With over 24,500 millionaires, 40 centi-millionaires, and 2 billionaires, I bet there are lots of people who need financial advisors in Auckland, and that’s where we step in. The stats make our case.

For financial advisors in Auckland to provide guidance and assistance to individuals and businesses for their financial planning and investment plans is quite a lot and despite many saying that they can handle it, you would need the best hands on deck so as not to run into problems you did not create yourself.

There is a running joke where some say that financial advisors are people who take part of your money that they did not work for to advise you on what to do with the remaining money. Don’t fall for it. It’s better to be well-advised and invested than to lose everything because you thought you could do it alone.

I say this because while no one knows the future, the fact that you are invested with a credentialed company or individual who is held to a fiduciary standard means that they are to place your interests above their personal gain.

We delve into discussing what financial advisory is about, what financial advisors do and who the top financial advisors in Auckland are, amongst other side knowledge pieces of interest.


Forgetting textbook definitions now, in reality, financial advisors are either individuals who sell financial products, such as stockbrokers, insurance agents, annuity salespersons, or financial counsellors who solely accepts payment in exchange for their advice, such as an attorney who drafts estate plans or an accountant who offers personal financial planning and guidance.

Most “financial advisors” fit within the first group. There is no educational prerequisite for being a financial advisor; one need just have completed their high school education.

The folks in the first group, who may be good at their jobs and may be living well and making a good living are not the focus of this article. Our focus is on the second group, the credentialed guys who have a combination of licenses and certifications that qualify them to advise people.

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One needs a license in order to offer securities, insurance, or annuities. There are a number of these licenses to obtain if you operate in the USA and others if you do so in New Zealand, each of which varies in complexity depending on where you are.

You should be informed that they mostly concentrate on the legal ramifications of selling investments while attempting to obtain the license. The requirement is to safeguard the client who is prepared to entrust you with their money or ears.

The licenses do not fully equip a candidate to give investing advice to anybody. It’s done via other credentials.

One of these extra certificates that at least suggests some fundamental knowledge of investing and financial planning strategies is a CFP (certified financial planner).

The way things are done in New Zealand differs differently from other countries since there are restrictions on the kind of services that may be requested for licensing. Any additional demands in New Zealand would require a special exemption.

The government is adamant that anybody who is registering to become a financial service provider (FSP) can apply to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for a license to offer services under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act).

You need a license to offer 9 of the financial services that the FMC Act defines. Check out the 9 services here.


Here we list what we would like to call the top financial advisors in Auckland, New Zealand. This should not be understood as financial advice. Before you make any choice, consider that all finance professionals are listed on the government-approved website.


The Private Office is a genuine independent provider of financial advice. They deal with prosperous people and families that desire an organized and disciplined approach to their own money. The private office is atop most lists of financial advisors in Auckland and that’s for good reason.

Long-term financial planning, investment planning, portfolio management, KiwiSaver, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios, and UK and Australian Pension Transfers are among the services they offer.

Business owners, executives, professionals, performers, immigrants, and those who have received a large windfall of money are some of The Private Office’s clientele.

The Private Office, as one of the top financial advisors in Auckland, has a pricing schedule that is open and clear, starting with a one-time cost for developing a comprehensive financial plan based on the effort and complexity required.

They also demand a monitoring charge (depending on the size of the portfolio). This charge is withdrawn monthly at an annual rate from the cash account of your portfolio. There are also ongoing administrative and custody costs, as well as particular fees for particular KiwiSaver funds investment schemes.


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With a 12-person team, Rutherford Rede provides services in personal financial planning, charitable and not-for-profit planning, portfolio design, consulting, third-party review, KiwiSaver and superannuation, corporate executive planning, pension transfers between the UK and Australia, and responsible investing.

According to Rutherford Rede, their distinction comes from the fact that they are “fee-only advisers with full transparency in reporting and fees”.

They continue to publish posts on their blog to update their clients and followers about current happenings in the market from their perspective as service providers. This earns them a spot as one of the best financial advisors in Auckland.


To assist customers in achieving their financial objectives and independence, Strategic Wealth Management offers financial advice in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

This is supported by a socially conscious investing strategy that is founded on research, as well as continuing relationship management to make sure clients stay on pace to meet their objectives.

Corporate Executive Planning, Consultancy and Third Party Review, Personal Financial Planning, Investment Management, KiwiSaver, and Australian Super are some of the services they provide.

Three advisers work at Strategic Wealth Management, and all three adhere to their recommended 10-step investment methodology.


Planning investments and managing a portfolio are services provided by Axiom Consultants, based in Devenport, Auckland. According to a blog post, they support index funds.

High-net-worth individuals, businesses, trusts, and charities are customers of Axiome Consultants Ltd., a chartered accountancy firm with a focus on investment management.

This is supported by a socially conscious investing strategy that is founded on research, as well as continuing relationship management to make sure clients stay on pace to meet their objectives. This makes them one of the choicest financial advisors in Auckland.

Regular blog postings on industry news are written by members of their team of advisers, who also produce quarterly updates with analysis of the financial markets.


An intensive “foundations program” and a private wealth program are both offered by Quartz Wealth. These are the main services offered. Investors are free to expand such offers to any extent they want.

Five advisors who work for the organization are as skilled as the market portrays them to be.

Quartz Wealth indicates that they “charge an annual fixed fee for the service level that you choose, and a reduced percentage based fee on any investment products you need” when contacted about fees, which is a crucial factor to take into account.

This indicates that you will pay a one-time cost for their services as well as continuing fees which are a portion of your overall investment. What assets you put in will determine how much this is.

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Rod Mudgway and his colleagues take pleasure in providing high-quality, individualized financial advice that suits your unique goals as one of Auckland’s top financial advisers.

Regardless of where you are in your career. Rod concentrates on securing the best insurance, debt-reduction, and investment programs for you, whether you are just starting out, in the middle of your career, or getting ready to retire.

In addition to having a financial adviser license in Auckland, he is aware of the value of treating clients fairly. By maintaining tight confidentiality over all of your information and data, he respects these ideals.

Rod also has a 5-step technique. This begins with identifying your wants and requirements, followed by the development of a sound financial strategy to help you reach your objectives.


Operating out of Ponsonby, Auckland, Darcy Ungaro distinguishes himself from other financial advisers by speaking candidly with customers and providing them with sound financial advice.

He is one of those people who actively make sure that the ease of using technology does not get in the way of building a true rapport with his customer.

In order to provide his clients with financial solutions that are specifically suited to their requirements, he takes a customer-centric strategy.

He provides financial guidance on insurance, financial planning, Kiwisaver retirement savings, and mortgages. The popular investing podcast “The NZ Everyday Investor” listeners may also get financial advice from him.

He isn’t scared to deviate from the conventional and adapt to the times and the market. Darcy’s Ungaro and co are a trustworthy and knowledgeable place to be. Ungaro is one of the best financial advisors in Auckland as his clients have testified.


You have the right to protest about the calibre of the advice you got if you feel, for whatever reason, that it was given to you incorrectly. You may express your unhappiness with any of the financial advisors in Auckland through a variety of means.

The tough part is that not many individuals have done it before, feeling uncertain and ashamed of how the investment turned out before attributing it to experience.

The best course of action is to first file a complaint with the Financial Advisor in Auckland. Explain why you believe the advice you got was incorrect, and gather all the documents and emails you can to back up your claim.

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