Best 10 Coworking Space in Calgary Canada

Coworking space in calgary canada

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta and the fifth-largest municipality in Canada, with a population of over 1.4 million. Calgary is a great site for starting and growing a business. The city also has several coworking spaces where entrepreneurs, remote workers, and the self-employed may rent desks and meet other professionals.

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Finding the perfect shared office space in Calgary takes more than a quick Internet search. Your Upsuite staff visits several Calgary sites and evaluates the alternatives, amenities, and services provided by each to compile a list of the top coworking and flexible office spaces in the city. 

Let’s check out what the best 10 coworking space in Calgary offer and their rates.

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Coworking Space in Calgary

  1. The Collective 12/12 Coworking Space in Calgary

    The Collective 12/12 shared office space in Calgary is the epitome of the coworking concept; all you need to bring are your ideas and a laptop. This remarkable and highly sought-after coworking space in Calgary has it all covered. 

    The shared office space in Calgary is meant to encourage the next generation of business leaders and talented professionals to pool their resources and work together to bring their ambitious ideas to fruition.

    The Collective 12|12 coworking in Calgary is a rock for a diverse group of forward-thinking individuals who always adapt to new circumstances and better themselves.

    $25 per day for a day pass
    $219 per month for a part-time membership
    $445 per month, a full-time membership

    The Collective 12/12  is located at 1212 9 Ave SE #200, Calgary, AB T2G 0T1, Canada.
  1. WeWork Coworking Space in Calgary

    There can be no comprehensive list of coworking spaces that do not include WeWork. They have offices in NYC, LA, and other major cities globally.  

    The WeWork shared office space in Calgary has state-of-the-art offices, adaptable memberships, and luxuries you didn’t know you wanted. This site has an indoor basketball court, golf simulator, gaming room, and gym for employees to use whenever they need a break from workplace stress.

    WeWork’s shared office space in Calgary provides its members with a variety of services and amenities, such as high-speed Internet, computer and tech support, 24-hour access, onsite maintenance, regular cleaning, office supplies, high-quality printing for business purposes, beverages (including coffee, tea, and beer), and even private phone booths.

    $320 a month for a hot desk
    $440 a month for a dedicated desk
    $610 a month for a private office

    WeWork’s shared office space in Calgary is located at 150 9 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H9, Canada.
  1. Regus Coworking Space in Calgary

    Regus is situated in Calgary’s central business district, close to several financial institutions and industries like oil and gas. You can take in the sights of the famous Canada Trust Tower, and the shared office space has a respectable business setting ideal for making a good impression on clients and coworkers. 

    In addition, wherever your business may take you, modern conference rooms will help you get more done.

    Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi), a front desk, free coffee/tea, conference rooms, private phone booths, parking, a printer/scanner, a networking events calendar, and more are some of the amenities offered at Regus.

    $330 per month for a person.

    Regus is located at South West, 421 7 Ave SE, 30th Floor, Calgary, AB T2P 4K9, Canada.
  1. Work Nicer Coworking Space in Calgary

    Work Nicer was established by ten friends who needed a workplace, but now there are more than 400 members and four locations. 

    This shared coworking space in Calgary is perfect for your company’s growth because of its exposed concrete/brick walls, large open area, amenities, and encouraging community. WIFI, 24/7 access, desks, ergonomic chairs, phones, kitchen, coffee, snacks, reception, lounges, rooftop patio, conference spaces, and more are all provided. 

    $300 per month for a hot desk
    $400 per month for a dedicated workstation.

    Work Nicer coworking space is located at 630 8 Ave SW #600, Calgary, AB T2P 1G6, Canada.
  1. Assembly Coworking Space in Calgary

    Assembly Coworking space in Calgary offers professionals a quiet place to work and think among the city’s bustle. They provide more than just a pleasant environment in which to work; they also provide several great incentives to their members.

    They pride themselves on being unique among other coworking space in Calgary.

