15 Best Coworking Space In Dallas

coworking space in dallas

Finding the best coworking space in Dallas requires the utmost research because there are varieties of options available. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, startup, consultant, or CEO, there are suitable options available in Dallas to help with your business. 

Regardless of your business setup, a co-working space may be the right option for your business. These spaces offer a private office, shared office, meeting rooms, Tech support, dedicated desks, 24-hour building access, social events, and many more at a very affordable price, in a unique location and providing the best work-life balance.

Knowing which coworking space suits your business can be the key to a successful business here in Dallas. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best coworking space in Dallas with their prices, locations, amenities, and perks.

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15 best coworking space in Dallas

Here is a list of the best coworking space in Dallas:

1. Addison Treehouse:

Addison Treehouse is a coworking space in Dallas designed to help entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their businesses through mentorship programs, events, and counsel. And without a doubt, this coworking space is ideal for individuals looking forward to the development of their businesses.

coworking space in Dallas

Addison Treehouse is suitable for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, community building, marketing, mentorship, events, and coworking space.

Addison Treehouse offers amenities such as Air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi, a Chill out area, a Kitchen area, Free coffee/Tea, Free drinking water, personal lockers, events, print/scan/copy, a library, and free parking space.

Addison Treehouse is at 14681 midway Road second floor, 14681 midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001, United States. They have a starting price of $200 per month.

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2. Beehive:

This benefiting coworking space is in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Beehive is a coworking space in Dallas and also an inspiring work environment specially designed to provide you with ideal networking opportunities.

Beehive offers a well-furnished and equipped office space for rent at an affordable price. From a private office and dedicated desks to event space and meeting rooms, you can expect more from a beehive.

Beehive offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, Free coffee/tea, a Door with lock, 24/7 entry, a health & safety policy, a Kitchen area, mailbox services, a parking area, a projector, printer, photocopier, scanner, showers, and many more. It has a starting price of $150 per month.

Beehive is at 1512 Edison St, Dallas, TX 75207, United States.

3. City Central:

City Central is a professional coworking space in Dallas. They offer flexible membership options for both entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

This includes private offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices, event spaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. 

City Central offers dedicated desks, day office rentals, and catering services. And, they have every office equipment a worker can desire. It is in the heart of Dallas and is recognized for the spaces it provides and its amenities. And it has a starting price of $195 per month.

City central offers amenities such as Free Parking, Free coffee/tea, Free drinking water, 24/7 building access, high speed, Wi-Fi, phone booths, projector, Storage, TV, Monitor, printers, kitchen area, Wheelchair accessibility, Air conditioning, Heater, chill-out zone, and many more!.

City central locations:

  • 17250 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248, United States.
  • 2101 Cedar Spring Rd, Suite 1050, Dallas, TX 75201, United States.

4. Common Desks:

Common Desks is a coworking space in Dallas with over 6 locations. Common desk is an amazing option for people looking to work in a well-furnished private office, shared space, or dedicated desk space.

Common desks offer workers’ meeting rooms, conference rooms, and a 24 hours security. Not to mention, they also provide 24/7 access to buildings. Here in common desks, you will find flexible membership plans for coworking, from private offices to open dedicated desks. Student memberships are also available at common desks.

Common desks offer amenities such as phone booths, natural lights, free coffee/tea, outdoor space, free parking, chat room, printers, scanner, weekly events, business mail service, bike rack, kitchen area, pet friendly, TV, monitor, and many more. They have a starting price of $200 per month.

Common desks is at 2919 commerce, St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States.

5. Davinci meeting rooms:

coworking space in dallas


Davinci is all about uniqueness, because of its workspace and events. Are Looking for a full-service meeting room, conference room, or coworking space? Contact Davinci meeting rooms. They have everything you need. And they are one of the best coworking space in Dallas.

Davinci offers these services – Meeting rooms, coworking spaces, Event spaces, Executive suites, Boardrooms, Virtual offices, Live receptionists, and Event space.

