Founder of YandyTech, Making a difference in NorthWest Nigeria Tech Ecosystem

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It’s No doubt that there are amazing individuals doing amazing things in the tech ecosystem of Nigeria, most especially in the North, North-West of Nigeria.

Mohammed Bayero Yayandi is one of those great individuals driving a tech big force in Kaduna, he is a Techie, Tech Community Builder, Activist, Volunteer, and Founder of YandyTech a community that addresses unemployment/underemployment problems by bringing opportunities closer to locals.

Asides this, YandyTech also has a platform where it teaches youth, women, and children computer programming, web development, data analytics, and how to use data to provide insightful stories alongside ICT Consultations for businesses.

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Yayandi is passionate about development and tech community building, Nigeria tech ecosystem he is part of different tech communities and also guides and mobilizes youth with life-changing opportunities.

With so much amazing things Yayandi the founder of YandyTech is doing in Kaduna, he got featured on British Council Nigeria Blog In December 2019, as one of the 75 most inspiring stories

British Council Nigeria.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak causing many schools to temporary close down following the government directives, a lot of students and youths are stranded on how to continue studies, Yayandi and his team came up with an idea to teach Python Programming 100% free, for 6weeks to help them develop new skillset during the lockdown. Even with over 100 participants, they were able to achieve this.

Now we can agree that amazing things are happening in the North tech ecosystem, we hope to see more rise of the community builders like yayandi and his team of tech enthusiast.

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