12 Great Crypto Arbitrage Bots

crypto arbitrage platforms

Are you seeking the finest crypto arbitrage bots and bots to use to trade cryptocurrency this year? Do you want to make the most of your trading time? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading in some capacity. The fact that Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency that regularly swings between highs and lows is now widely known by almost everyone.

While this may give the impression that cryptocurrency is riskier than conventional financial markets, it may also result in greater profits if you play the game to earn correctly. To mitigate risks, one of the most common methods is to employ trading bots, or more specifically, the finest cryptocurrency arbitrage platforms.

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Taking advantage of the crypto arbitrage technique for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a complex process that requires a great deal of knowledge. Our investigation will focus on the top crypto arbitrage platforms and bots available, which may assist you in mitigating risks more efficiently than attempting to do it on your own.

How does Crypto Arbitrage bots work?

Arbitrage in cryptocurrency refers to the practice of purchasing digital currencies on one exchange to sell the coins on another. To profit from the disparity in exchange prices placed on the coins in question, an arbitrage method must be used.

Compared to some other methods that need a great deal of technical research, this is a pretty straightforward strategy. Because it is well-suited to turbulent markets, it is one of the most effective tactics for trading on the cryptocurrency markets.

What are the dangers of engaging in crypto arbitrage?

The use of cryptocurrency arbitrage tactics does have certain risks, just like any other trading approach. Slippage and price volatility are the two most significant hazards.

1. Slippage

Slippage happens between the time you initiate your trade and the time you complete your transaction, and it is measured in percentage points. Its significance is related to how much the price of the digital asset has fluctuated since you began the trading procedure.

The sum may look little, but in the cryptocurrency trading industry, every cent matters. Keep in mind that when you engage in crypto arbitrage, you are dealing with extremely tight margins.

Furthermore, because little digital coins frequently experience liquidity challenges, you may find up earning less or paying more than you would want.

2. Changes in the value of a currency

Price fluctuation is technically related to the volatile character of digital assets, as is the case with stocks and bonds. In this particular instance, it can be a double-edged sword.

While arbitrage has several potentials for profit, it also presents numerous opportunities for loss, which can result in losses that deplete your digital assets very fast.

Because of the increased volatility, price movement is most prevalent when employing this approach for trading in smaller cryptocurrencies.

3. Fees

Finally, there are costs involved with each bitcoin exchange that you do that you should be aware of. Trades, deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions are subject to fees. Because your margins will be minimal while employing the crypto arbitrage trading method, you must consider fees in your deals. If you don’t, your trades will lose money.

Suppose you decide to purchase a coin on one exchange that appears to be worth selling on another for a 1 percent profit, and you make the purchase. Let’s imagine that each of the exchanges you’re utilizing charges a 0.3 percent transaction fee. You have now realized that you would lose around 60% of the earnings you anticipated from this deal.

If you’re dealing on an exchange where you have to pay withdrawing and deposit fees, your losses are likely to be substantially greater.

You should now have a general understanding of what bitcoin arbitrage is, how it works, and the risks and benefits associated with this type of cryptocurrency trading strategy.

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Arbitrage Trading in Cryptocurrencies: Choosing a Broker

What is the most effective method of selecting a crypto arbitrage platform? The majority of cryptocurrency trading arbitrage bots are competitive in terms of functionality, price, and methods.

Making the right choice for your requirements might be difficult because of this. The information provided below will assist you in the process of selecting crypto arbitrage bots.

1. The Protection of Your Funds and Assets

A trustworthy trading bot will provide you with private, one-of-a-kind API keys for all of the exchanges that you utilize. It is possible to further safeguard yourself by blocking withdrawal access before disclosing your API credentials.

2. Exchanges that the Crypto Arbitrage platform can support

With a crypto arbitrage bot that supports various exchanges, it is reasonable to assume that you will have access to a greater number of opportunities across the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

For instance, Bitsgap supports more than 25 different exchanges, whereas Cryptohopper supports around 14 different exchanges. Bitsgap provides support for some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase Pro, Binance, Kraken, and others.

Cryptohopper is compatible with several exchanges, including BlackBird, Bittrex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Bitmex, and others. As a result, whether or not a bot supports your exchanges will play a significant role in your selection.

3. Justification for Using Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

When it comes to bot choosing, the price is critical to consider. The arbitrage bot should be within your financial constraints. More significantly, the crypto arbitrage platform should be able to demonstrate the value of what you are receiving for the amount you are paying.

For example, while Bitsgap and Cryptohopper are both more expensive, they both provide value in terms of the features and tactics they provide, while

4. Usefulness Due to Its Ease of Use

Some of these crypto arbitrage platforms are indeed simple to use, while others are more difficult and may necessitate the usage of coding skills. Bot development and modification are occasionally possible with easy-to-use bots, but they also provide possibilities for individuals who do not have coding expertise.