Davinci offers amenities such as 24/7 building access, wheelchair accessibility, parking space, Wi-Fi, Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, free drinking water, coffee, and tea. They have a starting price of $250 per month.

Davinci is at 3010 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1200, Dallas, TX 75234, United States.

6. Ensemble Coworking:

Ensemble is a professional coworking space in Dallas. It will provide you with flexible office plans with amazing perks. No long-term contracts or hidden costs.

Ensemble coworking offers independent professionals and business owners additional options to either work in a private office, coworking space, or an open office. They have a starting price of $215 per month.

Ensemble Coworking provides amenities such as High-speed Wi-Fi, Standing Desks, Ergonomic Desks, Air conditioning, Heating, a Lounge Swimming pool, a Kitchen area, Showers, personal lockers, a Phone booth, free Coffee/Tea, Free drinking water, Events, Video/Sound equipment, printer, and more!

Ensemble Coworking is at 1617 Park Pl Ave #110, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States.

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7. GeniusDen:

GeniusDen is a coworking space in Dallas. We recognize it for its incredible amenities and its ability to help with the growth of businesses.

GeniusDen focuses on helping startups, and small businesses boost their business profits by providing the best fully furnished and organized workspace, networking events, and support. They have a starting price of $200 per month.

GeniusDen offers amenities such as a lounge, Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, heating, Kitchen area, Free drinking water, Free coffee/Tea, Free Parking space, events, wheelchair accessibility, and many more.

GeniusDen is at 3106 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States.

8. Good Coworking:

Good coworking is an incredible space for getting work done with no distractions or waste of time. This coworking space in Dallas is well-designed in and out. It is in a great environment, all spaces are well-furnished. 

Good Coworking is a beautiful, modern designed workspace focused on helping members improve their productivity based on the excellent office equipment and the spaces they provide.

Good Coworking offers amenities such as Personal lockers, scanners, a parking area, a photocopier, a printer, Kitchen Area, a Nap room, Wheelchair accessibility, an outdoor courtyard, monthly events, Yoga classes, 24 hours access, Hosted Reception, Showers, Gym and security. They have a starting price of $300 per month. 

Good Coworking is at 1808 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, TX, 75226, United States.

9. Industrious Arts District:

Industrious Arts District is one of the best coworking space in Dallas. This coworking space offers productive workspace to entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and small business owners in the heart of the Dallas Art District.

Industrious Arts District provides Community Events, meeting rooms, private offices, virtual offices, coworking spaces, event spaces, and conference rooms

Industrious Arts District offers amenities such as Fast Wi-Fi, a parking area, bike storage, 24/7 building access, a cleaning policy, Free snacks, printers, a Front Desk Receptionist, short-term options, storage, and many more. They have a starting price of $350 per month. 

Industrious Arts District is at 1722 Routh St Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75201, United States.

10. Lucid Private offices:

Lucid Private offices are among the best coworking space in Dallas. Whether you need private office space, shared office, or meeting room for rent. Lucid got you covered. They provide everything you need to boost the growth of your business, not just everything, but the best of everything.

Lucid offers Services like executive suite rentals, shared office space, private office, coworking plans, mailbox, private executive suites, meeting rooms, Hybrid coworking, and more! They have a starting price of $500/ month.

Lucid offers amenities like High-speed internet, 24/7 building access, a Front desk receptionist, a business mailing address, Free coffee, a parking area, a Kitchen area, a shower, Print/scan/copy, and many more.

Lucid is at 4131 N US 75-Central Expy 1000 Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75204, United States.

11. Regus-Dallas:

Regus is a unique Future focused space with multiple locations within Dallas. They provide everything you desire in a workspace, from fully furnished spaces to amenities and perks. One of the best places to work in Dallas is there. They have a starting price of $445 per month.

Regus is one of the World’s largest workspace solutions that offers modern office spaces that are well-organized, designed, and equipped.

