourself help with any of those agencies or foundations puts you several steps ahead of the average person business-wise.

With a few months of paralegal training, you can acquire enough skills to work as a legal assistant/paralegal in a law firm. Contrary to what you may think, people with disabilities are very employable in the legal/paralegal industry, especially in firms that deal with disabled persons.

The pay isn’t the best out there, with the average being $52,920, but the figure is the same for abled paralegals. It’s also one of the highest-growing jobs in the market, with annual job growth of 12%. Unlike some other entries in this list, this job is open to persons with all kinds of disabilities, as long as you can pass your exams.

6. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most in-demand jobs of 2023, and it doubles as one of the friendliest jobs for disabled adults in 2023. As long as you can submit a well-written document, you can work as a freelance writer; no body parts are required.

Succeeding as a freelance writer with disabilities requires the same set of steps as for every normal person, and that starts with familiarizing yourself with popular freelancing platforms. For starters, the options are Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and any other local sites that may be popular in your country.

After familiarizing yourself with how they work, you should try to prepare a number of samples to use when applying for jobs. You’ll achieve considerable success asking local blogs for a feature, especially if you’re really a good writer. After publishing a couple of articles in your name, it’s time to set up accounts with different freelance marketplaces to connect with clients.

7. General Freelancing

General freelancing is similar to freelance writing, but with a twist: you don’t have to write. There are hundreds of services you can offer on different freelancing sites to make money, and writing is only one of them. If you don’t consider yourself a terrific writer, you can find many other easy jobs for disabled adults on a platform like Fiverr.

You can start the process of being a general freelancer by heading over to a platform like Fiverr for market research. Hover your mouse on any category and select the “Other” subcategory to see a list of the most ridiculous gigs. For instance, selecting “Other” on the Music & Audio category will show you people getting paid to create Spotify playlists or “toxic masculinity affirmations” (whatever that means).

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If those gigs could sell on the platform, why hold back on your idea? Since there’s no limit to how many gigs you can publish on the website, there’s unlimited room for experiments. Those Fiverr gigs may not be the same as regular jobs, but they give you more freedom than some of the easiest jobs for disabled adults.

8. Graphic Designer

Remote graphic designing is one of the easiest jobs for disabled adults, mostly those with a physical disability. It involves imagining and creating visual concepts like logos, infographics, book covers, and magazines using computer software.

Graphic designers work in wildly different environments; while most are self-employed freelancers, a healthy chunk of professionals work as in-house designers for blogs and online magazine publications. Regardless of how or where you work, your salary should be between $50,000 to $80,000 annually.

Most graphic designers are self-employed, allowing them to set their own working hours and environment, which is why it’s one of the few perfect jobs for disabled adults. Also, you don’t need a college degree to start; most graphic designers today didn’t study it in college.

9. Teaching

Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare have basically eliminated any barriers for tutors. Anyone can simply log onto the site, register as a creator, create a course, and start selling. There are clear disadvantages involved, but at the moment, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, and it’s not even close.

One of the biggest benefits is that persons with disabilities can finally share knowledge without discrimination, creating one of the biggest opportunities for jobs for disabled adults. Searching through Udemy will reveal a plethora of courses from creators that can’t even see!

If you have a particular skill set and would love to be an instructor, you can simply get a decent camera and a powerful computer, record lessons, edit them to your taste, and sell the course for a decent price.

10. Online Content Creation

With the advent of platforms like YouTube and Twitch, it has become largely unnecessary to get a traditional white or blue-collar job. If you have a knack for content creation, you can start creating different forms of content for publication on the different platforms available.

From YouTube to Twitch, TikTok, or even a blog, you can make a killing as a person with a disability. Thankfully, there seems to be a special interest in persons with disabilities creating content online, making it one of the easy jobs for disabled adults in 2023.

There are several benefits to online content creation, apart from earning directly. Firstly, the process is mostly enjoyable, especially when your media empire starts to grow. Also, there are many networking opportunities, not to mention that you’ll keep making money in the process. These benefits make it one of the best jobs for disabled adults.


People with disabilities are slowly becoming a significant percentage of the general working population, and the number should continue to grow. One way to grow as a disabled person is by taking one of the best jobs for disabled adults this year. To make it easier on you, this article has listed 10 easy ideas.

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