Best bodybuilding apps

Best BodyBuilding Apps
Best BodyBuilding Apps

How people approach their fitness goals has changed dramatically because of bodybuilding apps. People can now improve their bodybuilding journey with an abundance of tools and materials at their fingertips thanks to the proliferation of cellphones and other technology. 

Personalized workout plans, exercise demos, progress monitoring, dietary advice, goal-setting, and community support are just a few of the many features available on these applications. Bodybuilding apps may give you the structure, inspiration, and information you need to reach your fitness goals, regardless of how experienced you are in the sport.

What Are Bodybuilding Apps?

Software applications called bodybuilding apps are made to help people achieve their fitness and bodybuilding goals. Workout plans, exercise demos, goal-setting, progress tracking, nutrition monitoring, and community support are just a few of the features available on these applications. 

They let users set goals, track progress, manage nutrition, organize workouts, and connect with other fitness fanatics. All things considered, bodybuilding applications are all-inclusive resources that assist people in reaching their health and muscular-building goals.

Numerous bodybuilding applications come with social features that let users interact with other people in the fitness community, give advice and suggestions, share progress reports, and encourage and support one another.

In general, bodybuilding apps can be helpful resources for people who want to increase their strength, gain muscle, and level of general fitness since they offer organized training schedules, educational materials, methods for tracking their progress, and access to a supportive community.

Best bodybuilding apps

The best bodybuilding apps are: 

1. Fitness Buddy

Best bodybuilding apps

We have to agree with Fitness Buddy’s claims that it will “revolutionize your workout regimen” and assist you in “becoming the greatest self”! With an abundance of incredible features, it is undoubtedly among the best bodybuilding applications.

There are over 2400 workouts to pick from, and each one comes with written instructions and a thorough HD video demonstration, so you can work out at home or in the gym. It is simple to locate the precise activity you’re seeking because the categories for the workouts are based on muscle groups.

You have the option to select from more than 75 pre-made fitness regimens in addition to individual exercises. Fitness Buddy allows you to accomplish your individual goals because a lot of the workouts are goal-oriented, such as toning your thighs, strengthening your chest, or losing weight!


From £1,099

2. GainGuy

GainGuy, which focuses only on assisting with weight growth, is possible among the greatest nutrition applications for bodybuilders.

For bodybuilding, nutrition is just as vital as exercise, but gaining the weight necessary to further your training can be difficult for many people. GainGuy steps in at this point!

It is one of the most widely used bodybuilding diet applications available, with over 10,000 users. Moreover, it is free!

GainGuy offers dietary advice to assist you in reaching your goals if you are currently following a decent exercise regimen, but are unsure of why you aren’t seeing the desired effects.

You can create a profile with your current weight, height, and the number of pounds you want to lose over time. After that, the app will create a nutrition plan that is unique to you.



3. MyFitnessPal

Best bodybuilding apps

MyFitnessPal is another useful software for bodybuilding calorie counters. It is one of the most downloaded diet and nutrition apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store, with over 200 million users.

If you want to bulk up and gain muscle, you must eat a high-calorie diet, but many bodybuilders discover that this is easier said than done. For this reason, keeping a calorie diary is an excellent method to ensure that your diet is supporting your exercise regimen.

With more than 14 million foods in its database, MyFitnessPal makes it simple to enter your meals. Additionally, you can snap a picture of your food with their Meal Scan function, and it will instantly provide you with information on the calories and other macronutrients.


$19.99 per month

4. StrongLifts 5×5

Based on the 5×5 regimen, StrongLifts 5×5 is one of the bodybuilding apps for weightlifting routines. Three routines, three times a week, lasting forty-five minutes each, are included. This regime works—with over a million users!

This is a fantastic place to start if you’ve never lifted weights before. With each exercise, the app provides you with guidance on the weight to use, the amount of time to perform it, the number of sets to perform, when to rest, and more. It does all the labor-intensive work so you can just concentrate on lifting!

Say goodbye to pen and paper because you can now record the weights, sets, and repetitions utilized after each workout! Using the graphs and tracker, you may review your training and easily monitor your progress to maintain motivation.


$84. 99 from the website


Best bodybuilding apps

JEFIT is one of the most well-liked and top free weightlifting apps available, with over 8 million users.

JEFIT makes it simple to plan, monitor, and record your exercise sessions, whether you’re working out at the gym or at home.

This weightlifting software is especially useful if you want to see fitness demonstrations in pictures. With over 1300 exercises and the ability to search by muscle type, it’s simple to focus on your unique training objectives.

Alternatively, you may select from a variety of pre-made lifting routines or create your training program and monitor your sessions with the help of the convenient calendar tool.


$12.99 per month

6. Fitnotes

For Apple and Android users, Fitnotes is among the greatest free weightlifting applications. It is simple to keep track of your workouts and measure your progress thanks to its clear, straightforward, and functional user interface.

The functions of a bodybuilding monitoring app are all present in the workout log area. Your workouts, including the sets, weights, repetitions, and rest periods, can be recorded. But you can also swipe between exercises to swiftly cycle between them, which is ideal for tracking your progress over time!

To emphasize particular days, utilize the filter option after adding all of your workouts to a calendar. Choose just days, for instance, when you completed a bench press over 80 kg or more than three kilometres of outdoor running.