5. The Crypto Arbitrage platform Community

Is the arbitrage bot you’re considering a part of a thriving and substantial online community? An active community is a supportive group that is there to assist you with difficulties and concerns that arise during your crypto arbitrage trading career.

Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook are often used social media sites where bot community members meet and discuss anything related to crypto trading bots and cryptocurrency trading bots.

crypto arbitrage bots


1) ArbitrageScanner 

ArbitrageScanner.io – cryptocurrency arbitrage bot that works without an API request. You can track price differences between 75+CEX, 25 DEX, 40 blockchains and add any other platform token to track. The only bot in the world that tracks the difference between DEX exchanges where spreads reach 30-40% on large coins.

Arbitrage Screener is a tool that will be a great option for beginners with little capital. How does it work? You buy a coin on one exchange and then transfer it to another exchange where the price is higher. You sell the coin on the second exchange and earn on the price difference. You can make up to 150 transactions per day on different coins and the income can reach up to 130% per day. The service team gives free detailed training to its clients.

A simple example with CRV: after the Curve Finance exchange was hacked, the CRV price difference between CEX exchanges was over 600%. ArbitrageScanner clients immediately received notifications from the screener, bought the coin on Uniswap for $0.1 and sold it on Binance for $0.65. One of the clients made $130,000 in 2 hours.

ArbitrageScanner Message is a tool that allows you to find news through your keywords in Telegram/Twitter. This service allows you to find out news from the world of cryptocurrencies before they are published in the media.


  • Supports over 75 DEX and CEX (international, local in each country)
  • Manual bot with no API request, so all your capital is safe
  • Free training and dozens of working cases included when you purchase the bot 
  • Access to a closed community where members share market insights
  • Personal mentor when you pay for the Expert plan, who will customize the bot on a turnkey basis and answer all your questions.
  • WhiteLabel – you can buy a bot license starting from $19999. Ready-made IT solutions that you can implement in your own business or launch in any other region and you get 100% of the sales. Setting up the service on your website is turnkey and included in the price. A great solution for those who dream of starting their own business but do not know where to start.


  • Test – $69/30 days
  • PRO – $199/30 days
  • Expert – $399/30 days 
  • Guru – $1199/180 days

2) Pionex

Pionex takes the top rank on our list due to the 16 free trading bots that come pre-installed. Pionex’s bots enable you to earn money by trading bitcoin on your behalf for a tiny trading fee of 0.05 percent.

Among its most popular bots is the Grid Trading Bot, which assists traders in selling high and buying cheap. On the other hand, the arbitrage bot exploits the futures market provided by the broker system Binance to assist you in receiving a dividend every eight hours.


  • Affordably priced trading commission of 0.05 percent for both maker and taker.
  • 16 built-in trading bots are included for free.
  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot enables you to make a 15-50 percent annual percentage rate with minimal risk.
  • Grid trading bot assists you in purchasing low and selling high within a price range.
  • Leveraged Grid Bot provides 5x push.
  • Martingale bot does DCA buys and one-time sells to profit from price fluctuations.
  • Using the rebalancing bot makes it easier to keep track of your money.
  • Bot for Dollar-Cost Averaging Prevents volatility by setting a recurrence of transactions at regular periods.

Price: There is a little transaction cost of 0.05 percent.

3) CoinRule

The cloud-based trading bot was founded in 2017 and is maintained by a team located in the United Kingdom. It is compatible with several different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, OKEx, and HitBTC. It does not incur a transaction fee. There are over 7,000 trading tactics available to you. You may choose your own trading rules.

TradingView allows users to exchange their trading strategies and ideas, however, it doesn’t provide any kind of technical analysis (TA). It enables you to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies.


  • MACD, Bollinger Bands, and RSI (Relative Strength Index) are just a few of the indicators available.
  • Email support, live telegram conversations, webinars, and more options are available.
  • On the pro version, you may trade templates.
  • Mobile — In addition to the online interface, there are Android and iOS applications.

Price: Free, but with restricted functionality. The hobbyist version is $30 per month or $359 per year. Trading is $60 per month or $719 per year, while the Pro package is $450 per month or $5,399 per year.

4) CryptoHopper

An automated cryptocurrency trading bot, the CryptoHopper enables users to conduct smart trades based on external indications and is hosted in the cloud. Coinbase, OKEX, KuCoin, Binance, Kraken, and Huobi are among the 9 cryptocurrency exchanges that it is functional with.

It enables you to harness both free and paid indicators from a variety of sources. It is headquartered and run in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and employs over 30 trading indicators and over 90 candle patterns. Besides Bitcoin, it deals in a wide range of other cryptocurrencies (75 to be exact) and is open 24 hours a day.


