Best Notion Templates For Students

Best Notion Templates For Students

Notion templates are frequently marketed as office supplies and time-saving tools for businesses, independent contractors, and other professionals. For students who want to successfully juggle their personal and academic lives, notion templates offer several important benefits.

Notion can be used by students for a variety of tasks, including managing their course materials, student loans, grades, and homework assignments.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best notion templates for students. Make sure to read this post to the end as it’ll be very beneficial.


Notion is an all-in-one platform for productivity. It is a fantastic tool for productivity and organizing. It has recently experienced a huge increase in popularity due to its adaptability and variety of beneficial features. You can share information, create tasks, manage projects, and more in this all-in-one workplace.

Notion is the best option for you if you’re sick of utilizing many productivity or organizational apps for various tasks. As a student, Notion can help you save a ton of time and effort.

The fact that there are so many lovely and cost-free Notion templates for students is one of its biggest benefits.

You may save a ton of time by using these pre-made aesthetic templates. See some fantastic Notion templates for students in the rest of the post.


Before you use notion templates for students, you must decide whether your investment will be wise. Here are some benefits of using notion templates for students:

1. Project and Task Management In One Place

The note-taking interface can be utilized for many different project management tasks, including To-Do Lists and many others. Notion’s robust nesting feature allows for the nesting of subtasks.

It doesn’t take long to transition from scanning the overall picture to paying attention to the minutiae. There are numerous views available to examine all the data in various cuts, including Table, List, and Calendar. It is also possible to create unique views using multi-criteria filters.

It is simple to switch between projects in the workspace. Additionally, a sidebar on the left provides quick access to all of the projects. Regardless of where you are in the current project. It is simple to quickly move to another project.

2. Flexibility

Notion offers highly customizable layouts. There are no limitations while writing in a notebook regarding the format or location of your writing. A notebook is exactly like Notion.

The blocks, which resemble Lego components, are used to construct the layouts. Each block provides capabilities that are important for taking notes, such as list-making, highlighting, and more. Toggle blocks, which allow all the information to be collapsed in one location, are one of the nicest features.

It allows you to create nested subpages at different levels. Additionally, it offers the choice to convert any word into a nested page. Less friction is experienced when typing thanks to the design of Notion. New blocks can be embedded with just a forward slash. This eliminates the need to memorize numerous keyboard shortcuts.

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3. Outstanding User Experience

The user interface is neat, simple, and visually appealing. It is remarkably clutter-free considering that it is an all-in-one workspace. The best part of Notion is the ability to rearrange the blocks.

The layouts can be altered in several ways using a straightforward drag-and-drop operation. Unmatched flexibility is provided by Notion. Project and layout organization is enjoyable.

Notion is available from any platform, including desktop, online, and mobile apps. Once more, this lessens resistance when utilizing the instrument.

4. Thriving Community of Early Adopters

Numerous pre-built templates are offered by Notion to both users and enthusiasts. It facilitates the quicker and more effective arrangement of pages.

One can find thousands of results by conducting a Google search with the type of template they require. Meeting notes, finances and budgeting, personal websites, resumes, and habit trackers are a few examples of common use cases.

Notion features a learning curve that could be challenging for novice users, however, Ambassadors help it get over this.

At Notion, they are not compensated and receive no hiring advantages. People, however, are proud to represent Notion. This demonstrates how much people value Notion, feel a sense of belonging there, and want to give back. Such supporters are a product’s dream.


There are several notion templates for students. Below is a list of some of the best:

1. Academic Research Hub Notion Template

Notion templates for students
Notion templates for students

Students pursuing PhDs or conducting college research want to check out this outstanding academic research template on Notion. Consider organizing your research notes, sources, citations, and all other kinds of notes. Everything is in one location! This is one of the most amazing notion templates for students.

Any kind of academic research can be made simpler using this template thanks to Notion’s page structure, which enables everything to be connected for a more complete image. Imagine a single database with links to all the research resources and other findings!

