11 Best Auction Websites for Cars

auction websites for cars

That things are evolving is evidenced by the fact that car purchasers can participate in the bidding more easily when the auctions are conducted online through auction websites for cars. According to Statista, In 2022, US car dealers bought more than 5.4 million cars at auction.

You may see automobiles online from the comfort of your home or place of business without having to get dressed up or go somewhere. The only restriction is that you must pay close attention to the small print.

Your only ally will be the information and reports given because you won’t be able to inspect and feel the automobile for yourself.

Since there’s no test drive for you or closeup inspection, you have to know what you’re buying, understand how auctions work, understand what pricing is and where your limit is and try not to overpay.

auction websites for cars

This article doubles down on the reasons why people buy cars on auction websites for cars, how they do it, the risks and the 11 best auction websites for cars. Keep up!

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What are car auctions?

A public competition to bid on old, confiscated, or repossessed cars is what an auto auction entails. The highest bidder receives the automobile. It is becoming a more and more common way to purchase and sell autos in many places across the world.

You can locate cars for less than market value in an online auto auction, and you may be able to save up to 30% or even 50% on the car’s worth. There are hazards, though, and you need to be aware of how to manage them, just as in any business transaction.

The autos that are on exhibit are often accompanied by an impartial, certified quality control report at an auto auction. However, keep in mind that the technical report could not always list all of a car’s potential defects, especially because you are not given a mechanical guarantee.

Additionally, although some auction houses permit the engine to be started, a test drive is essentially impossible. So, in order to decide, you can only depend on the technical sheet.

Why do people buy cars at auctions?

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a dealer who runs a franchise, auction websites for cars have several benefits for all interested parties. Dealers may examine a variety of vehicles all at once at virtual auto auctions, which for many enthusiasts, is eye candy. Dealers have the option to purchase many automobiles all at once.

Additionally, dealers should immediately be aware of critical information that is immediately available at auto auctions. Each vehicle offered for sale at the auction is accompanied by information such as mileage, odometer, and condition reports.

All vehicles up for sale come with a warranted clear title. The best part is that the majority of auto auctions offer pick-up and delivery services for bigger businesses. In the absence of auto reconditioning services at your automobile dealership, you might have the recon done at a car auction house.

Auction websites for cars offer buyers the ability to check out the sort of vehicles they want, check out the spec, the prices, other services rendered and how to get it delivered to them or their dealership.

How to buy cars at auctions in the US

The method of buying cars on auction websites for cars is easy. There are listings for used automobiles that provide the beginning price as well as other crucial details.

The cars are often sampled and you get to see what they look like in and out so you decide for yourself if they meet your standards. Sometimes you are shown where these vehicles are so that you know they are real in case they aren’t very trusted.

You can start determining your highest bid after carefully inspecting the vehicle. Everyone can begin placing bids as soon as the car is on the presentation floor.

Be aware that there are a variety of bids that are competing with you and outbidding one another on any of the auction websites for cars. But keep in mind that your goal isn’t to outbid everyone; so, limit your bid to avoid going overboard.

You can always wait for the next auction if someone outbids your best rate. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes you won’t be able to get your car for various reasons.

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11 best auction websites for cars

For the millions of cars sold at auction, there are over 100 used-car auction sites in the US open to private individuals and car dealers. Here, we list 11 of the best auction websites for cars.

1 – eBay Motors

It is without a doubt the most well-liked auction websites for cars out there. You may locate the new or old car you’re searching for on our website, along with the components you need to fix it. You won’t have any problem reselling the car on the same platform if you decide you don’t like it after you buy it.

You may discover a number of possibilities because car dealers, individual sellers, and eBay are all used for vehicle disposal. And with all of the available criteria, finding your specific automobile is simple. If you’ve ever used eBay, you’ll be familiar with the bidding procedure on eBay Motors.

If the vendor has made the option to “Buy it Now” available, you will also have the ability to place a bid. Make an offer on the automobile you desire rather than competing with others for the highest bid.

You must use caution, though, as not all vendors are honourable people. Before you agree to buy anything, thoroughly read the description and look up the seller’s feedback history.

2 – Auto Auction Mall

In addition to offering a wide selection of automobiles on Auto Auction Mall, they also sell a lot of salvage cars if you’re searching for a project. Additionally, motorsports enthusiasts can find what they require.

Despite paying wholesale pricing, you can bid on the autos without a dealer’s license. You might save a lot of money if you make wise decisions. This is one of the auction websites for cars where security deposits are needed.

However, before you can place a bid, you must provide a security deposit equal to 10% of your spending cap. You will also be responsible for paying the $300 charge when the auction is ended. Having said that, there is no cost to sign up.

You may select from a number of financing options with Auto Auction Mall to pay for the automobile. You might be able to put nothing down and receive extremely low-interest rates depending on your credit.

3 – Copart Auto Auctions

Everybody can find a car to buy on Copart, which has more than 175,000 automobiles available for bidding every day, including dealers, body shops, salvage buyers, dismantlers, and private buyers. This makes Copart one of the auction websites for cars with more than enough automobiles for sale.

We can assist you at every stage of the process, whether you’re trying to increase your own inventory, locate the ideal project car, or even be a daily driver.

Please fill out the three-step registration form to sign up for a Copart Membership, after which you will get a confirmation email including your login details and password shortly after submitting the first step. Sign in to your account and select your membership type and payment method throughout the registration process.

