10 Jobs to Kickstart Your Career 


The time after completion of studies is one of the most confusing times in most people’s lives. Youngsters who have chosen a field to work in try applying for jobs in that field. However, those who didn’t decide in the final years of their studies, find it challenging to figure out which field they should choose. 

Things become more confusing when people around you offer a variety of suggestions in addition to the options you search online. Although suggestions are not bad, you need to find a career based on your interest and its demand in the market. Here, in this post, we have compiled a list of the best jobs to kickstart a career. 

Jobs to Kickstart Your Career 

1. Home Health and Personal Care Assistant

Jobs to Kickstart Your Career 
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Home Health and personal care is the career that shot up during the pandemic and after 2020. It has the highest projected hiring volume of all the careers. The health and personal care industry is expected to hire 11,29, 900 people in the next 7 years. If you have a zeal to help others, this can be a great career for you. 

However, before making a decision to choose it as a career, you must note that the job requires you to travel to people’s homes, and other settings to offer daily care. You will also be required to perform basic check ups like measuring the blood pressure and checking the body temperature, heartbeat, and pulse rate of the patients.

2. Host/Hostess

Hosts and Hostesses greet the guests at restaurants and events while also directing them to their seats. In addition, they perform secondary tasks like answering phone calls, booking reservations, and assisting fellow employees with several tasks. The job allows first-time workers to learn to handle tasks in a busy environment and handle customers. In addition, one can learn to communicate with a variety of people. 

3. Personal Assistant

If you find yourself capable of performing almost any office task, and help someone, this can be a perfect career for you? Becoming a personal assistant could be the perfect gig for you. In this role, you will be required to handle a variety of tasks, like answering calls, setting appointments, managing accounts, managing data, etc. The best thing about this job is that you don’t require any prior experience to apply. 

4. Content Writer

Ever thought about putting your thoughts into words and getting paid for it? That’s what content writers do. They craft alluring and relevant content for various platforms like blogs, websites, ads, and press releases. To start your career as a content writer, you don’t need fancy degrees; just make sure you’re fluent in the language you want to write in.

5. Customer Service Executive

If you’re the kind of person who loves a good chat, consider a career as a customer service representative. Your job? Engaging with potential and existing customers on behalf of a company, either through the phone or online. 

6. Data Entry Clerk

Jobs to Kickstart Your Career 

Are you a quick typist with some tech know-how? The role of a data entry clerk might be perfect to start your career. You’ll be punching data into a company’s database, which can come from various sources like audio recordings, online forms, or handwritten documents. You don’t need to be an expert in all these tasks. 

There are plenty of online courses to help you kickstart your career in data entry. These courses offer valuable information that can help you to grab freelance and regular jobs. Choose any course that suits your time and budget and get ready to apply for the best data entry jobs in any industry. 

7. Photography

If photography is your passion, you can adopt it as a career. Photography is a vast industry, and it offers multiple opportunities to start your career as a photographer. Whether you’re into fashion, wildlife, press, or events, there’s a niche for you. You can kickstart your journey with courses from reputable institutes, or dive in by working alongside seasoned pros or studios. The world of photography is your canvas!

8. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

Do you speak English fluently and know your way around a computer? A career in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) could be your calling. BPOs often sweeten the deal with perks like free meals and transportation, making it an enticing option, especially for fresh graduates.

9. Sales Executive

A career in sales means you’re in the business of selling – anything and everything. Every company relies on salespeople to charm clients, haggle over prices, and clinch deals. Big firms like Apple and Samsung often offer graduate schemes, giving you a flying start in your sales journey. You need to have confidence, and communication skills for sales

10. Pet Sitter

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If you’re a die-hard animal lover who cherishes furry companions, think about becoming a pet sitter. The perks? You set your hours, go part-time if you fancy, or even start your pet-centric business. As a pet caretaker, you’ll wear many hats, from grooming and pet-sitting to lending a hand at animal shelters or doggie daycares.

Pet sitters ensure that animals have their fill of food and water. Take pets out for exercise, be it playtime or leisurely strolls. They try to keep the living spaces spic and span, ensuring the utmost comfort. In addition, they maintain meticulous records of dietary habits, medications, and behaviour of animals

Summing Up

These are the 10 jobs you can choose to start your career. However, these are not the only jobs. There are plenty of other options, you can choose based on your interest and passion. When you choose a job of your interest, you don’t feed on the stress of any extra work your employer needs as the more you work, the more you enjoy doing it. All the jobs mentioned in this post offer a good starting salary and opportunities for career growth. 

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