20 Best Free Business Listing Sites In Canada

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Suppose you’re a business owner in Canada. You must know the best free listing sites in Canada, as it is a fantastic tool for companies to connect with clients and boost visibility. These websites enable businesses to communicate with clients and promote products and services.

We know how useful business listing sites are, so we have come up with 20 best free business listing sites in Canada. The sites listed in this article are free, and you should try out any of them to cut down on costs.


A business listing site is an internet listing for your company that includes the Name, Address, Contact information, and other crucial information. Many websites, including Foursquare, Justdial, Yelp, and Yellow Pages, provide free business listings.

It is usually an online platform that can connect you as a business owner to your potential clients.


Businesses can gain a variety of advantages by using business listing websites, including:

  • They can aid companies in being more visible and reaching out to new clients. If users build profiles on these websites, they may quickly find businesses.
  • By offering evaluations and ratings from prior consumers, these websites can assist businesses in gaining the trust of their clients. Companies can use this to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract more clients.
  • To manage their online presence, businesses can benefit from these websites’ capabilities, which let them update their information and reply to client inquiries.
  • The fact that they are affordable is one of the key Benefits of using free business listing websites in Canada. Businesses can offer their goods and services on these websites without spending money on marketing or advertising because they are quick and simple to set up and utilize.

    Moreover, it enables companies to promote their goods and services practically instantaneously. Thus, these websites might aid companies in expanding their customer base.
  • Free business listing websites in Canada may assist companies in establishing their internet presence. As a result, by offering user evaluations and ratings, these websites can help businesses gain prospective clients’ trust. It can help companies in establishing their reputation and winning over new clients.


Some of the best free business listing sites in Canada are:

  • Yelp Canada
  • Web Local
  • 411.ca
  • Yellow Pages Canada
  • Google My Business
  • FourSquare Canada
  • Kijiji
  • Bing Places
  • Cyclex
  • Profile Canada
  • Website.ca
  • Hotfrog Canada
  • MyStore411
  • CTI Directory
  • CanadaOne
  • Canadian Business Directory
  • Ic. Gc
  • theBlurb
  • CanadaPages
  • Phone Pages

1. Yelp Canada


Yelp Canada is the 139th most popular website; customers spend a little over $100 on their first visit. Yelp is a well-liked review and recommendations website in the United States and a well-liked website in Canada.

Yelp allows private and public communication between the customer and vendor. They may monitor user activity on the company page and upload photographs, videos, and other crucial information about the firm.

Visit Yelp Canada Here

2. Web Local

The most popular website for finding Canadian businesses is called Web Local. The ratings and reviews that users can submit are based on their interactions with particular services.

The users will also be permitted to publish images, business descriptions, images of the hours of operation, price lists, and many other things because they are Canadian businesses.

Visit Web Local Here

3. 411.ca

The 1898th most visited website in Canada is 411.ca. The user can list their company on this popular website, which receives over 12 million visitors each month. According to their prospective leads, it will enable information about your company to be seen.

Even having an interactive profile with maps and directions is possible thanks to the internet. The buyer can track even the quantity of visitors to the business page.

They may even post positive evaluations about their company online and it is on of the free business listing sites in Canada.

Visit 411.ca Here

4. Yellow Pages Canada

According to traffic, the 353rd most popular website in Canada is Yellow Pages Canada. The free business listing sites in Canada website, which is the best for you, receives significant user traffic.

It will be beneficial for small or local firms to boost website traffic. They have many web and mobile application traffic, which helps to increase brand or business visibility in the neighborhood.

Visit Yellow Pages Canada Here

5. Google My Business

Google My Business

The first place to look for a free business listing sites in Canada is Google My Business (GMB). In addition to making it easier for customers to discover you and giving them a chance to post reviews, adding your business here will put it on the map (in Google Maps).

Encourage your (satisfied) clients to post reviews because your ad may include stars dependent on how well you were rated.

Additionally, Google considers GMB as one of the many sources of information about your company. As a result, it may put this data in the knowledge graph, where it may display alongside anything from contact details to photographs and customer reviews.

Visit Google My Business Here

6. FourSquare Canada

A geo-targeted smartphone software called FourSquare allows you to check in to a location and leave a recommendation or tip for another user who checks in to the same place. Additionally, check-ins can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking websites.

To access a prospective user base and effectively promote your brand, your business must be claimed or listed on FourSquare.

Visit FourSquare Canada Here

7. Kijiji

Kijiji, a free business listing sites in Canada is a classified advertisements website for small Canadian companies, generates astonishing user traffic despite not being a business directory. The website also has a great social media presence, demonstrating how well-liked it is with Canadians.

Your listing on our website is free. Paid postings are not advised because their links won’t improve your search results.

You are free to publish an advertisement solely to attract visitors to our website or to advertise a particular sale or item, and you are free to remove it at any time.

Visit Kijiji Here

8. Bing Places

Local business owners can list their establishments on Bing using Bing Places for Business.

Local business owners can amend or update the information on their listings through Bing Places for Business. It can add images, videos, services, and other details that best represent the company.

