20 Best websites that pay you to write

Websites that pay you to write
Websites that pay you to write

There are lots of websites that will compensate you for writing blog entries and articles.

To be honest, though, not all of them are worthwhile. For this reason, we have devoted many hours to investigating and contrasting various pay-for-writing websites to compile this list of 20 websites that pay you to write.

Let’s get started on the journey of earning money from our writing on the internet right now.

20 websites that pay you to write

1. Income Diary

websites that pay you to write

Income Diary is one of the best websites that pay you to write. This website is very interesting to work with if you have experience with any of the following: building fantastic websites, SEO, generating traffic, content production, entrepreneurship, or online money earning.

To produce a comprehensive blog article about keyword research, they are now seeking a search engine optimization specialist. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have experience utilizing tools like SEMRush.

Pay: $150 to $300

2. iworkwell

iWorkwell is constantly seeking highly skilled HR professionals, consultants, academics, and employment or labour attorneys with extensive knowledge in any field of HR (that is, all subjects about managing people) to write or edit educational articles that are task-oriented, action-oriented, and provide checklists to assist the reader in finishing the assignment.

All you have to do is to compose fresh articles using the predetermined outlines.
Also, you can update and improve the current articles on iWorkwell to make sure they are accurate, complete, and of the greatest calibre.

In either scenario, you won’t have to stress over the style or word choice; instead, you will use your expertise and judgment about the subject. With Word’s “Track Changes” enabled, distinct technical writers and copy editors will make style edits (not meaning changes). After that, someone else will publish the content on the active website.

Pay: $20 to $195

3. Steemit

Users of the blockchain-based social networking site Steemit can post content and get paid in cryptocurrencies. It uses a reward system known as Steem Power and runs on the Steem blockchain. After contributing, users receive STEEM tokens as payment, which they may exchange for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.

Remember that although Steemit offers the possibility of earning money, the actual sums may differ depending on things like how well-liked your work is and how active the community is. Furthermore, the value of the incentives you receive may fluctuate due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Pay: $500 to $1,000 per article

4. Listverse

websites that pay you to write

A website called Listverse offers content in the form of lists on a variety of subjects and it is one of the best websites that pay you to write. Authors submit lists with captivating and fascinating content to articles. If Listverse accepts your piece, they will pay you a set amount.

The site favours creative and distinctive content. Don’t submit articles that you’ve already published anywhere else as it will automatically indicate a 100% plagiarized.

Pay: $100 per article

5. Cracked

Comedic perspectives on a range of subjects, comedy, and satire are the hallmarks of Cracked. Articles frequently have a lighthearted viewpoint or narrative approach and it is also one of the best websites that pay you to write.

Authors can use the platform’s submission mechanism, Cracked Workshop, to submit ideas and proposals for articles. You need to become acquainted with their policies.

For accepted pieces, Cracked pays writers a set fee. The precise terms are typically disclosed during the pitch acceptance procedure, and the payment amount may change. Ownership: Authors usually keep the rights to their works, and Cracked grants permission to publish them.

Pay: About $150 per article

6. Tuts+

The online learning platform Tuts+ provides articles, classes, and tutorials mostly on web development, design, and other creative and technical disciplines. Freelance authors are welcome to contribute articles to Tuts+, which compensates for accepted entries.

The instructive and tutorial-style articles on web development, design, programming, and creative abilities are the focus of Tuts+ material.

Through the Tuts+ website, authors can submit their tutorial concepts or finished drafts. It’s crucial to adhere to their instructions and submit a concise, comprehensive proposal.

Pay: $200 per article

7. Toptenz

websites that pay you to write

A website called Toptenz releases rankings of the top 10 items on a wide range of fascinating and captivating subjects. It compensates for accepted submissions and lets writers create articles.

Toptenz articles usually give information in a list of the top ten items, with a brief explanation for each item. It offers a large selection of topics, so you can easily select ones that suit your knowledge and interests.

Authors can use the Toptenz website to submit both finished documents and list suggestions. It’s critical to adhere to their submission rules and offer a concise, thoroughly researched list.

Pay: $100 to $200 per article

8. DotWriter

A platform called DotWriter links authors with companies who need help creating content and websites that pay you to write.

DotWriter functions as a marketplace for content, where consumers can buy articles and authors may offer their skills. Variety of Content: Articles, blog posts, and other written materials are among the many types of content that the platform enables.

Content creators have the freedom to choose how much they wish to charge for their work by setting their prices.

Pay: $0.07 per word

9. Matador Network

Publication articles, films, and other content about travel and adventure are published on Matador Network, a travel-focused websites that pay you to write.

Destination guides, travelogs, and educational pieces covering a range of travel-related topics are among the travel-related content that Matador Network specializes in.

Contributors can use the Matador Network contributor platform to submit articles and travelogs. To maximize your chances of acceptance, make sure you abide by their submission rules.

Pay: $20 to $60

10. Verblio

Verblio is a platform for creating content that links clients looking for written material with independent writers. It provides a range of writing services, such as blog entries, articles, and other written content.

Writers can select assignments that align with their areas of expertise and interests when clients submit content requests as assignments.

Payment is given to writers for finished projects. Rates and other payment information may change depending on the word count and difficulty of the work.