This template was created especially for academic research and PhDs, yet it will work for anyone conducting any form of study (even for work!).

To put it simply, you must use this template if you are working on a Ph.D. or any other college or university thesis that calls for research. Try it out for any other types of research you think would be useful as well.

You can always add new information to your study even on the go thanks to the convenient Notion phone app. Whether it’s a fresh insight, a piece of writing you stumbled upon, or any other information,

2. Student Dashboard

Notion templates for students
Notion templates for students

One of the greatest Notion templates for students who want to manage all of the associated responsibilities while keeping track of their courses and lesson plans is the Student Dashboard. The lesson planner, to-do list, course section, and exam tracker are all included in the free edition of this template.

Other capabilities include a document archive, book tracker, and bookmark manager, but you would have to pay for the complete version.

The Student Dashboard template is beautifully designed overall, and it allows users to write notes and monitor exam results. Even a revision schedule for each component of the course is available to aid with exam preparation.


3. Student Essential Template

If you want to manage all aspects of your academic career from a single dashboard, this template is for you. The template features a calendar and a to-do list that serve as reminders for the upcoming school year. It is one of the best notion templates for students.

Give it to your students, take responsibility for your learning, and make more time for yourself.

Using this template, you can manage all of your courses in one location. You won’t lose anything again or have to wade through a confusing array of apps to find previous notes because all of your notes are in one location. Centralizing everything into a dependable, user-friendly planner makes sense.

Additionally, it centralizes significant dates so that you can view them all on one page. While organizing critical activities might frequently take a lot of time, doing so will allow you to do so quickly.

4. School Dashboard

The School Dashboard is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for great notion templates for students. and is also completely free. The template includes a thorough assignment database, a course tracker (past, present, and future courses), and a long-term academic planner with brainstorming tools.

All the benefits that come with many other student dashboard templates, such as the capacity to take notes, make to-do lists, and set reminders, are also provided by the School Dashboard template.

5. ADHD-Friendly Student Planner

This notion template is different from other Notion templates for students. It has been specifically created for students with ADHD, therefore it covers themes in greater detail and occasionally in ways that other student planners did not.

You can anticipate finding items like brain dumps, video watchlists, recipes, grocery lists, meal planners, and even cleaning trackers. If you believe that is anything you require, you must attempt this fantastic ADHD template.

any kid who requires assistance with structure in their free time and academic lives. This template can be useful for people without ADHD because it covers so many diverse topics.

You can be confident that this template can assist a wide range of special needs pupils to have a better understanding of their life because it was developed and tested by ADHD professionals. If that sounds like something that would be helpful, it’s worth a go!

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6. College Degree Course Tracker

Keeping up with all the demands on your time and mental capacity while pursuing a college degree, takes a great deal of planning and preparation.

The College Degree Course Tracker template was created to assist college students in keeping track of all the various aspects of earning a degree during the degree’s duration, making it one of the best notion templates for students.

The template aids in calculating GPA, keeping track of degree requirements, planning a degree across several years, and tracking your courses.

The design should be quite simple to understand for users of the College Degree Course Tracker. You may view the instructions for each section once the file has been downloaded.

7. Notion University Dashboard

The University Dashboard provides everything users need to organize all of their activities, take notes, make course schedules, keep track of events, etc. It also has a straightforward but lovely look which makes it one of the best notion templates for students.

The Notion University Dashboard template comes with the following essential features and is completely free to use: Quick reminders, Instructor databases, a Getting-Things-Done (to-do) list, countdown and impending event views, and a filter and organizer for the course’s content.

Despite what the name might imply, this template could be readily modified to fit any school program even though it was created particularly for university students.


Below is a list of the best free Notion templates for students:

1. Class Notes

First on our list of free notion templates for students is Class Notes. If taking notes and keeping your notes structured is your main goal, this is a wonderful template. Simply begin to write your notes, and the template’s table will arrange and save them for you. You can make groups and include attachments in your notes.