Visit Bing Places Here

9. Cyclex

Cyclex is a community portal that doubles as an internet search engine. The company’s address, description, map, and user reviews are all available here. You can even provide feedback on the company’s goods and services.

Visit Cyclex Here

10. Profile Canada

A well-known search engine, Profile Canada is Canada’s 13,632nd most popular website. Even a free listing for nearby Canadian companies is available. Because of this, the website has a lot of traffic, which is great for the vendors.

Visit Profile Canada Here

11. Website.ca


With a WooRank Score 66, Websites.ca is Canada’s 5,269th most popular website.

Websites.ca is one of the best free business listing sites in Canada, and the company directory is ranked as the 156,701st highest website in the world, has a good rating, and has a lot of traffic.

Visit Website.ca Here

12. Hotfrog Canada

With a WooRank Score of 77.1, HotFrog Canada is the 11,921st most frequented website in Canada and one of the best free business listing sites in Canada.

Since HotFrog Canada is a global brand operating in 38 nations, it has a sizable quantity of its user traffic. Over 668,722 unique visits and 14 million page views per month are recorded for the website.

You can include a description of your company and photographs and even generate coupons to display to visitors to this site specifically.

Visit Hotfrog Canada Here

13. MyStore411

MyStore411 is the 8,447th most popular website and one of best free business listing sites in Canada.

MyStore411 is a website that lists store locations and operating times. The website has a sizable user base and offers a feedback form that users can use to recommend a nearby Canadian retailer that still needs to be included in its database.

Visit MyStore411 Here

14. CTI Directory

CTI Directory is Canada’s 22,140th most popular website.

It is one of the best free business listing sites in Canada and is noted as one of Canada’s first and oldest industrial directories.

About 200,000 people visit it monthly, which is a lot of user traffic. You can add your complete business contact information, a description of your firm, and a link to your website.

Visit CTI Directory Here

15. CanadaOne

CanadaOne is one of the best free business listing sites in Canada and is rated as the 9,214th most popular website.

Canada is one of the most well-known business directories in Canada for small enterprises since its launch in 1998. Additionally, the website has published over 900 business pieces, which has increased visitor traffic.

Over 20,000 firms are listed in the CanadaOne business directory, providing helpful free web resources.

Visit CanadaOne Here

16. Canadian Business Directory

With a WooRank Score of 48.5, Canadian Business Directory is the 12,741st most popular website and one of the best free business listing sites in Canada.

The straightforward, free Canadian business directory, Canadian Business Directory, has a sizable quantity of user traffic.

Visit Canadian Business Directory Here

17. Ic. Gc

Ic.Gc.ca is Canada’s 475th most popular website and one of the best free business listing sites in Canada.

This website offers information and analyses specific to the sector. Over 500,000 searches are made on the site each month, indicating a high visitor traffic volume.

Visit Ic.Gc Here

18. theBlurb


theBlurb is one of the best free business listing sites in Canada, and they always want to provide customers the option of having a better “listing” without their category lists.

Therefore, they do this by calculating the numbers for each database form. Enabling you to have a stronger listing the more you work, the more material you submit, including photographs, news, descriptions, and coupons, the more valuable you are.

Visit theBlurb Here

19. CanadaPages

CanadaPages is another free business listing site you should opt for in Canada. They are reliable, and people in Toronto mostly use it

Visit CanadaPages Here

20. Phone Pages

To satisfy your demands for advertising, Phone Pages offers a variety of solutions. To determine which advertising packages will be most effective for your company, compare them.

As one of Canada’s best free business listing sites, up to 50 clicks will be made on your Phone Pages business profile in the Google search engine result pages (SERP).

Visit Phone Pages Here


Business listing websites in Canada are a priceless resource for companies of all sizes. Mainly because they contribute to developing client connections, lead generation, and visibility, you can select the solution that is best for your business from various possibilities.

These sites do more than give you a place to advertise your company. Insights on consumer patterns and behavior are also provided, which is helpful.

Even though these websites are free, you must put in some time and effort to ensure your company is listed and promoted correctly.

If used correctly, free business listing websites can be a potent instrument for your company’s growth. Businesses must establish an online presence that can significantly impact the Canadian market to do it with the correct website.

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How can I add my business to the Canada business listing sites?

The procedure for adding a firm to Canadian business listing websites is rather simple. Before choosing a site, it is crucial to research the many ones that are already available.
The business owner must create accounts on each site after choosing the ones they want to use and filling out all the necessary information. This comprises basic details like the company’s name, address, and contact information, as well as more specific details like the type of business, services provided, and operating hours.

What can local business listing websites do?

Local business listing websites in Canada can help you increase your company’s local and international visibility. If you operate a business, you undoubtedly want your local area and the rest of the globe to hear about it. Therefore, these local business listing websites assist you in increasing the visibility of your company both locally and globally.

What does a listing website do?

A listing refers to a website’s inclusion in a search engine or directory and is not always a reliable indicator of its positioning in search results. To put it simply, a web listing service is a one-stop profile solution to aid in the local search marketing of your business.

How does a business listing help?

You must have accurate listing information to keep and promote your company’s online presence. Potential clients, web crawlers, and search engines can only find, verify, or upgrade your business if you have reliable contact information.





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