7. Bodyspace

Best bodybuilding apps

The popular fitness website created the BodySpace app, which emphasizes community building and an easy-to-use design. Like the other apps, you may create your fitness regimens and interact with other users to make exchanging workout ideas and schedules easy. Since bodybuilding can be a solitary activity, this is essentially the best social network for bodybuilders. You may snap pictures with the app and browse merchandise online.

It is undoubtedly an easy-to-use application, and the greatest thing is that you can download it for free.


Each session will cost $121 if you wish to go once a week, for a total of 13 workouts. Even at twice a week, that comes to just $116 for each. It will cost you $126 if you’re seeking for just one session.

8. Boostcamp

With the help of the premium software Boostcamp, you may select from more than fifty free exercise plans created by well-known trainers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Eric Helms, Alberto Nunez, and Geoffrey Verity Schofield. It should come as no surprise that this app is on our list of the top bodybuilding apps since it allows you to document all of your training and obtain insightful knowledge that will help you achieve even greater results. You can also create custom routines, track sessions, and evaluate statistics with the lightning-fast workout tracker.

Bootcamp is renowned for its exceptional strength programs as well! The best feature is that the software is free.



9. Pro Gym Workout

Best bodybuilding apps

Pro Gym Workout is one of the best bodybuilding apps that offers a wide variety of routines that are appropriate for all skill levels, from novice to expert, including weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, and specific programs for decreasing abdominal fat.

It’s intended for people who want to push their mental limits, develop stronger muscles, and sculpt their bodies.

Apart from a calorie counter, the app has calculators to check your BMI, track your intake of fat and protein, and keep you updated on important health indicators.

The app’s capacity to provide daily notifications with fitness-related insights—from dietary guidance to inspirational sayings and supplement details—even when I was offline caught my attention during the review.



10. Gymaholic 

With more than 65 personal training and progression records, 70 tracking tools, and a library of 600 exercises, Gymaholic is a standout weightlifting software. For serious weightlifters who require exact tracking of their workouts, it’s the perfect option.

As a virtual trainer, you can customize an avatar to reflect your physical characteristics, such as height, gender, and body measurements. This avatar gives precise exercise demonstrations, indicates the muscles being worked, and provides extra assistance.

Based on the experiences of my team, the avatar feature gave our sessions a more customized feel, making difficult exercises more manageable and guaranteeing correct form—a critical component of efficient training and injury prevention.


Although Gymaholic requires a subscription, it’s really worth it. The premium edition costs $4.99 a month or $31.99 a year to access all of its features.

11. Home Workout

While the Leap Fitness Group offers several bodybuilding apps, Home Workout stands out. With a rating of 4.8 and many installed users, this app is among the finest for bodybuilding. By following the regular workout routines on this app, anyone may maintain their fitness and gain muscle mass without having to visit the gym. This app’s exercises target all of your major muscular areas, including your arms, legs, chest, and abs.

Along with a timer, you will also receive animation and video instructions to follow while doing the workout. The report area allows you to monitor your progress and see how many calories, how long you’ve spent, and how many workouts you’ve completed.



12. Hevy

Hevy is a fantastic tool that helps you obtain the body type you desire by acting as a gym logger, workout planner, and tracker. Its user interface is straightforward, making it easy to navigate between areas. You can experiment with or design your exercise regimen, duplicate the regimen of a buddy, track the advancement of a friend, etc. Every exercise has a video demonstration available, and you can read the instructions on how to complete it correctly.

Heavy is a fully functional free bodybuilding app without any advertisements, but if you want unrestricted access to the other features, you may purchase the Pro edition.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bodybuilding apps that offer nutritional advice?

Yes, a lot of applications for bodybuilding provide functions for keeping track of daily food intake, keeping an eye on the consumption of macronutrients, and controlling calorie expenditure. Some applications also help users tailor their diets to meet their fitness objectives by providing meal planning tools, dietary guidance, and recommendations.

Is it possible to use bodybuilding apps to monitor my progress?

Indeed, a typical aspect of bodybuilding applications is progress tracking. To monitor their development over time, users can log sets, reps, weights lifted, length of training, body measurements, and other pertinent data. To assist users in seeing their progress and modifying their training and dietary regimens accordingly, several apps may further offer visual charts or graphs.

Do you know of any free bodybuilding apps?

Yes, there are a lot of bodybuilding apps that are available for free with limited functionality, but there are also apps that charge a fee for premium or subscription versions that have more features and material. The app that best suits a user’s demands and budget can be chosen.

Can I use bodybuilding apps to communicate with other users?

Indeed, social elements in many bodybuilding applications let users interact with other fitness enthusiasts. Within the app, users can compete or take part in challenges, motivate one another, and give updates on their progress, and trade advice and ideas.


In conclusion, people who want to get fitter, gain muscle, and accomplish their bodybuilding goals now find that bodybuilding apps are indispensable resources. These applications come with a plethora of features and capabilities, such as goal-setting, progress tracking, exercise demos, individualized workout plans, dietary advice, and community support.

There are bodybuilding apps out there that can help you reach your goals, regardless of whether you’re a novice trying to start your fitness journey or an expert bodybuilder looking to advance your training.


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