5 Highest Paying Tech Jobs In Demand

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It is no gainsaying that tech jobs are fast becoming the most in-demand job in the world, a lot of individuals switch careers into the highest paying tech jobs In the world.

There are different reasons why people dive into tech jobs not only because it is the most in-demand job but also the benefits and other personal reasons attached to it.

Tech professionals and experts with the right tech skills are in high market demand and as well into highest paying tech jobs as technology becomes the order of the day, businesses going online and everything becoming more digitalized and computer focused.

Currently, there has been an increase in demand for tech professionals such as software engineers, programmers, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and lots more. This high rate of demand is not limited to Nigeria alone but also around the globe. Many people have heard about some top paying tech jobs but they don’t really know how to get one of the highest paying tech jobs or even make the transition into tech and grab any of these roles.

Here are the List of 5 Top Highest paying tech jobs in 2022

So after a little research we did, we found out that the list we have below is the top highest paying tech jobs in 2022 in Nigeria and around the world.

DevOps Engineers:

Development operations also called DevOps engineers sp

ecialize basically in the production and maintenance of websites. Lots of companies with websites platform are hiring DevOps experts so as to oversee the websites and increase their efficiency. DevOps is one of the highest paying tech jobs in the world as it stands in 2022


  • Analysing, evaluating as well as designing automation scripts and methods.
  • Managing cloud infrastructure and every other online resources.
  • Making research so as to improve effectiveness.


  • Bs.c in software engineering or any computer related course
  • Knowledge of computer programming languages such as Java, CSS, Linux etc
  • Effective communication skills

Salary range: $75,000 – 4 million (Annual)

System Analyst:

System analyst are responsible for analysing and designing techniques for maintaining and improving computer system in an organisation.


  • Evaluation of systems and identification of areas for improvement
  • Provides workable solution for solving system problem
  • foreseeing possible future damage and devising possible measures.


  • Data analysis and programming skills
  • Bs.c in computer science or engineering
  • Hardware and operating system skills

Salary Range: $75,000 – 6 million (Annual)

Software Developer

Software developers specialises on identifying, designing, installing and testing of a software system built by them. They also identify areas for modification in an existing program.

 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in demand in 2022


  • Writing and implementing efficient code
  • Testing and evaluating new programs
  • Researching and designing new programs
  • Implementing and managing software programs


  • Bs.c in software engineering
  • Must have a knowledge of various programming language such as C++, Java, HTML,C# etc
  • Must process analytical and technical skills
  • Must have attended various workshops and boot camps.

Salary Range: $75,000 – 8 million (Annual)

Data Analyst

Data analyst deals with identification of areas needed for improvement in an organisation. They also make it a point of duty to identify latest trends and patterns in data sets.


  • Gathering and interpreting data
  • Analyzing of data gathered
  • Reporting relevant results and counseling organisation leadership.


  • Bs.c in computer science or IT related Fields
  • Data management and reporting
  • Knowledge of computer programs such as SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access etc
  • Data and statistical analysis skills.

Salary Range: $75,000 – 8 million (Annual)

Mobile Applications Developers

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Mobile application developers create software for mobile devices. They help organisations keep up with the latest trends in technology by creating new software programs. They create applications for different business and organisation to be used on tablets, smartphones and more.


  • Developing application program with friendly user interface
  • Using and adapting existing web application for apps.
  • Writings, modifying and debugging software.


  • Bs.c in design computer science or IT related field
  • Knowledge of Android, Objective C, HTML, iOS, trouble shooting and lots more.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

Salary Range: $75,000 – 4 million (Annual)

Possessing relevant skills increases your chances of getting your desired job in the Tech sector. It as well gives you an edge over others in terms of employment.

Also, the skills possessed as well as the organization involved determines your salary range.

If you are looking at switching into tech from other fields you might want to read this article about institutions in Nigeria that train people in tech and software development.

You can Watch our video on Top 5 highest tech jobs in demand in 2022

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