Best 8 Video Conferencing Platforms You Should Try

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Here are the best Video Conferencing platforms as it is now an easier way to communicate. No doubt, the impact of the Coronavirus disease otherwise known as COVID-19 is being felt in every sector; from businesses to health to energy to aviation, countries going on lockdown, people’s movement is restricted, social distancing everywhere, and companies … Read more

#EndSARS: 5 Apps To Help You Stay Connected During an Internet Shutdown


It’s no news that the EndSARS protest has garnered a lot of attention. What started as a peaceful protest has abruptly become a threat to human lives and properties. The continuation of the Endsars protest despite the announced dissolution of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS) and the failure of every government efforts to quell … Read more

How to Hire a Software Developer

google internships for africans

How to hire a software developer has been a rough process for most industries. The Stress of this processes often make most companies outsource their software positions to professional recruiting companies to help them on the processes. Every startup owner or a software development firm know the importance and the competition involved in hiring a … Read more

Startups in Nigeria Doing Amazingly well in 2021

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The year 2021 has been unfolding different events and happenings. For instance, at the time of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed about 393,000 deaths; the issue of racism that has been on the rise is another issue. While big tech companies might have the resource and time to put measures in place to … Read more

Best Online Saving and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Online Saving and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Saving and investment are part of the journey to living a financially stable life, and within recent years’ online saving and investment platforms in Nigeria has grown much stronger. As Campbell McConnell puts it – “Savings…is the prerequisite of investment.” Although it is good to do saving and investment in the bank, but it becomes … Read more

Top Smartphones in the World engaging in intense rivalry during the pandemic

top smartphones in the world

Best Smartphone has become a topic lately so we will give you updates on the top smartphones in the world It’s no news that the whole world is experiencing a pandemic, and it has changed the way people act or think; it has changed the way companies hire staff, pay salaries; it has prevented kids … Read more

Tech Startups, companies on the frontline against COVID-19

Tech companies

Tech Companies, Tech startups also helping fight the covid-19. Twenty years ago, you probably might have to wait for the news slot to learn about world happenings. Because television, radios and newspapers were people’s only source of information. Then the internet, smartphones, and digital technology arrived all of which changed the course of communication and … Read more

5G and COVID-19, the conspiracy theories are not logical

5G COVID-19 Conspiracy

Imagine listening to the news, and you hear something like “Google is linked to the infectious disease that has affected over a million people and resulted in over a hundred thousand deaths because one of its service Stadia; was launched the same year the Coronavirus outbreak began.” Sounds awkward right? Well, that’s how conspiracy theorists … Read more

5G: Is Nigeria ready for it?

5G in Africa

In this article we will talk about what 5G is, it’s benefits, its implementation in different countries and the big question – Nigeria’s readiness for 5G. 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment, your 4G LTE connection. With 5G, you’ll see the exponentially faster download and … Read more