What are the top popular most expensive nfts ever sold

the most expensive nfts

Since the first NFT, Quantum, was issued in 2014, much has changed. Several initiatives have emerged since then, including CryptoKitties, Rare Pepes, and CryptoPunks. The sales of non-fungible tokens have surged, and several of the most expensive NFTs have generated millions of dollars. However, how high can the numbers go when it comes to the … Read more

The Best websites to create NFTs Free

Best websites to create NFTs Free

Before we talk about the best websites to create nfts free in 2022, let us go back to 2021, where one NFT artwork by a digital artist called Beeple sold for a record-breaking $69 million at an auction at Christy’s. Have you been hearing about the NFT craze and you’re wondering, what are the best … Read more

How 27 year old Female ex-Banker raises $1 million for her tech Startup

tech startup AFEN

Deborah Ojengbede is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Crypto-based tech Startup, AFEN group, and a former banker who is now on the Wheels of the NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) Initiative. The year 2021 is already proving to become the best year so far, especially for the tech startup sector in Nigeria. It’s just four … Read more

The Non Fungible Tokens in Nigeria Will be a Great Digital Asset investment.

Non fungible tokens (NFTs)

The world as we knew it has really changed over time with the introduction to amazing technologies that aid life and make things a little better, which non fungible tokens is not an exception. NFTs are not so new but have made some waves recently which puts more eyes on them.You may be asking what … Read more