Best Music Copyright Checker

Music copyright checker
Music copyright checker

In the wide and ever-changing world of music, creators and fans alike are always looking for new ways to use sound to convey their tales and communicate their artistic ideals. Among the symphony of creative expression, however, there is a critical chorus of law that every music fan should pay attention to – music copyright.

In this article, we’ll go over the music copyright checker and how they may help you negotiate the complex terrain of music copyright. Join us as we delve into the realm of music copyright, debunk its complexity, and reveal the tools that help ensure your creative endeavours are on the right side of the copyright score.

1. YouTube Content ID

Music Copyright Checker
Youtube Content ID| Music Copyright Checker

YouTube Content ID is a digital fingerprinting technology and a music copyright checker. It is known to be a rights management tool that YouTube uses to detect and manage copyrighted music and other content across its massive video network.

Content ID primarily benefits rights holders by allowing them to control and protect their copyrighted material on YouTube.

It contributes to ensuring that content creators are compensated for the usage of their music and other content. Users may see adverts on videos that contain copyrighted material, and the rights holders may remove or monetize their videos in some situations.

It can work through the following:

1. Content Identification

Content ID scans and compares the audio and visual content of videos uploaded by users to a database of copyrighted material. Typically, music labels, publishers, and other rights holders offer this database.

2. Rights holders fingerprints

Rights holders send digital fingerprints of their protected material to YouTube. These fingerprints are one-of-a-kind representations of audio or video material. YouTube scans and matches material with these fingerprints.

3. Matching and Management

When a video is posted to YouTube, the Content ID system checks it for matches with copyrighted material. If a match is identified, the rights holder can decide how to treat the video. The rights holder can decide to monetize it, track its performance, or deactivate it.

2. Shazam

Music Copyright Checker
Shazam| Music Copyright Checker

Shazam is an app available on the mobile phone and works as a music copyright checker. It identifies music, movies, and TV shows by recording a small audio or video sample of the content.

If you are curious about the title, artist, and other details of the song you are listening to, open the Shazam app and tap the “Shazam” button. This app captures a minute sample of the music you are trying to identify using your device’s microphone, which takes about 10-15 seconds. Shazam provides information on the artist and also the music’s copyright status.


1. Song Recognition

Shazam’s main job is to recognize music. You can play the Shazam audio and it will try to identify the song if you have a track and want to find out if it is copyrighted or to get information about it.

Shazam offers information about a song after it has been identified, including the title, artist, album, and occasionally even the lyrics. This data can be useful for determining copyright status.

Music protected by copyright typically carries a copyright notice that includes the release date, copyright holder’s details, and other pertinent information.

3. Streaming and Licensing Information

Shazam frequently offers links that take you to complete music streams on websites like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. If the song is accessible on official platforms, it may be copyrighted and have distribution permission. You can verify this information.

3. Spotify

This is one of the world’s largest and most popular music streaming services. On spotify, users have access library of music, personalised playlists, and podcasts. It also serves as a music copyright checker.


1. Licensing Information

Spotify is a legal music streaming service that only provides music that copyright holders have granted permission to distribute. The presence of a music on Spotify typically indicates that it is licensed and copyrighted and that it is thus available for legal streaming.


Song metadata on Spotify includes information about the artist, album, release date, and copyright holders, among other things. When determining if a certain song is protected by copyright, this information may be helpful.


Spotify users have the ability to make and distribute public playlists. It is a sign that the songs in a Spotify public playlist that you find contains copyrighted music are probably licensed for usage and/or copyrighted.

4. Apple Music

Apple Music is the company’s music streaming service, with a large catalogue of songs and albums available. It works with all devices made by Apple and also as a music copyright checker. It provides curated playlists, radio stations, and exclusive releases.


1. Licensing Information

Only legally licensed music from copyright holders is available on Apple Music, a licensed music streaming service. A song’s availability on Apple Music is a reliable sign that it has a distribution license and is copyrighted.


Apple Music offers extensive metadata for songs, which includes information about the artist, album, release date, and copyright holders. When determining if a certain song is protected by copyright, this information may be helpful.

Artists that Apple Music has verified can help verify the authenticity and copyright status of their music. Musicians that have verified profiles are more likely to have the right licensing for their work.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music has numerous music streaming tiers, including Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music, each offering varying levels of access to its music catalogue. It works with Amazon’s Echo devices.