After that, you can continue the process as either a guest or a member. The experience as a guest is limited, unlike that of members who get access to dealers and all types of vehicles that they want. This places Copart as number 3 on our list of auction websites for cars.

4 – Capital Auto Auctions

If you live in the northeast of the US, Capital Auto Auction may need to be atop your list of auction websites for cars. Three times a week, this network broadcasts live auto auctions from venues in the District of Columbia.

The business takes pleasure in offering several vehicles at each auction for less than $1,000, enabling you to receive a great price. This makes Capital Auto one of the auction websites for cars with the cheapest offerings.

There is nothing to lose as registration is entirely free. To bid on an automobile, though, there is a price. Additionally, there will be fees added to the cost of the automobile. You may evaluate the related costs after logging onto the site to see whether it is still a fair value for you.

5 – A Better Bid

Due to the smaller choices than some of the others, you might not pick A Better Bid as your top option among auction websites for cars. Nevertheless, the corporation constantly introduces new alternatives, so there’s always something to consider.

Additionally, the website offers more than simply standard automobiles. It’s a terrific resource for finding EVs, motorbikes, RVs, ATVs, and other vehicles.

Although registration is free, there are costs associated with the auction that is won. Along with any other fees that could be assessed, each transaction costs an additional $250.

However, if you want to make several purchases, the Premium Membership is the better option. Lower transaction costs and an additional five vehicle history reports to examine the autos are included for an additional $150 per year.

Furthermore, you don’t need a dealer license to submit a bid. If you want to keep parts cars out of your search results, there is a useful filter that lets you see just automobiles with a clean title. If so, you might want to look around for bargains on a scrap vehicle that you can work on.

6 – Salvage Bid

Are you willing to invest in your next car as long as it helps you save thousands of dollars? You’re covered by Salvage Bid and as the name indicates, it is one of the auction websites for cars that sells salvages. Only as-is automobiles are sold on this auction website, and they frequently sell for up to 75% less than the list price.

You must register before you can begin using the site. You may place bids just during preliminary bids with Salvage Bid’s free membership.

Additionally, the free plan only allows you to purchase one vehicle. Access the Premium plan, which unlocks every auction and feature on the website, for $200 per year. A Premium plan is required for live bidding.

7 – Purple Wave

It’s possible that you’re looking for a tractor or an automobile. Purple Wave has whatever it is that you may be looking for. It is one of the auction websites for cars that cater to those in need of heavy automobiles.

Thousands of vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, tractors, semi-trucks, trailers, and even construction equipment, may be found on this auction website. Here is where you can locate unique items if you’re seeking them.

Following registration, there are no costs and the Purple Wave platform is free. However, each purchase price includes a 10% buyer’s premium tacked on that must be paid in addition to your invoice. You could be asked to submit a bank letter of guarantee or a credit card pre-authorization for bids that total more than $10,000.

8 – IAA (Insurance Auto Action Incorporated)

The greatest online auction for experts is IAA, or Insurance Auto Auction Incorporated. IAA makes it simple to find a high-quality automobile by offering services to both licensed dealers and non-licensed consumers. If a non-licensed person wants to bid on a car, IAA offers broker services.

You will be required to pay IAA’s service fee of $200 per year if you are a public buyer without a license. Only public auctions and goods that are accessible to the general public are eligible for your bids.

With different dynamics to them all, IAA is one of the few auction websites for cars that experts like to deal with.

9 – Cranky Ape

Cranky Ape is a top-notch online marketplace for bidding on all kinds of automobiles. Following account registration, both dealers and non-dealers are permitted to place online bids. Although Cranky Ape does have a $50 one-time registration cost, it then reduces to $45 annually.

You may set an absentee bid on Cranky Ape, allowing the website to bid on your behalf up to your maximum. On the Internet, you can also find automobiles with Buy Now rights so you can avoid the online auction and make a straight purchase.

Cranky Ape is one of the few auction websites for cars that has a very simple design, so you have to know what you’re doing so you don’t get lost or lose time while you’re trying to search for other items of interest.

10 – ACV Auctions

ACV is a fantastic digital resource for discovering some of the finest offers, but it is solely intended for dealers. It is one of the dealer-only auction websites for cars. It’s simple to purchase or sell old cars, and at certain intervals, the digital auction lasts for twenty minutes.

The platform’s attention to detail is what dealers adore. In contrast to other businesses, we take shots of pretty much everything, even the undercarriage. Additionally, they play a tape of the engine in operation so that you may listen for any odd or unexpected noises.

You won’t have to stress about receiving junk mail because there are 10 days of arbitration accessible. Additionally, if you want extra assurances, you can pay for arbitration for up to a month.

11 – ADESA

ADESA is also one of the dealer-only auction websites for cars. There are several live auctions held by this organization, but there is also a useful online platform.

Vehicles are available for bidding all around the world. Additionally, consumers have access to other services including finance, title assistance, and inspections.

Through ADESA, you have access to the greatest solutions from national banks, automotive dealers, fleet providers, and rental organizations. The company takes pride in having the most low-mileage, one-owner vehicles. This makes it maybe the ideal location to find high-calibre secondhand cars.

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Auction websites for cars provide a wide range of affordable new and used cars, and you can search by make and model to discover precisely what you’re searching for. We curated the best here for you to choose from.

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