14 Best Real Time Multiplayer iPhone Games

Multiplayer iPhone Games

Games are one of those extraordinary activities that help with a long day. Playing alone with the system can be exciting, but have you tried playing multiplayer iPhone games? They are not only exciting, but you will get the thrill of competing with other players in multiplayer mode. 

There are many multiplayer games you can explore with your iOs device, and most of them are free to play. 

Regardless of your choice of game, whether action, racing, or sport, you will find many multiplayer iPhone games that will suit your taste. 

 Multiplayer iPhone games keep you connected with friends and family even when you do not see them often. In this overview, we will provide you with a list of the best multiplayer iPhone games.

Best Real-time multiplayer iPhone games

Here is a list of the best real-time multiplayer iPhone games that will keep you busy:

1.  Minecraft

multiplayer iPhone games
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Perhaps, you might have seen this game on the app store without knowing how awesome it is. Minecraft is one of the top best real-time multiplayer iPhone games. This adventure game focuses on the charter. As a player, you will get to build towers, homes, castles, and more.

Minecraft features a multiplayer mode where you can connect and play with others. Also, it comes with a creative game mode and a survival mode where you can craft armor and weapons. You can expect the best features and exciting options from this game.

It is available on the App store for $6.99

2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the top best real-time multiplayer iPhone games by Firemonkeys Studios. This game provides some of the best visuals and graphics that make racing refreshing. Unlike other car racing games, this game offers some of the toughest racing games. 

‎Real Racing 3 features exotic cars with access to thousands of events such as eliminations, Formula 1 grand prize, and more. You can expect authentic experiences from playing this game. This app is available on the app store for free.

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3. 8 Ball Pool

multiplayer iPhone games

8 ball pool is one of the best multiplayer iPhone games for pool lovers. Miniclip developed this unique game in 2010. You can expect the best from playing this game. 

It supports languages such as German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Turkish, Korean, and others. 

8 ball poll is a free multiplayer game. It is absolutely addictive. While the game may be free, it has some in-app items that will help you enjoy the game more. To play the multiplayer mode of this game, you need to sign up through the Miniclip account or your Facebook account. 

Playing in multiplayer mode requires an internet connection. However, you can play the one-on-one game offline. The multiplayer requires coins to place a bet, and when you win, you get all the rewards.

You can earn pool coins by playing one-on-one games or buying some from the store. The 8-Ball poll is free to play and download on the app store.

4. AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is yet another multiplayer iPhone game developed by Artix Entertainment. This game provides exciting features, and it is very entertaining. It centers on you being the main character. It is a game of magic, swords, action, and sorcery. You can create a co-op and have members win against villains.

AdventureQuest 3D features game modes such as PvP modes and co-op. You can fight against the boss or take over the dungeons. The game also features parkour challenge maps. The multiplayer mode requires an internet connection, and it is free to play and download the app.

AdventureQuest provides almost all you need from a fantasy game and these features, and you can enjoy more for free.

5. Arena of Valor

Arena of valor is among the best multiplayer games for iPhone. Tencent created this game in 2017, and you can expect the best from this game. Arena of valor centers on the character of the game to eliminate enemies and their towers in the forest. It is a game that requires your full attention as there are enemies around.

With the Arena of valor, you can play the 1v1 mode, 3v3 mode, or the classic 5v5 mode. Note that you can only play the multiplayer mode when you are connected to the internet. Each mode matches requires 10 minutes. 

 Arena of Valor is a multiplayer game. It is free to play and download.

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6. Asphalt 9: Legends

asphalt 9 1 1

Without a doubt, asphalt 9 is one of the best multiplayer iPhone games. This is one of the top racing games you’d find in the App Store, and Gameloft develops this game. You may spend hours playing this game because it features many exciting modes, which include a multiplayer mode.

Asphalt 9 comes with a touch drive control, which makes playing a lot easier. It also comes with exotic cars that will help you get a real-like experience of the multiplayer game. You can customize cars to any color of your choice. 

You can compete with other players or take part in any of their events. The fun aspect of this game is that it is free to play. However, some in-app items will help with your time on the app.

7. Bowmasters

Bowmasters is yet another of the top best multiplayer iPhone games by Playgendary. This unique game supports Chinese, English, and other languages. As the name suggests, this is a bow game, that requires you to play against other players and defeat them. 

