Best Technology Blogs Ranked By Popularity

Technology Blogs

While technology is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, a section that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is tech publishing, a very significant sector of the circle. The first step to foraying into the tech industry is following the latest happenings through the most popular publishers. Popularity remains the most objective metric for measuring the … Read more

9 World Best Games for Laptop

9 World Best Games for Laptop

The sleek form factor of a laptop works for many things, but playing games is certainly not one of them. Granted, you can get a crazy expensive high-spec gaming laptop that runs most of your favorite Steam games. However, it will struggle to keep up with the average gaming desktop in demanding games, and that’s … Read more

25 Best Grants for Single Moms in America

Grants for Single Moms

Women-led businesses are less likely to get a business loan than men-led businesses, which is one of the reasons single moms are far less likely to succeed in sole entrepreneurship than single dads. Thankfully, organizations offer grants specific to women and other minority groups in the United States to bridge the inequality between men and … Read more

Best Meme Maker App for iOS/Android

Best meme maker app for ios/android

Stop for one second and imagine how boring the web would’ve been without memes. I can’t even imagine that; I’m so deep into the meme “rabbit hole” that that’s no longer a possibility for me. For a long time, I used to think there was nothing more satisfying on the web than seeing a meme … Read more

10 Best Coding Schools in Abuja

coding schools in abuja

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital and is unarguably one of the fastest-growing cities on the black continent. One industry that has grown considerably in Abuja over the years is its IT sector. It’s not on par with Lagos for now, but when you compare it to the average African city, it’s pretty advanced. With all I … Read more

13 Top Best Coworking Space in Manhattan

Top Coworking Space in Manhattan

The recent pandemic has inspired some radical changes in how the average business operates, introducing innovations like coworking spaces. Today, the busiest cities in the United States all have coworking spaces to enhance productivity for solo entrepreneurs and remote workers alike. Coworking spaces work exactly as they sound; a spacious environment where different people can … Read more

10 Popular Charities that Help Single Mothers

Popular Charities that Help Single Mothers

Living as an unmarried parent is difficult, especially for women. Don’t take my word for it; the stats say so: while 17.3% of white single-mother families lived below the poverty line in 2021 (Statista), only 9.6% of single-father families were poor during the same period (Statista). The numbers are even worse numerically, as nearly 80% … Read more