30 Best Free Coding Websites For Kids

Free coding websites for kids

While coding for kids has become a thing in recent times, people tend to search for most free coding websites for kids. Trying to leverage these resources in training kids. Basic programming has become an essential skill for adults and kids alike. There are a lot of Coding websites, Future Learn Courses are one of … Read more

13 Free Highest Paying URL Shortener Websites to Make Money

highest paying url shortener websites

I will talk to you about Most of the Online moneymaking ways using the Best free Highest Paying URL shortener websites. I strongly recommend using AdFly because it is one of the highest-paying URL shortener websites I have personally used. Many web admins want an excellent reliable free paying Url shortener to shorten their links to … Read more

Top Smartphones in the World engaging in intense rivalry during the pandemic

top smartphones in the world

Best Smartphone has become a topic lately so we will give you updates on the top smartphones in the world It’s no news that the whole world is experiencing a pandemic, and it has changed the way people act or think; it has changed the way companies hire staff, pay salaries; it has prevented kids … Read more

GitHub is now free for teams


We all know that GitHub is one of the most used Git repository hosting services we have around the world, and it’s owned by Microsoft as well. GitHub just announced a few big changes to its pricing plans and introduced a very nice free plan. GitHub Announcement. We’re happy to announce we’re making private repositories … Read more

Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks 2021

Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks 2020

Chrome Developer Tools are a super powerful suite of tools for developing web applications. They can do so much, from very basic operations like traversing the DOM, to checking out network requests or even profiling your application’s performance. Among the big, everyday features they enable, there are quite a lot of gems to be found … Read more