15 Best Puzzle Games For Kids

Puzzle Games For Kids

Puzzles are enjoyable, but they are also valuable teaching tools that can help children develop. Psychologists contend that giving kids the freedom to choose their environment enhances brain growth. It is made feasible via puzzles.

There are different types of puzzle games for kids. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the 15 best puzzle games for kids. Because this post will be very helpful, we’ll advise you to read it to the end.

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Puzzle games for kids may be an opportunity to develop social, emotional, and language skills in addition to cognitive and fine motor skills. Here are five lessons kids pick up from playing with puzzles:


As they put the puzzle pieces together, kids learn how to think through a situation and come up with a solution. They might need to have the ability to put the puzzle piece they want to use aside while they look for one that will fit in the right place.

As they solve a puzzle repeatedly, they could also discover that there are other ways to solve it. They share their puzzle-solving techniques and cooperate to overcome obstacles when they work on puzzles with peers.


As they move puzzle pieces to assemble the problem, kids develop their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. They strengthen the minuscule hand muscles needed to precisely grab and manipulate puzzle components.


For some puzzles, the order in which the components are assembled is crucial. Youngsters hear and learn ordinal numbers and words, such as first, second, third, and last, that denote relative positions in a series.

To aid in the development of their understanding of sequencing, you may also urge kids to recount the order in which they put the puzzle pieces together.


When a puzzle is completed, the process of putting it together concludes. When a challenge is difficult for them to solve, children become frustrated, and when they overcome these feelings, they succeed in completing the assignment. Children learn persistence—the capacity to persevere in the face of difficulty—by processing these emotions.


When teaching kids how to put puzzle pieces together, use words like turn, flip, and rotate from the spatial vocabulary list. When children describe how puzzle pieces are arranged with one another, they are also learning words like above, below, and beside.

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Below is a list of some of the best puzzle games for kids:


In this game, three trucks are traveling to their next location. Will the load they need to pick up of packages fit? Can you assist them with properly stacking everything? The trucks are initially used as toys by toddlers who load them up and drive them around like toy cars. Little older children can play the game and complete the increasingly challenging challenges.

This game is good for children ages 3-8 and has 48 challenges. This game requires only one player

Inside the Box, you’ll find 3 wooden trucks with transparent containers, 10 colorful plastic blocks, a booklet with challenges and solutions

To play, pick a challenge. Choose the truck and game components that your challenge card suggests. For various difficulties, more than one truck might be required. Fill the rear of each truck in your task with the load. There is just one answer. On the reverse of each challenge page, you can check it. This is one of the best puzzle games for kids.


Maze Ball Labyrinth Globe can be played by kids ages 5 and above. It is a one-player game.

Children may navigate the 22 feet of track and 100 barriers inside this transparent ball by flipping, twisting, and spinning it. It’s a difficult 3D maze that should be entertaining for the whole family. Although this is one of the most complicated games, it is one of the best puzzle games for kids.


Puzzle Games For Kids
CAMELOT JR – puzzle games for kids https://timberdoodle.com

One of the top puzzle games for kids is Camelot Junior. Maybe it mixes many intriguing elements, like castles, knights, roads, bridges, and wooden artifacts. This puzzle game can be played by kids aged 4-9 with 1 or more players.

It appears to be simple on the surface, like most puzzle games for kids. What is invented or designed in this case is unclear. Not the appearance of the blocks, but how they are employed in conjunction with the straightforward game rule—try to design a road that connects the princess and the knight—makes this a fantastic game concept. Figures can only walk up stairways or on top of walls—no jumping allowed!

The challenge provides the locations of 4 of the blocks (the towers), but the player must determine the locations of the other 4 blocks (the bridge and stairways) on their own.

The blocks in the original game had windows in the shape of crosses, and the knight always came to the princess’s rescue. Yet, some people throughout the world understood the windows to be a religious symbol, while others said it was not very educational for the girl who was constantly waiting to be saved. The princess saves the knight in half of the challenges in the current iteration of this Camelot game, which uses square windows.

