Dev career supports 50 Africans with free Laptops and training

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Developers Career, an African Non-profit organization which supports budding developers in Africa with resources like free courses, work-space, laptops and mentorship is set to kickstart another round of it’s mentorship program where Dev Career supports 50 Africans with free laptops and learning materials.

The tech institution launched the program last year giving 22 selected applicants access to free laptops, free mentorship program, course materials, works station and so much more for the lucky applicants to kickstart their tech journey.

This time around Dev Career is “upping” it’s game, increasing the numbers to 50 tech talents in Africa. 50 lucky people will be selected and provided with laptops to improve their careers in the tech space. 

What is Dev Career?

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DevCareer is a Non-Profit Initiative in Lagos, Nigeria that offers online classes, training and mentorship to prospective candidates who have a stern interest in programming but could not afford to get access to deep learning. Dev Career have as well move to Kenya, Ghana, Zambia to be able to reach out to more Africans.

Dev Career collects no form of payment from Prospective candidates. Candidates work out from Hubs and workspaces while some are remote too, and can take classes from anywhere in the world.

The goal of dev career is to train interested applicants to become a developer in just 3 Months. At Dev Career, their program is full time and lasts 3 months and you’re provided with the necessary resources to aid your learning to become a world class developer. 

According to the tech hub, who is bent on Solving problems in Africa with Tech, The startup also wants to create employment opportunities for the majority of unemployed youths in Africa and breed innovative ideas in its timely cohorts. 

Dev career is also changing the narrative in Africa by building and producing more positive tech savvy youths and also Supporting females into tech in Africa.

What you will learn at Dev Career

Dev career has a team of experienced mentors to guide you through your tech journey. 

If you are thinking of joining the next cohorts, where you get access to free training, free mentorship and also a free laptop. Here are some of the things you could learn.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile App Development

To get started, Your journey of a thousand miles might just begin with a one tweet pitch..

Why you should consider Dev Career

  • Join a tech Program

You can pick any of the programs listed above and show your interest. You can also watch out for an updated list of courses on their website.

  • Grow Your Career in Tech

Dev Career helps individuals who are trying to get a foothold in tech and are having problems selecting an area of programming they wish to major in and those who need tools to aid their learning.

  • Get access to Resources & Mentorship

Get a laptop, get a course, get paired with a mentor in your field to support and progress your skill in tech all for free. But first you have to submit your application!

  • Get Job placement

During and after your mentorship program, Dev Career won’t leave you alone to find your way, they work together with your mentor to source for suitable jobs for you and prepare you for interviews.

So far dev Career has trained 72 Developers, according to information on their websites. The tech institution has had 11 partnerships to help provide the service they render. They have about 48 patrons and 11 experienced mentors who help students have a great start at their tech journey. 

Here are some of the Partnering Hubs helping Dev Career make this great project possible. Hubs like wennovation, co-creation hub, hapa space, olotu square, aimtoget hub, bongo hive, 720 degree innovation, impact hub, hub30, swahili pot and rumble cube makerspace.

Some of their Sponsors include revivn, kuda bank,, isams and eden life

You should know that the total number of budding developers Dev Career enroll in each of it’s cohort totally depends on the number of resources they are able to gather. Their first cohort was 22, this time around, Dev Career supports 50 Africans with free laptops, mentorship and learning materials. 

Dev Career has announced their next cohorts

The application is currently open to interested developers and you could start your journey by clicking on this link! Good luck.

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