Bowmasters features over 60 weapons and 60 characters to help you defeat other players. This game requires you to fire arrows at your opponent. However, you must shoot accurately to earn better points. 

Bowmasters has an upgraded version where you can play in multiplayer mode. All you need is to win 10 games, and you be qualified for the multiplayer version. This game is quite exciting, and it requires your focus. It is free to download and play. You can buy more special items from its store.

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8.  Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty is one of the best remarkable multiplayer iPhone games. This award-winning game provides players with some of the best gaming experiences. It is an action shooting game where the main charter plays the role of a commander with access to various types of ammunition. 

Call of duty centers on 100 players who are to compete against one another, the one survivor gets to take all the rewards. It features zombies’ survival mode, sniper battle, 5v5 team deathmatch, 100 battlegrounds, and many more. Each mode can be challenging. Who needs a simple game, anyway? 

You can customize your character in the game, and when you win, you get to unlock rewards that will help with your next match or visit the in-app store for more items. The app is free on the app store.

9. Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is one of the best multiplayer iPhone games by Finnish game developer Supercell. It is a game of strategy with unique graphics and an interface. This game focuses on a character being the chief and playing to build a town with an army. 

The purpose of building an army is to help stop invaders from destroying your town. 

Clash of clans features a defense mode and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode will enable you to invite or join other clans to fight against others. As the chief of a clan, you will get rewards when you attack other players.

Clash of clans is an addictive game with so many fun events. This game is available on the app store for free, however, there are some optional in-app items.

10. FIFA Football

If you enjoy playing or watching football, you will find this game impressive. FIFA Football is yet another of top best real-time multiplayer iPhone games by Electronic Arts. 

Being a product of the electronic arts, this game promises you a top-notch multiplayer football experience. This is a sports game that supports many languages.

FIFA football has thousands of players and over a hundred teams worldwide. You can customize your team and even make them better. It also features a unique PvP mode, inter-league championships, tournaments, and more. Its multiplayer mode will enable you to play against other players. FIFA Football is available on the app store for free.

11. Golf Blitz

 For golf lovers, this game is an ideal option. Golf blitz is one of the best real-time multiplayer iPhone games by the noodle cake studio inc. This game is quite easy to play. It is available in various languages. 

Whether you are familiar with how to play golf or not, this game has a unique interface that will help you understand how it works. The exciting part is that you can personalize the game to your settings. There are special items you can get from its in-app store. These items will help you earn points. 

Its multiplayer mode will give you access to playing, with friends, families, and other players across the globe. The golf blitz is free in the app store.

12. Hearthstone

You might have seen this game on the app store without knowing how outstanding it is. Hearthstone is one of the top best real-time multiplayer iPhone games by Blizzard Entertainment. This game is a card game that requires strategies. It is easy yet challenging to play.

The hearthstone game gives you access to cards, and you can use the cards to cast spells when you are playing against other players. Shield your character from getting attacked by opponents by using synergies. You will have access to cards you can use on your opponents during battles. This game is free to play and download from the app store.

13. Mario Kart Tour

Mario kart tour is one of the best real-time multiplayer iPhone games. This is a racing game that centers on Mario Kart’s racing skills. With this exciting game, you can compete with other players across the globe. 

Mario kart tour has a multiplayer mode that gives you access to compete with a few friends or other players. When you win against your opponents, they will reward you with gifts that can be used in the next race. Also, Mario kart features a frenzy mode, where you can race without being seen. The Mario kart tour is free in the app store.

14. Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a popular AR strategic game. It is also one of the best multiplayer iPhone games. This game centers on training, battling for control, and capturing Pokemon. 

Pokemon go is an exciting multiplayer game, and it is game that will give you access to connecting with players across the globe. This game is free in the app store.

Frequently asked questions

What iPhone game can you play online with friends?

You can play some of these games with your friends: Minecraft, Real Racing 3, 8 Ball Pool, AdventureQuest 3D, etc.

Are there any real-time multiplayer games on the iPhone?

Yes. Check our list of real-time multiplayer games on the iPhone.

Are multiplayer games offline?

No. Multiplayer mode requires an internet connection.


In the app store, there are many real-time multiplayer iPhone games you can play with your friends and families. We have created a comprehensive list of multiplayer iPhone games for you, and we hope this overview is a helpful guide for your search.

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