Pay: $125 to $200

11. Ko-fi

websites that pay you to write

With the help of the platform Ko-fi, one of the websites that pay you to write, creators can accept one-time or recurring donations from their audience, fans, or followers.

With Ko-fi, authors and other creators may get direct monetary support from their readers.

“Coffees” are one-time payments that fans can make to the creator as a token of appreciation for their work.

Additionally, Ko-fi provides a membership model via which authors can reward fans with special material or benefits in return for a recurring monthly donation.

12. Guru

Guru is a platform for independent contractors that links companies with contractors providing a range of services, including writing. In addition to writing, design, programming, and other freelancing services, Guru also provides other services. Entrepreneurs publish job openings, and independent contractors can offer their services for projects they are considering.

Freelancers and clients can interact, exchange files, and work together on projects in the workroom that Guru offers.

Pay: $25 to $100

13. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a platform for creating content that links website owners and corporations with independent writers. It is a great websites that pay you to write. Here, customers can request several kinds of material on Crowd material’s marketplace, including product descriptions, blog entries, articles, and more.

Freelancers can bid on and finish content production jobs posted by clients, contingent on their availability and areas of competence.

Crowd material divides material into quality tiers so that customers may select the tier that best suits their demands and budget.

Pay: $31 to $100

14. OneSpace

websites that pay you to write

OneSpace is a platform that links independent contractors with companies in need of a range of services, including writing content. It is one of the best websites that pay you to write and offers independent contractors the chance to work on a variety of projects, such as writing and editing.

On the platform, clients submit tasks, and freelancers can apply to work on these projects according to their interests and skill set. OneSpace places a strong emphasis on quality, so when freelancers finish projects, they usually have to adhere to certain rules and requirements.

Pay: $30 per hour

15. A List Apart

The popular online publication, A List Apart covers web development, design, and related subjects.

For online design, development, and user experience, A List Apart provides articles that examine best practices, methods, and ideas. Also, it is one of the great websites that pay you to write.

Editorial standards at A List Apart are very high, and pieces should be intelligent, thoroughly researched, and targeted at online industry professionals.

A List Apart is accepting submissions for articles from writers. A pitch summarizing the topic and strategy is usually required as part of the submission process.

Pay: $200 per article

16. Content Gather

websites that pay you to write

A platform called Content Gather links authors with companies in need of written content.

As a marketplace, Content Gather allows clients to request different kinds of content and writers to claim and produce material according to their areas of expertise and passions.

Assignments for various kinds of material, such as blog entries, product descriptions, articles, and more, are posted by clients.

When an assignment is finished, writers are paid. Payment terms could change based on things like word count, the caliber of the content, and the client’s spending plan.

Pay: $50 to $100 per article

17. Patreon

Patrons, supporters, and fans can send creative regular payments through the Patreon website.

Patreon creators can create various membership tiers with different incentives. To help the creator, fans can choose a tier and pay a monthly subscription fee.

Authors, painters, musicians, podcasters, and other creators are all supported by Patreon in a variety of industries.

Depending on the subscriber’s level, creators can provide them with personalized messages, access to behind-the-scenes content, and other benefits.

Pay: It varies per client

18. WritersAccess

WritersAccess is a platform for creating content that links clients and businesses with independent authors.

Through WritersAccess, clients can post requests for different kinds of material, and independent writers can claim and finish jobs.

For a variety of uses, including blog posts, articles, website material, and more, clients publish content creation assignments.

WritersAccess divides writers into several quality tiers so that customers can select the tier that best suits their needs and budget.

Pay: 80% of their writers received $0.8 per word

19. Hubpages

websites that pay you to write

Writers can post articles on a variety of themes on HubPages and make money using a variety of monetization strategies.

On HubPages, a great websites that pay you to write, authors can write and publish articles, or “Hubs.” These can address a variety of subjects, such as lifestyle, technology, travel, and more.

HubPages has a revenue-sharing business model. Through the HubPages Ad Program, which involves placing advertisements on their articles, writers can make money.

Additionally, authors have the option to include their affiliate links in their writing, which will earn them extra money if readers click through those links and make purchases.

Pay: $5 per 100 views

20. Content Authority

The Content Authority is a platform for content creation that links clients and businesses with independent writers.

The Content Authority provides a marketplace where clients may post requests for different kinds of content and independent contractors can bid on and finish jobs.

For a variety of uses, including articles, blog entries, product descriptions, and more, clients post content creation tasks.

How can I begin contributing to these websites as a writer?

To begin, you usually have to register on the site, make a writer profile, and occasionally send in writing samples or pass an exam. Upon approval, you can go through the available tasks or apply to writing jobs.

What kinds of material can Icreate for these websites?

The information comes in a variety of forms, such as blog entries, product descriptions, tutorials, and articles. The demands of publications or clients, as well as the particular platform, will determine this.

Does writing on these platforms come with any fees or costs?

For writers to join or submit their work, most platforms don’t charge anything. On the other hand, certain platforms might charge for membership plans or premium services.

In conclusion, writing for websites that pay you to write may be a fulfilling activity that offers chances for authors of all experience levels to demonstrate their abilities and make money.



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