12 Best Car Insurance Companies In Australia

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Because of the fierce competition between car Insurance companies in Australia, it can be challenging for customers to select the best plan. Customers of automobile insurance frequently focus their decisions on price, but as any insurance broker will tell you, there are many other factors to take into account, including the terms of the policy, your unique demands, and the level of customer care offered.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best car insurance companies in Australia. This post will be loaded with loads of vital information. We hope you’ll find them useful.


Car Insurance has a lot of importance; from the obvious ones to eventualities. Below are some of its importance:

1. Car Insurance Covers You If You Cause An Accident

One of the most distressing things that may happen to a motorist is causing an accident. When you are at fault, you are liable for the expenses. No matter who was at fault, some insurance policies, such as collision coverage or personal injury protection, typically cover expenditures.

2. Car Insurance Is Often Required By Law

There are different tiers of coverage, but there is almost always a mandatory minimum; this is the case in Australia, where every car owner is mandated to have at least a 3rd party insurance coverage.

In the European Union, anyone who registers a car is required to have third-party liability insurance, which covers you if the accident results in property damage or injuries to anyone other than the driver.

3. Damages Resulting From Natural Disaster Are Assisted By Car Insurance

Insurance is useful at all times, not only after incidents. Your car could be harmed by weather conditions including hail, ice storms, wildfires, and more. Typically, comprehensive insurance covers “acts of God,” or incidents in which neither you nor another driver is at fault.

Should your car be stolen or damaged, this kind of coverage is also crucial. The policy may even cover items that were taken from or destroyed in your automobile.

4. Vehicle Insurance Safeguards Passengers

Insurance should cover any injuries suffered by passengers in a car accident. Third-party liability is intended to defend any other individuals engaged in the collision, as we previously indicated.

A decent coverage will assist in covering the medical costs of any injured third parties should you be the cause of an accident. Your insurance or the insurance of the at-fault driver should still cover passengers if you are driving with passengers and the accident is not your fault.

5. Car Insurance Can Supplement Your Health Insurance

The topic of car insurance covering medical expenses has been discussed. What transpires if you also have health insurance may be a concern of yours. Your regular insurance may not cover some procedures, but your auto insurance may.

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There are a lot of car insurance companies in Australia, but below are some of the best:

1. Budget Direct 

Car Insurance companies in Australia
Car insurance companies in Australia

For more than 20 years, Budget Direct has provided Australians with insurance products that provide peace of mind, and it has arranged insurance for more than 3 million individuals making it one of the best car insurance companies in Australia. 

Budget Direct offers the best value car insurance in Australia. An insurance policy typically costs $1,004 a year. This covers damage to your vehicle, other people’s property, $500 for lost or stolen personal belongings, and the purchase of a new vehicle if yours is written off within the first two years.

Budget Direct currently offers one of the best vehicle insurance policies available, with affordable rates and reliable coverage levels, a 15% discount if you purchase your policy online, and a well-regarded 24/7 claims service.

This policy has helpful components that can keep you on the road like hire car coverage for 14 days following a theft or accident for which you were not at fault (up to $1,000 overall).

And you’ll be protected by $1,000 in replacement keys, $500 in personal property coverage, and new-for-old car replacement (if the vehicle is under two years old or has fewer than 40,000 kilometers on the odometer).

2. Rollin’

Rollin’, formerly known as Poncho Car Insurance, is one of the best car insurance companies in Australia. It makes coverage as straightforward as possible by providing monthly payments at no extra charge and coverage you can cancel at any time without incurring fees. 

If there are less than 15,000 kilometers on the odometer, Rollin’ will replace your automobile if it is written off with a new equivalent model. This policy covers damage to your car in the event of an accident, storm, or theft. You won’t be required to pay an excess for repairs if you break a window or windscreen.

Additionally, for other claim types, listed drivers will only have to pay a single $800 excess, which is a helpful alternative for drivers under 25 who would otherwise have to pay an additional young driver excess (keep in mind, however, that unlisted drivers may still be subject to an additional excess of up to $3,000).

3. Youi

Youi is next on our list of best car insurance companies in Australia. Youi’s excellent value policy offers a variety of adjustable alternatives at a low cost. You can use up to $1,000 in an emergency to pay for repairs without getting an insurance evaluation, or if you’re more than 100 kilometers from home, you can use the money for lodging and travel. 

This policy comes with emergency roadside assistance as standard. With Youi’s rental car insurance, you will be able to drive again after a theft or accident for which you are not at fault (for up to 14 days). 

It also includes coverage that is fairly comparable to that offered by other insurers, including coverage for theft, incidental damage, towing expenses, and new car replacement if yours is written off during the first two years of registration and you purchased it brand-new or as a dealer demonstrator model.