Generally speaking, Amazon Music does not include comprehensive details regarding copyright ownership or the precise rights and permissions granted for a song.

2. Licensing for Various Uses

You are not automatically granted permission to use a song that is available for streaming on Amazon Music for other uses, like videos, events, or commercial purposes. Additional licenses and permissions could be needed for different uses.

6. Music metadata databases

They are collections of music-related information, such as details about specific songs, albums, artists, and so on. These databases aid in the organisation and provision of music-related data, making it easier for consumers to discover, manage, and enjoy their music collections.


The following are some well-known music metadata databases and services:

1. Gracenote

Gracenote| Music Copyright Checker

This is a well-known provider of music and movie information. They also serve as a music copyright checker as well. It provides details about songs, albums, performers, and genres. Music software, streaming services, and media players all make extensive use of it.

2. AllMusic

AllMusic is a comprehensive music database and a music copyright checker that provides information on a wide range of music genres, performers, and albums. It includes comprehensive biographies, discographies, and critical evaluations.

3. MusicBrainz

This is a community-driven music database and music copyright checker with the goal of providing open and publicly available music metadata. It is heavily reliant on user contributions and is frequently utilised by music fans and digital music players.

Dangers Of Using Copyrighted Musics

One of the most serious dangers is the possibility of being sued for copyright infringement. Copyright holders have the legal right to safeguard their work and can sue individuals or businesses who use their music without authorization.

2. Financial Penalties

If you are found accountable for copyright infringement, you may face hefty financial penalties. This can include monetary damages, legal fees, and any profits made from using the copyrighted music.

3. Content Removal or Blocking

Many online platforms and social media websites have mechanisms in place to detect and remove copyright-infringing content. Your videos or content may be taken down, demonetized, or blocked, potentially harming your online presence and revenue streams.

4. DMCA Takedowns

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) gives copyright holders the authority to send takedown notifications to internet service providers, website hosts, or content platforms.

5. Criminal accusations

In some situations of copyright infringement, particularly when done on a big scale or for monetary gain, individuals may face criminal accusations, which may include fines and even imprisonment.

How To Check If A Song Is Copyrighted

There are different platforms to detect if a song is copyrighted for instance Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and we will be going into how to use this platforms to check if a song is a copyrighted in details in this article.

How To Check If A Song Is Copyrighted on Youtube

YouTube’s copyright engine is an excellent tool for assessing whether or not a song is protected by copyright. However, it is not always perfect. Even if YouTube’s engine didn’t detect it, a music could still be copyrighted.

  • Go to your YouTube Creator Studio page
  • Click the CREATE button inorder to upload a video.
  • Once your video is uploaded and processed
  • Tap the “Checks” button.
  • If the song you’re using is copyright free, it will tell you “No Issues Found.”
  • If the song is under copyright, it will give you a red exclamation point.
  • You can then click the Check to get details about the copyright.

How To Check If A Song Is Copyrighted on Instagram

Instagram has an automated algorithm that detects whether the song playing in your video is copyrighted. The difficulty with the system is that it does not tell you whether the song is copyrighted or not until you publish your video.

If you have a copyright infringement issue in your video, you will receive a warning and be asked to modify the sound to something without copyright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any music that is copyright free?

Anyone can use music that is copyright. Without a copyright, the content can be utilised freely. However, no song is truly without copyright because musicians are granted natural copyright for each creative work.

What songs can I legally use on TikTok?

When you upload your own music to TikTok, use paid music (royalty-free, Creative Commons, or licenced through a performing rights organisation), or stitch your video on top of another creator’s video, you are not penalised.

What was the first music to be protected by copyright?

Raynor Taylor filed the first musical composition registration in the United States on January 6, 1794, for the original song “The Kentucky Volunteer.” However, until the Copyright Act of 1831, musical works were not specifically protected, and protection was confined to reproduction rights.

Are instrumentals protected by copyright?

Instrumental works, like songs (words and melody), are copyrighted. The copyright becomes automatically effective in the United States the moment the instrumental composition or song is “fixed” in a concrete means of expression.


Accepting both the charm of melodies and the relevance of legality in the arena of music is important, where creativity and innovation thrive. Music copyright checker is more than just tools; they protect the delicate balance of artistic expression and intellectual property rights.

Always prioritise compliance with copyright rules, whether you’re a content provider, filmmaker, or simply a music fan. Respect artists’ and composers’ hard work and originality by obtaining the relevant permissions or using music that is licenced for your purpose.

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