Minecraft coding for kids (Everything you need to know right now)

Minecraft coding for kids

Fun has become the new way to learn, learning does not have to be boring, tiring, or difficult thanks to Minecraft. What if there is an exciting way to prepare kids for the future? What if we could make kids love learning with video games that could improve their spatial reasoning? Have you heard about … Read more

25 Highest Paying Programming Languages: Perl, Go & Scala Leads

highest paying programming languages

Stack Overflow recently released their developers Survey. Among the content of this survey is the list of the highest paying programming languages for the year 2022. Stack Overflow gives a close estimate of actual salary figures for the highest paying programming languages used across the world. So if you are a software developer looking to … Read more

Dev career supports 50 Africans with free Laptops and training

Dev Career team

Developers Career, an African Non-profit organization which supports budding developers in Africa with resources like free courses, work-space, laptops and mentorship is set to kickstart another round of it’s mentorship program where Dev Career supports 50 Africans with free laptops and learning materials. The tech institution launched the program last year giving 22 selected applicants … Read more

Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks 2021

Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks 2020

Chrome Developer Tools are a super powerful suite of tools for developing web applications. They can do so much, from very basic operations like traversing the DOM, to checking out network requests or even profiling your application’s performance. Among the big, everyday features they enable, there are quite a lot of gems to be found … Read more