Youi offers one of the more affordable insurance. The typical annual premium for comprehensive auto insurance in Youi is $1,154.

4. Bingle

Car Insurance companies in Australia
Car Insurance companies in Australia

Bingle, one of the best car insurance companies in Australia was founded in 2007 to change things in the car insurance game. It is an online-only insurance company and as such protects your cars with fewer complications and at a lower cost. Bingle has the cheapest comprehensive car insurance premiums. It averaged $767 in price.

With Bingle, you get what you paid for because it has a thorough policy that just covers the necessities and none of the extras. That includes accidental damage to other people’s automobiles and property, as well as damage to your car from fires, theft, floods, and accidents.

Although Bingle’s comprehensive car insurance is standard, it won’t cover things like general wear and tear of your vehicle, roadside assistance like dead batteries, flat tires or breakdowns, or physical injuries to you or other people. This is covered by compulsory third-party insurance, which Bingle does not offer.

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5. Virgin Money

Virgin Money is one of the best car insurance companies in Australia. Its Comprehensive Car Insurance would take good care of you in case of an emergency. Following an accident, it will pay up to $1,000 in total for up to $200 per day in travel and lodging expenses, $500 for urgent auto repairs to get you back on the road, and up to $1,000 for a 14-day rental car to keep you moving.

After a theft or accident where no one was at fault, hire car coverage is provided as standard; however, in cases where someone was at fault, it is only available as an additional.

You will get a 15% reduction on your first annual premium if you apply for the policy online. And if you maintain a spotless claims history, you could accrue a no-claims discount of up to 15% (this can increase for each year in a row you go without filing an at-fault claim, but it can decrease if you do).

6. QBE

QBE is also one of the best car insurance companies in Australia. You may save $75 off your first year’s premium when you purchase a QBE Car Insurance policy online. You can include the choice of repairer option if you’d like (for an additional fee). Additionally, QBE enables you to insure your vehicle for agreed-upon or market value. 

In addition to these benefits, this coverage offers first-rate post-accident assistance. Following a theft or an accident where you weren’t at fault, you’ll have coverage for a hire car for up to 14 days. If you choose the optional extra, which will raise your premium, for at-fault incidents, a rental automobile will only be given.

Your car may be covered by QBE’s coverage for necessary repairs up to $500 and for emergency transportation and lodging up to $1,000. But keep in mind that the excess is automatically set at $600 for listed drivers under 25, or $1,600 for unlisted drivers under 25.

7. Huddle

Car Insurance companies in Australia
Car Insurance companies in Australia

Huddle is a relatively new player in the auto insurance market but they have extensive coverage for accidents and natural catastrophes. Their Australian policies first went on sale in 2016 and so far they have become one of the best car insurance companies in Australia.

With their pay-as-you-drive policy, you may be able to lower your premium if you don’t log many miles annually. If you ever need to file a claim, you may be able to do so online and receive a response within a few minutes.

Pay-as-you-drive insurance is one of Huddle’s most notable money-saving features; if you estimate you drive less than 15,000km annually, Huddle provides up to a 30% discount on annual premiums compared to its regular comprehensive cover since you’re on the road less, and thus less likely to be in an accident and make a claim on your cover.

You’ll have up to $500 set aside for personal items, plus an additional $500 for kid safety seats and strollers if they are damaged inside your car. The coverage also includes up to $1,000 to replace locks and keys if they are stolen, reasonable towing fees, and $500 to cover your travel and lodging expenses after an accident if you are more than 200 kilometers from home and your car isn’t driveable. 

Additionally, Huddle will replace your automobile with a brand-new one if it is written off. Just keep in mind that this only applies if you are the car’s first registered owner, it is less than two years old, or you purchased a dealer demonstrator model. 

8. Apia

Next on our list of best car insurance companies in Australia is Apia. When you acquire a comprehensive auto insurance policy online from Apia, they will give you a 10% reduction on your first year’s price. They also give discounts to clients who drive fewer than 20,000 kilometers annually. 

If your vehicle of less than 10 years old is written off, you may be eligible for a new-for-old car replacement, and you can rest easy knowing that authorized repairs are unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the vehicle with Apia’s comprehensive car insurance. 

9. GIO

GIO is one of the best car insurance companies in Australia and its Platinum Car Insurance has the broadest levels of coverage offered on the market. Your choice of repairer, access to GIO’s platinum hire vehicle service, and lifetime new car replacement are just a few of the cool things you can anticipate from GIO’s top level of auto insurance.