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Children will be drawn to this sensory toy’s vibrant colors as they push and pop five different-sized colorful silicone bubbles. It’s rumored that older children and adults enjoy it as well! kids 10 months and older to 3 years old would love this game. It is a 1 player game.

It’s so easy to understand yet curiously, fantastically enjoyable, engaging, and hard to put down for either babies or adults! To pop them through to the other side, push them in. Enjoy the pure joy of prodding them with your fingertips.

This is one of the best puzzle games for kids. It’s the ideal traveling sensory experience for infants and young children! The charming, lively, and incredibly durable Dimpl sensory toy will elicit lots of chuckles and hours of sensory exploration.


One of the most popular puzzle games for both educational and recreational reasons is sudoku, which may be played by players of all ages, including kids and adults. Usually, it is composed of a parent grid of (n x n) dimensions that is subsequently subdivided into several smaller subgrids.

Typically, the size of a standard sudoku grid is 9 by 9. The sub-grids, also known as the children’s grids, are formed from the tiny squares that make up the sudoku. There are usually 9 sub-grids in a conventional 9 x 9 sudoku.

The fundamental goal of the game of sudoku is to fill the grid so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear exactly once in each row, column, and subgrid. A person’s capacity to memorize information and retain it is improved by doing sudoku.

Also, it aids in the improvement of pattern identification, rapid information processing, and decision-making abilities. This is one of the best puzzle games for kids.


With a friend, puzzle games are always more enjoyable. Two players assume the roles of Snip and Clip in the cooperative game Snipperclips. These characters can cut their friends into particular shapes, which is useful for working out answers to various game levels.

Each level’s goal will be made clear to the gamer up front. To advance in the game, players must solve the puzzle that has been put in front of them. There are extra modes as well, each of which supports a maximum of four players. The teamwork required makes this game one of the best puzzle games for kids.


Puzzle Games For Kids
Lazer Maze Jr. Puzzle Games For Kids https://geekdad.com

This is one of the scientific puzzle games for kids. Children who love STEM will enjoy playing this game. Satellites, lasers, lasers, and space rocks are all included in this maze game. Children get to execute 40–60 space-age missions of varying difficulty using their Science skills.

The goal is to reflect the laser beam to the rockets using logic and science. Place satellites across the maze game strategically to direct the laser’s course, but beware of space rocks that could get in the way. This entertaining logic maze game gives young scientists a boost of 21st-century thinking

Children ages 5 and above can play this game and it needs only one player.

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This is one of the puzzle games for kids that can be played by kids from ages 3 and above. It can be played by two or more players.

Each set contains 155 colored wooden blocks in a range of sizes and shapes. Children can draw everything they can conceive, including shapes, animals, phrases, and numbers. The blocks can be utilized in their natural form or to work through the included puzzle issues.

The pattern blocks aren’t just for entertainment; they’re also for learning, which helps to relieve imagination, increase intelligence, practice hand-eye coordination, and improve color vision.

The blocks offer kids the maximum level of protection because they are constructed entirely of premium natural wood with an environmentally friendly finish, are chemical-free and odorless, and are BPA-free (unlike other plastic puzzles).


Carto is an adventure puzzle game that uses similar map-building principles to Dorfromantik and is centered around finding map pieces to enlarge the environment and find a route to the next section. The protagonist of the tale is a young child named Carto who got lost and needs to utilize navigational abilities to find her grandmother again.

There are plenty of characters in the game who will both direct Carto and beg for assistance themselves. Kids should have no trouble getting into this simple puzzle game thanks to the game’s adorable graphics and friendly tone. This is one of the best puzzle games for kids.


Exactly like the famous Rush Hour logic game, you shift obstructing cars and trucks out of your way to clear a path on the 6×6 board in such a way that the red car can leave the garage.

The 40 leveled brainteaser activities with varying degrees of difficulty are a fun approach to enhancing problem-solving skills making it one of the best puzzle games for kids.