  • Stochastic, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and a variety of additional indicators are available.
  • Backtesting tools for bots, adjustable and saveable templates, trailing stops, and customizable technical indicators are all included in the trading tools.
  • It is entirely web-based — there are no mobile or desktop applications.

Price: Free trial, then $19, $49, or $99 each month, depending on the package.

5) TradeSanta

TradeSanta’s cloud-based cryptocurrency trading program is suitable for both novice and expert traders, and while it operates 24 hours a day, you do not need to be there to benefit.

As with the other bots on our list, it may be connected to a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, and others.

It enables you to employ both long and short-term methods, as well as different indications and a proactive support team. With long trades, you may purchase tokens at a discount and sell them for a profit. On the contrary, the shorting technique is effective. You may utilize grid or DCA bots or Smart Order to place orders using this program.


  • Utilize the maximum plan to run an infinite number of bots.
  • Utilize a variety of indicators, such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI.
  • Personnel in support.
  • Along with the online platform, the application supports Android and iOS.

Price: The free basic package includes a maximum of two bots. The basic paid plan is $10.5 a month and includes up to 49 bots, while the maximum paid plan costs $70 per month and includes an infinite number of bots. Before purchasing a premium membership plan, a five-day trial period is available.

6) Shrimpy.io

Shrimpy is an asset management and trading application that enables users to trade and track their portfolios across several exchanges from a single interface.

You can monitor and trade assets on sixteen different marketplaces. On the platform, trade mechanization or crypto bot trading is also possible using a variety of indicators and methods.

Simply by activating the automation option, you may automate portfolio rebalancing to replicate the accounts you’re monitoring. Your portfolio will alter automatically as the portfolio of the individual you follow changes.

Additionally, Shrimpy enables social trading by allowing you to track the trades of other users. This benefits both novice traders and those looking to make commissions by posting social transactions. You may monitor others’ portfolio allocations across digital currencies by monitoring their trades.

You may view the number of followers, daily/weekly/monthly statistics, chart visualizations, and the last time the investor was active for the investors you follow.


  • Before initiating automatic portfolio allocation techniques, the backtesting function validates your bots.
  • 50% commission on all affiliate payments for the first three months.
  • To test the platform, create a demo account.
  • This is a web-only application with no mobile support.

Fees: Shrimpy.io charges a monthly fee of $15 for Starter, a monthly fee of $63 for Professional, and a monthly fee of $299 for Enterprise. On a year-to-year basis, you’ll pay these fees.

7) Zignaly

Though it is still in its infancy, this cryptocurrency trading bot enables you to create your trading methods or utilize third-party trading tactics. It is one of the greatest cryptocurrency trading bots since it is completely free to use and does not interfere with earnings. It is a good alternative for individuals who are just getting started with cryptocurrency bot trading.

Semi-automated or fully-automated crypto-bot trading is possible. It has numerous traders who can supply you with trading signals. Additionally, you can trade an infinite number of coin pairings and positions.

The bot can be attached to Binance, KuCoin, and eight more cryptocurrency exchanges, resulting in a relatively restricted number of exchanges to which it may be attached.


  • Provides copy trading, which enables users, particularly beginners, to duplicate expert traders’ trades.
  • There are both free and paid signals. It is possible to sell signals.
  • DCA repurchases strategy option contracts.
  • Integration with TradingView.
  • Apps for iOS, iPad, and Android are available.

Cost: None.

8) HaasOnline

HaasOnline is one of the most established and trustworthy trading bots in the cryptocurrency space. It is popular among experienced traders who have traded stocks and FX and wish to enhance their trading productivity and competitiveness. You may connect to exchanges, exploit platforms, and identify cryptocurrency exchanges using the bot’s API keys.

You may build, test, and enhance trading strategies entirely from scratch using your HaasScript programming language. This enables you to create even the most intricate trading strategies.


  • 15 bespoke bots that enable you to employ various trading methods such as scalping. Utilize backtesting, paper trading, dollar-cost averaging, and arbitrage tactics, among others.
  • Utilize a variety of order types across several exchanges and generate synthetic order templates.
  • MACD and a slew of other indicators.
  • Automate your cryptocurrency trading by leveraging market data, charting, and other tools.
  • Android and iOS platforms are supported via dedicated applications.

Price: There is no trial period, however, a reduced two-week trial license is available for 0.001. The entry-level license package is priced at 0.047 BTC.

9) 3Commas

3Commas enables users to create automatic trading bots and trade with them on the majority of the main cryptocurrency exchanges – in fact, 22 of them. This enables you to use dollar-cost averaging methods and to combine TradingView with third-party signal providers.

Additionally, you may do a comprehensive assessment and copy trading, the latter of which is suggested for both novice and expert traders. This cryptocurrency trading bot is quite popular, with over 3,000 users daily transacting more than $10 million in trading volume.