All of these advantages are made more cheap by large multi-policy savings. GIO’s standard and ‘Platinum’ tiers of comprehensive automobile insurance both offer a wide range of coverage, with the latter offering the broadest insurance.

GIO Platinum Car Insurance will also cover any personal goods up to a value of $1,000 and infant seats or capsules up to a value of $750 inside your vehicle. This policy includes windscreen coverage as standard, with one excess-free claim each policy period. If your automobile needs maintenance, you are also free to choose a mechanic you know and trust.

GIO offers some discounts to lessen the strain on your pocketbook. For instance, you might receive an additional 10% off with the multi-policy discount if you have three or more insurance plans with GIO. Furthermore, depending on how long they maintain GIO insurance without filing a claim, safe drivers will be awarded a no-claims incentive ranging from 5% to 20%. 

10. RAA

Car Insurance companies in Australia
Car insurance companies in Australia

RAA is one of the best car insurance companies in Australia and its comprehensive auto insurance policy is one to think about because it gives you a choice of repairer, authorized repairs that are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle, and access to RAA membership perks. Seniors Cards holders receive a 10% discount from RAA.

In addition to covering theft and malicious damage (including up to $1,000 for personal effects in the event of theft), fire, flood, and hail damage, the RAA comprehensive automobile insurance policy also offers limitless, excess-free windshield and window repair or replacement.

Additionally, this coverage offers new-for-old automobile replacement if your car is written off (as long as you’re the initial owner and the car is under two years old). 

11. Australia Post

Australia Post is also one of the car insurance companies in Australia that offers a complete auto insurance plan. For the first year of their payment, new customers who buy a comprehensive auto insurance policy from Australia Post may be eligible for a $75 online-only discount. 

An AusPost policy keeps things straightforward by including upgrades and car accessories as standard. Similar ease is seen when having your windscreen or window glass repaired because no excess is required for such claims (excess may be required for a complete replacement, though).

Other generous features include up to $1,000 in personal property coverage for goods within your vehicle, up to $1,000 in emergency travel and lodging coverage if you are more than 100 kilometers from home and a new-for-old replacement option if your vehicle is written off (up to three years old and fewer than 60,000 kilometers). Additionally, for a limited time, new signups who apply online may receive $75 off their first year’s membership.

12. ING

ING is also on our list of the best car insurance companies in Australia. A variety of high-quality coverage options are available from ING Comprehensive Car Insurance, and you may customize your premium to fit your spending limit. If you apply online, you can choose a bigger excess to lower your premium, get a no-claims bonus of up to 15%, and save an additional 15% on your premium for the first year.

If you lose your car, as long as your vehicle was registered within two years or 40,000 miles of the time it was purchased, ING Comprehensive Car Insurance will help you get a new vehicle. Additionally, if your automobile is stolen, they will provide you with a rental car for up to 14 days (up to $1,000) with legal responsibility insurance while you are driving the hired car.

ING will also pay up to $1,000 for new car keys, up to $1,000 for a new infant carrier or seat, and up to $1,000 for trailer or caravan coverage if your keys are stolen. With ING Comprehensive Car Insurance, you have the peace of mind of a 24/7 claims service in addition to a variety of emergency benefits including travel and lodging expense coverage ($200/day up to $1,000) and affordable towing fees. 


What kind of auto insurance is the best?

Comprehensive Car Insurance. Because it covers third-party liability, harm to one’s vehicle, personal accident coverage, and all non-collision damage like storm, flood, fire, and theft, this type of auto insurance offers the most protection.

What kind of auto insurance do I require in Australia?

In Australia, all vehicles must have Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP). Your “Green Slip,” sometimes referred to as Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), is a sort of insurance that you must carry to register your vehicle in all Australian states.

Who is Australia’s largest insurer?

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) Limited is the biggest general insurer in both Australia and New Zealand. The Group’s operations sell insurance under numerous renowned names and insure approximately $13 billion in premiums annually.

Which car company is popular in Australia?

With their flagship vehicle, the Toyota Hilux, consistently being among the most popular vehicles bought in Australia, Toyota has been at the top of the list of best-selling automakers for years. Toyota was one of Australia’s top-selling automobile brands in 2022 with sales of 231,050 vehicles.

How many people in Australia are covered by auto insurance?

There may be millions of drivers without any kind of property damage auto insurance given that there are 18.5 million registered vehicles on the road but only 14.5 million consumer vehicle insurance policies have been issued.


Car insurance reduces the burden of financial liability after an accident. Repairs, damages, and potential legal costs aren’t cheap and that is why we need car insurance. We hope this post was as helpful as promised. Kindly drop a comment below to let us know what you think.

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