10 Best Coding Bootcamp in Seattle

10 Best Coding Bootcamp in Seattle 2022

Coding bootcamp in Seattle is helping fill the skills gap created by the industry’s rapid expansion. Today, Seattle is home to several excellent coding bootcamps catering to novices and seasoned programmers.

Many coding bootcamps can be found in the Seattle area because of the city’s proximity to the Pacific Northwest and the increasing number of available jobs in the technology sector.

Programs like this aim to train students to the level of expertise required in the technology industry. Tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft call the city home, so it’s no surprise that they contribute significantly to the city’s economy.

Most of the time, if you don’t know how to code, you won’t be able to move up in your job. For instance, it’s possible that a developer’s professional development will need to learn a different programming language. Once again, Python may be required for a data analyst to create machine learning models.

This article will tell you about the top coding bootcamps in Seattle.


Thanks to the city’s thriving IT industry, Seattle offers a wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers to those interested. Opportunities in fields including online and app development, software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and many more abound in the city.

Coding bootcamps are intensive, short-term courses in computer programming. You may go from knowing nothing about programming to being an expert through one of these bootcamps.


1. Easily accessible to everyone who wants it:

Training programs in computer programming often do not need prior knowledge or experience from its students. Preparation classes are a common feature of bootcamps. You won’t need any prerequisites for many of them.

2. Professionally-trained teachers:

The finest Seattle coding bootcamps employ instructors with real-world expertise in the field. Besides the basics, they include the information you’ll need to advance in your chosen field.

3. Educating students with individual projects:

Bootcamps are known for having students work on several projects. These works are great examples of your coding abilities and may be added to your portfolio.

4. Help with a professional career:

You can get job-ready after attending a coding bootcamp. Some coding schools will contact you with their industry contacts to help you land a job after graduation.

10 Best Coding Bootcamp in Seattle


These ten coding bootcamps and classes in Seattle are perfect for anyone who wants to learn to code, whether they’re a developer looking to expand their skill set, a data analyst interested in using Python to create machine learning models or a marketer who needs to know how to code campaign landing pages.

1. Flatiron

Flatiron is an exceptional coding bootcamp in Seattle that offers top-notch data science and cybersecurity education. Full-time and part-time options are available at this prestigious educational institution, as well as preparatory classes.

Attending Flatiron School ranges from $16,900 to $19,800 a year, with the average cost being closer to the higher end. Career counsellors are on hand to help bootcamp grads find work in the IT industry when they finish the program. In addition, they have a partner network around the country to help its grads find work. The average starting salary for Flatiron School grads is $75,000.

2. Epicodus

Epicodus is a web-based coding bootcamp in Seattle that teaches students how to code in many languages, including JavaScript, C#, and Ruby. Epicodus’s innovative approach to education is grounded in a hands-on pedagogy, with students creating projects and writing codes regularly.

Full-time and part-time coding courses begin at $11,700 per year. Eight hundred hours are spent in the classroom, and another eighty are spent on internship planning.

Please be aware that your tuition will include services to help you look for a career and prepare for it for up to a year after graduating. In addition, Epicodus alums have claimed an average yearly salary of $60,000. If you’re looking to change careers in technology, Epicodus is the best bootcamp in the Seattle region to do it.

3. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is a coding bootcamp in Seattle that provides full- and part-time data science and software development courses. Learning the fundamentals of data science may be accomplished in 12 weeks, and software development can be accomplished in 14.

Coding Dojo’s prices shift depending on the type of program you choose to enrol in. Tuition for a full-time bootcamp is $16,495; for a part-time bootcamp, it starts at $8,995.

Students who have completed the Coding Dojo program have found employment with industry leaders, including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. In addition, there is a comprehensive free part on Coding Dojo with helpful instructions written by novice web developers.

4. Nucamp

If you’re looking for a coding bootcamp in Seattle, go no further than Nucamp. They offer beginner classes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for anybody interested in coding.

Students with more experience in software programming can sign up for either the 17-week front-end or the 22-week full-stack development course. Those already employed can find part-time training at Nucamp that doesn’t interfere with their regular work schedule.

The tuition ranges from about $1,480 to $2,292, making it one of Seattle’s most reasonably priced coding bootcamps. Nucamp has three distinct programs, although it is advised that students begin with the foundations of web programming before moving on to the more in-depth offerings.

5. Code Fellows

Code Fellows’ is a coding bootcamp in Seattle whose mission is to train students for professions like cybersecurity and software development. Various funding and career counselling alternatives are available to participants of this bootcamp.

To enrol in a course at Code Fellows, you’ll need roughly $12,000. Be prepared to shell out $23,100 if you’re a complete novice to expert in full-deck software. The institution brags that 93% of its graduates are successfully employed within six months of graduating.

6. Galvanize

Galvanize is a great choice if you’re considering a degree in software engineering or data science. It’s a coding bootcamp in Seattle that trains students in IT skills over 13 full-time weeks or 30 or 36 part-time weeks.

Galvanize is where you may get help with things like making connections, building your reputation, and finding a job. More than 2,000 of the bootcamp’s alums have found successful careers with companies including IBM, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Twitch, and Tesla since the program’s inception. Galvanize alums may expect an average starting salary of $95,000.

7. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is an online coding bootcamp in Seattle that provide students with the knowledge and experience they need to get entry-level positions as software engineers. In its 12-week, full-time format, students can access both online and on-campus instruction.

Hack Reactor is a great bootcamp to learn how to code. The average salary for a Hack Reactor alum is reported to be $91,000, and the company boasts an employment rate of 79%.

8. Digital Crafts

Digital Crafts is another coding bootcamp in Seattle that stands out for its comprehensive 16-26-week software engineering curriculum, which may prepare you for the workforce.

You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop software in today’s most popular programming languages.

Graduates of Digital Crafts’s program benefit from the company’s career coaching services, which have helped them secure positions at prestigious businesses.

Whether full or half-time, computer programming courses will set you back $9,950. Although Digital Crafts provide no job guarantee, most of its alums find work and are compensated with an average annual income of $70,000.

9. General Assembly

General Assembly is among the top coding bootcamp in Seattle. If you’re looking for a place to acquire in-demand skills like web programming, user experience design, data science, and product management, you’ve found the ideal place.

This coding bootcamp in Seattle offers complete IT newbies to seasoned pros who want to expand their marketability and the skills they need to excel in the field.

Recent research found that 91 per cent of its grads found jobs within 180 days after graduation. A full-time bootcamp student would pay $14,950, while part-time classes would cost you $3,950.

10. Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo is an intensive coding bootcamp in Seattle that aims to make data science accessible to everyone, is that anybody can learn the subject. The school has over 50,000 graduates and provides online and in-person courses.

There is a wide range in price for this Seattle coding bootcamp, from $2,799 to $9,999. Data Science Dojo’s curriculum focuses on applied data science and includes programming languages like R and Azure tools, Python, and data analytics.

They don’t promise grads a job, but they boast that 89% have found work at places like YouTube, Cisco, Groupon, and Google. Tuition for their programs begins at $17,980 per academic year, regardless of whether a student enrols full- or part-time.


A coding bootcamp is a novel approach to learning how to code. The goal of these shortened courses is to make you ready for the workforce as soon as possible. Even though coding bootcamps are cheaper than other learning methods, they require a lot of time for both classroom time and self-study.

Coding bootcamps are a great opportunity for those who want to switch careers. Coding bootcamps may be the initial step toward a new and exciting technology profession for those interested in and living in the Seattle region.

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