  • Using risk management techniques, the Smart Trade trading interface enables users to purchase or sell numerous pairs of digital currencies.
  • It enables you to specify many order types, such as limit, trailing, market, take profit, stop loss, and others.
  • Mobile devices running iOS and Android are supported.

Pricing: The Starter plan is $14.50 without the trading bot, the Advanced plan is $49.50, and the Pro plan is $24.50.

10) Bitsgap

Bitsgap’s trading bot connects to over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to trade automatically. It offers a 14-day free trial and allows you to join up or log in using your Google or Facebook credentials. Indeed, before purchasing advanced plans, you may test out the capabilities via a demo exchange.

It enables cross-exchange arbitrage, and by receiving the proper market signals at the right moment, it enables you to make the best trading decisions. Along with automated arbitrage trading, portfolio tracking is available.


  • Backtesting is available to allow for the optimization of pre-configured trading bots in both bull and down markets.
  • Arbitrage trading is the practice of trading across numerous exchanges.
  • Management and tracking of portfolios.
  • Only available over the web. There are no iOS or Android devices available.

Pricing: The basic paid plan is $19 per month; the advanced paid plan is $44 per month, and the pro paid plan is $110 per month.

11) Trality

Trality gives fantastic tools for developing a bot that you can then deploy via APIs to trade on exchanges. Through automation, cryptocurrency traders may avoid losses caused by emotional bias, mistakes, and sluggish and inefficient analysis.

Trality enables you to create trading methods for selling or to employ bots to trade cryptocurrency in a variety of marketplaces. The platform provides simple bot construction tools that make use of an intuitive code editor — simple drag-and-drop bot creation capabilities.

It is, nonetheless, most beneficial for Python experts, although it is also beneficial for new traders. The Rule Builder enables you to create a trading algorithm without having to know how to code.


  • Techniques for backtesting and paper trading.
  • Four exchanges are supported: Binance, Bitpanda, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.
  • There is a mobile application available.

Pricing: The basic beginning plan is completely free to use, but the maximum trading volume is €5,000. The monthly fees for the knight plan are €9.99, the rook plan is €39.99, and the queen plan is €59.99.

12) Gimmer

Gimmer is another cryptocurrency arbitrage trading bot. GMR is the platform’s official token, which is traded on exchanges and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. The following are some of Gimmer’s most distinguishing characteristics:

  • All main trading exchanges are connected with automated bots.
  • Users have complimentary access to a basic tier of automated trading bots.
  • Gimmer will analyze your profile and inform you of the hazards associated with trading on exchanges.
  • Free backtesting tool that helps you to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of your trading strategy before implementing it in the market.
  • Additionally, you may make cryptocurrency by renting your automated bot to other cryptocurrency traders.
  • Numerous security mechanisms are in place to preserve your hard-earned money.
  • If you’re seeking other investing alternatives, you can pick your trading bots.
  • Exchange information and ideas in the traders’ social network and expand your knowledge of arbitrage trading.
  • Utilize the simulator mode to practice arbitrage trading.
  • Hosts fast, secure, and economical lightweight decentralized applications.

Price: Monthly fee of $25, a quarterly fee of $71.25, a semester fee of $135, and an annual fee of $255


Given that arbitrage appears to be a straightforward method of generating a possible profit, it’s reasonable to ask: is arbitrage legal? Crypto arbitrage trading is legal in the majority of governments across the world because it adds to market efficiency.

Is arbitrage profitable with a bot?

By utilizing arbitrage bots, it is feasible to profit on chances that last only a few seconds, or microseconds. Traders occasionally prefer the little, regular earnings generated in this manner since, of course, numerous small wins may accumulate to provide respectable long-term profits.

What is the maximum profit that an arbitrage bot can earn?

Profitability is dependent on the funding fee; in a normal state, with a 0.1 percent funding fee, you can earn 9% monthly or approximately $90 if the funding fee remains stable at 0.1 percent. If you see a favorable trend in financing fees, you should build a spot-future arbitrage bot.

Where can I source arbitrage opportunities?

  • Manually search for arbitrage chances by starting the same match at both bookies and analyzing odds.
  • Utilizing a free arbitrage betting program to search.


Numerous businesses and products have evolved as digital currency’s popularity has grown. To maximize profits in the case of market volatility, users have begun utilizing automated trading bots such as cryptogenisus.com. Bitcoin arbitrage is a complex procedure that entails some risk.

Arbitrage has grown extremely profitable as more people enter the market. Crypto Arbitrage platforms built on APIs have simplified the process and saved time and effort. Though cryptocurrency arbitrage bots have automated trading, users are still advised to engage in manual arbitrage to mitigate trading risks.

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