The template can also be changed to suit your needs. You can create several categories and classes with it. The notes can be labeled according to topic names, class names, etc.

2. Party Planner

Notion templates for students
Notion templates for students

When you’re in college, studying and fun go hand in hand. That is what makes this template one of the best notion templates for students.

Three separate planners are included in this no-cost Notion template for students in college: a wedding, a gaming, and a party planner.

Everything you need is there to have a fantastic party! It has sections for your guest list, budget, theme ideas, and more. These planners already contain some information. The budget planner, for instance, includes entries for site rental, decorating, the price of food and drink, catering, etc.

A fantastic technique to make sure that everything is organized correctly is to use this beautiful and cost-free Notion template!

3. Learning Resources

Learning Resources is one of the most helpful free Notion templates for students in college. Do you ever feel stuck with where to begin when you want to learn something new?

Creating a detailed plan is the first step toward achieving your objectives. You can create your learning timeline using this template. You must determine the amount of time and expertise needed to learn a specific skill. Other helpful columns allow you to list your resources and level of motivation.

You may also put a checkmark in front of your learning objectives as you accomplish them. This Notion template for students is built once more on the idea of gamification, where checking off new concepts is meant to inspire you to learn more.

4. Course Planning

The idea of spaced repetition is the foundation of this free Notion templates for students. You can apply spaced repetition to your study using this template.

You can design your study schedule using the built-in calendar so that it adheres to the principle of spaced repetition. You will retain the newly learned information for longer if you do this.

Your study materials can be organized based on your priorities or your subjects. Additionally, after finishing a lecture, you can make your revision questions based on the material, which can aid in better retaining the information.

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5. Start Up 101

Notion templates for students
Notion templates for students

Numerous studies have revealed that more and more young people are leaving typical 9–5 occupations to become entrepreneurs and businesspeople. And when you’re a college student, surrounded by intelligent peers who share your interests, when is there a better moment to pursue your passion?

An idea-generating board is included in this incredibly helpful Notion templates for students to assist you in coming up with new ideas. It also includes useful instructions and other resources to support you in bringing your concept to life.

It contains a board for idea generation where you can elaborately jot down your thoughts. Additionally, it offers other capabilities to support your ability to maintain discipline and make the greatest use of your concept.

One of my personal favorite Notion templates is this one. So why are you still waiting? You can start by copying this free Notion template, and you’ll be well on your way to making a difference in the world!

6. Course Plan

The course plan template keeps track of all your academic prerequisites. Both a table view and a semester view are available. The courses for each semester can be listed in the semester view, along with crucial exam dates and homework due dates.

You can keep track of significant information in the table view, including grades, prerequisites, and the names of your lecturers. That’s why this template is one of the best notion templates for students.

Make sure you earn the credits and grades you need by using this template for college students. Additionally, you can edit the template to include other crucial details like the approximate amount of time you should spend studying or a link to reading lists or course descriptions.

7. Student Loan Tracker

Let’s be honest. Today’s students are buried with debt. Although this shouldn’t be happening in a perfect world, it is a sad fact of the time. The easiest method to handle this issue is to create a strategy for repaying your debt. You may do that with the aid of the Student Loan Tracker.

This incredibly helpful Notion templates for students includes a monthly and annual tracker table to help you keep track of your loan repayment progress.

There are other helpful components as well, where you may keep track of your interest rate, regular payments, principal, outstanding balance, etc. Not all of the boxes must be checked. In this template, you only need to enter the bare minimum of data; the rest variables are calculated automatically.

The “name your own price” option is available on this Notion template for students. This implies that you have the option to pay what you see suitable or perhaps receive it for free.


Knowing how challenging student life can be, notion templates for students will be the perfect choice to make this life easier. Not having to worry about organizing the most important things to you as a student places you ahead of other students and sets you on a course to success.

We hope you found this post very helpful. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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