    Assembly is a coworking space that provides its members with various services and amenities, such as a kitchen, café, rooftop terrace, contemporary desks, ergonomic chairs, janitorial services (including cleaning), cloud computing services, and more. 

    $300 per month for the first six months(a dedicated desk)
    $400 per month after that.

    Assembly coworking space is located at 119 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Z6, Canada.
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  1. cSpace King Edward Coworking Space in Calgary

    cSpace King Edward’s is more than just a shared office. It’s a hub for artists of all types to develop their talents. 

    Studios, individual workstations, communal areas, production rooms, a gallery, and a theater with 130 seats are all included in this location. Their mission is to give a hand up to innovators in the arts, charities, and businesses who are pushing for positive social change.

    A few of the features available to guests are Internet access (both wired and wireless), a lobby with complimentary coffee and tea, art galleries, a courtyard, event spaces, and networking opportunities.

    $25 a day for a day pass
    $112 a month for a hot desk
    $325 to $390 a month for a dedicated desk.

    cSpace King Edward shared office in Calgary is located at  1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7 Canada.
  1. The Commons Coworking Space in Calgary

    The Commons is the go-to lifestyle destination for professionals in Calgary, with a pleasant atmosphere ideal for getting work done. 

    The Commons is a coworking space in Calgary that caters to the needs of talented people who want to maintain their motivation while relentlessly pursuing their dreams. The space offers members access to various resources designed to help them run their businesses more efficiently and develop their talents.

    The Commons is a shared office space that provides several services, including hot desks, private offices, exclusive conference rooms, and event locations, all with a sleek and contemporary design.

    $150 per month for a hot desk
    $540 per month for a dedicated desk
    $1300 per month for a private office

    The Commons shared office space in Calgary is located at 1206 20 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1M8, Canada.
  1.  Workhaus Core Coworking Space in Calgary

    Workhaus is a shared office space in Calgary. Its members can access a well-equipped gym, wide common areas, attractive private offices, and productive meeting spaces. The convenient location and high-quality features of Workhaus will allow your company to flourish.

    You may take advantage of this shared office space with many services, including a business address, parking, bike storage, a community manager, meeting spaces, programs, events, and more, at any time of day or night.

    $350 for a shared desk
    $495 for a private office.

    Workhaus coworking space in Calgary is located at 606 4 St SW #1100, Calgary, AB T2P 1T1, Canada.
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  1. The Bridge Coworking Space in Calgary

    Located in the heart of Calgary, The Bridge Coworking Space provides shared, fully-equipped office space. The Bridge is also close to bus and train stations, making reaching the space easy. Amidst the city’s bustle, they will provide you with the ideal environment for getting work done.

    The Bridge has a wide variety of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, private and semi-private conference rooms, a fitness center with a shower, and a business center with a photocopier, printer, scanner, and other office necessities.

    $50 per month for a virtual office
    $65 per month for postal service
    $140 per month for parentpreneur pland
    $200 per month for an open desk
    $600 a month for a private office

    The Bridge shared office space is located at 718 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1H3, Canada.
  1. ReSourceYYC Coworking Space in Calgary

    Coworking spaces like ReSourceYYC aim to provide more than simply a comfortable workplace by cultivating a friendly and helpful atmosphere for their members. 

    Networking events, software demonstrations, and educational seminars are just a few ways ReSourceYYC encourages its members to get involved. To add to membership benefits, you may work with top professionals in your field and use cutting-edge software.

    They include services such as a company address, parking, meeting rooms, a conference center, access to industry software, training programs, IT assistance, events, and a greeting desk that is open around the clock.

    $400 per month for a dedicated desk
    $476 per month for a private office

    ReSourceYYC is located at 125 9 Ave SE #2000, Calgary, AB T2G 0P6, Canada.


Coworking spaces are useful for anybody, not just traditional office employees. This includes hybrid and remote workers who are sick of working from home.

We compiled this list of coworking spaces in Calgary in hopes that it will be useful to you. If you do not happen to be a resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, do not fret; our blog features several articles about coworking spaces in places all over the globe.

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