Regus offers amenities such as 24 hours security, a Fitness center, Fast internet, Interview Rooms, Conference rooms, Meeting rooms, a Car wash, Close by Restaurants, 24/7 building access, Cleaning policies, Event space, IT Support, a Kitchen area, printing/scanning equipment and many more.

Regus Dallas is at 1341 W Mockingbird LN Suite 600W, Dallas, TX 75247, United States.

12. The slate

The slate is a professional business community and coworking space in Dallas. It supports small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups to achieve success in their businesses.

The slate provides these services – a studio, large conference room, small conference room, large meeting room, a Podcast room, living room, Kitchen area, Day pass, Private offices, coworking spaces, team rooms, and event space.

The slate offers amenities such as 24/7 access, high-speed Wi-Fi, fully furnished offices, high Tech conference room, flat screen TV, natural light, print/scan/copy, free parking, coffee/tea storage, flex areas, cleaning, and maintenance.

The slate is at 2403 Farrington St, Dallas, TX 75207, United States.

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13. Ventures X:

Ventures X is one of the newest coworking spaces in Dallas designed to inspire startups and small business owners. 

Ventures X is an amazing option for anyone who wants 24-hour access to their workspace. 

They offer a range of membership options, which include private offices, executive suites, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and meeting rooms.

Ventures X is well-focused on providing a high-quality flexible space to all business owners and supporting their business growth and development by providing an incredible set of benefits and amenities. They have a starting price of $180 per month.

Ventures X offers amenities such as Fast internet, Free coffee/Tea, Fully furnished workspace, Cafe, Phone booths, Nap rooms, Test rooms, Event space, Video & Podcast, Free parking space, 24/7 key-card access, Networking events, printers, photocopier, cleaning services and Gym.

Ventures X is at 5301 Alpha Rd Suite 80, Dallas, TX 75240, United States.

14. WeWork:

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup in search of a coworking space in Dallas, WeWork is a great option for you. In Dallas alone, WeWork has over eight coworking spaces which makes it more convenient for you to work anywhere.

Also, in WeWork, you will find amazing spaces available for rent. They include; coworking spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, conference rooms, and dedicated desks. They have a starting price of $350 per month.

WeWork is a coworking space in a professional environment, in the heart of Dallas. They focus on providing you with tools and ways to boost the growth of your business. Aside from this, they provide a fully furnished and organized workspace.

WeWork offers amenities such as High-speed Wi-Fi, printer, scanner, photocopier, free drinking water, Free coffee/tea, phone booths, professional & social events, Air conditioning, heating, 24/7 member access, and parking.

WeWork locations in Dallas:

  • 1920 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, United States.
  • 3090 Nowitzki Way Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75219, United States.
  • 5960 Berkshire LN, Dallas, TX 75225, United States.
  • 6900 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024, United States.

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15. Work214:

If you’re a freelance, small business owner, or entrepreneur, Work214 is a great option for you. Tap into this amazing innovative coworking space providing well-designed office space in a professional environment.

Work214 provides these Services – Private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, open coworking, virtual offices, event venues, corporate events, and conference rooms. They offer a starting price of $200 per month 

Work214 offers amenities such as Wheelchair Accessibility, Wi-Fi, Free parking, a Free phone booth, an Ample print allowance, a Door with a lock, a Kitchen area, Mailbox services, a projector, and a photocopier.

Work214 is at 3400 Oak Grove Ave Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75204, United States 

Frequently asked questions 

Is coworking space in Dallas worth it?

Yes. Coworking spaces in Dallas are worth it.

Is coworking spaces cheaper in Dallas?

Yes. Although prices can vary from one coworking space to another.

How can I rent coworking spaces in Dallas?

to rent a coworking space in Dallas, you can contact the coworking space via phone, mail, or fill out a form on their web page.


Coworking spaces in Dallas are worth their pricing, and they provide unique features that can help with the growth of your businesses. We hope this overview is helpful to your search.

If you are looking for more coworking spaces within your state in the united states, do check out our coworking space category.

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