Rush Hour Jr. is a great logic game for kids that is also a lot of fun for adults! This game can be played by kids ages 5 and above and needs only 1 player. Being a compact game, it’s perfect for traveling with. Adults can enjoy it too!

The only differences between Rush Hour and Rush Hour Jr. are that the red car is now an ice cream truck and there are easier tasks.


Puzzle Games For Kids
AnimaLogic – puzzle games for kids https://www.whatdowedoallday.com

The idea behind AnimaLogic is solving sequence puzzles following a predetermined set of principles. A small game board, four-color animal pieces, and a booklet of challenges make up AnimaLogic. The wooden animal parts are incredibly pleasurable to hold because they are not plastic. It is one of the best puzzle games for kids.

The goal of the game is to get all of the animals across the river and off the playing field. Yet the animals can only travel in a certain order and by following a set of rules. They must, for instance, follow an animal of the same type or color and can only travel one at a time.

Sequence solving, matching, color, and object recognition are all included. There are 60 puzzles with five progressively harder stages. From beginner to expert-level problems are included in the challenge booklet. The player is given instructions on how to arrange the animals on the board on each challenge page.

Children 5 years and above can enjoy this game either alone or with another person.


The Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World require players to earn green stars on platforms that did not enable them to jump. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, a separate game, was created specifically for this.

Players control Toad, who must decide how to get to the level’s gold star without getting hurt. Players may encounter puzzles on the stage that they must solve or determine the best course of action to do this. This game’s simplicity will appeal to children. It is one of the best puzzle games for kids.


Mancala is a game where players “sow” and “capture” seeds. The object of this ancient board game is simple: collect the most pieces by the end of the game. Yet it also involves strategy and fosters counting and reasoning abilities in young children. It is one of the best puzzle games for kids.

You will require a mancala board, which has two rows and six holes, and 48 marbles or stones. Faced toward the long side of the board, each player is seated across from the other. Startup by distributing 24 stones to each participant. Four stones are inserted by a player into each of the holes.

Each of the pits should have four stones in it. After one player has removed all of the stones from the six holes on their side, the game is over. After that, the opposing player collects all of the stones from their side and puts them in their shop. The player with the most stones in their mancala store is declared the game’s winner.

This game requires 2 players and kids ages 6 and above can play it.

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This wooden puzzle is designed to be the ideal fit for children ages 18 months and up. This wooden puzzle comes with one puzzle board and nine eye-catching geometric pieces in vivid colors.

The puzzle encourages the development of important abilities such as shape recognition, motor skills, and creative thinking. It is one of the best puzzle games for kids.

It is simple to play, appropriate for many occasions, and entertaining for young children who can easily spend an hour or two doing it. The board’s dimensions are 7.88 x 7.88 x 0.5 inches, making it a good size for toddlers’ hands.

It has non-toxic coatings that are safe and durable, and the wooden pieces aren’t too small to pose a choking or splinter risk. Due to its lightweight and rounded edges, it won’t injure your children, furniture, or wooden floors in any way.


Puzzle Games For Kids
Rubik’s cube – puzzle games for kids https://www.ipassio.com

This time-tested brain teaser has been around since the 1970s. Although there are still many versions of the popular and tough puzzle cube that you may recall, the whole family can enjoy them.

It is a cube composed of 27 smaller cubes that are organized in a 3x3x3 grid and have colorful stickers on their outside faces. The smaller faces on each of the six sides of a cube’s initial “solved” arrangement have the same color. The smaller cubes can be freely rotated on each of the cube’s six faces.

To solve a Rubik’s Cube problem, you need to start with any random, jumbled, chaotic configuration of the cube and then, by rotating the faces, return to the pattern that was originally solved with one color on each side.

This is one of the most popular puzzle games for kids


Jigsaw puzzles and wooden board games are not only inexpensive but also beneficial for your child’s brain development. 

We hope you found this post on the 15 best puzzle games for kids very helpful. Kindly let us know what you think.

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