Buy TikTok Followers Cheap

Buy TikTok Followers Cheap

There are two primary ways to get TikTok followers: you can create videos that people love making them follow you to get more of your content or buy TikTok followers. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and neither is illegal. 

Followers you earn organically tend to be more engaging, as they follow you because they love your content and want more of it. However, getting organic followers is not easy, especially when you need rapid growth in the shortest time.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to buy TikTok followers, but we’re here to help if you decide to go that route. This article will explain how to buy TikTok followers cheaply and the best sites to buy TikTok followers in 2023.

Can You Buy Real Followers on TikTok?

Buy tiktok followers

Before proceeding with anything, it’s crucial to know if it’s possible to buy real followers on TikTok in the first place. Since a TikTok follower should be a real person that uses the site, how is it possible to pay to get hundreds of them to follow your boring page with no content?

For one, you can buy TikTok followers to your account using any of the services below. They typically offer plans, each promising a certain number of followers for your account. When you buy any of those plans, you’ll see your followers artificially increase by roughly what your plan promises.

Another method of follower inflation method works as a subscription service. For a fixed monthly fee, the TikTok account growth agency partially takes over your account, making modifications to help you gain followers quicker than the typical growth rate.

This form of “buying” TikTok followers is slower but also safer, and the growth is organic. Most of the followers you get organically are people interested in your content that will engage by liking, sharing, and even commenting on them.

On the other hand, the magical followers you get from paying a random site are typically random and don’t even care about the video you do or don’t upload.

Consequently, patronizing TikTok growth sites that enhance your followership figures by optimizing your account will have a better result than one that adds followers magically.

To answer the main question, you can buy TikTok followers, but those followers aren’t necessarily interested in the content you create. If the vendor or agency delivers those followers rapidly, it’s likely a set of people that aren’t interested in your videos but are paid to follow you. However, you’ll likely get a highly engaging audience if the growth rate seems natural. 

Will TikTok Ban Me for Buying Followers? 

Buying TikTok followers can be very satisfying; you get to see your account grow with little work on your side, but there’s a little problem. Many social media sites ban users for inflating engagement figures, so will TikTok ban you for buying followers?

Well, it depends. Hiring an agency to manage your social media account isn’t against TikTok’s policies, and you can argue that “buying” followers is a social media management service. TikTok wouldn’t want to ban your account for simply buying followers from a random site online.

However, you also don’t want to make buying followers, views, and likes your primary TikTok growth strategy, as it’s not sustainable. Firstly, TikTok won’t pay you nearly enough to recoup your investments. Secondly, TikTok will discover you’re using an artificial follower growth method and force your account to grow naturally.

That said, TikTok will not ban you from the platform for buying followers, as it’s not against any of their disclosed terms and conditions. However, you’ll likely get shadowbanned when you artificially inflate your followership numbers massively at the same time to discourage unfair competition on the site.

A shadowban is a situation where a social media platform like TikTok doesn’t ban you officially, but they limit the reach of your content behind the scenes to punish you for an infraction. This phenomenon is common on TikTok, as some accounts that buy TikTok followers have noticed signs of shadowbanning.

Consider rationing how many followers you get simultaneously to avoid triggering negative actions. Some sites that sell TikTok followers already do that by default by spreading the number of followers you buy across a specific timeframe to make TikTok think it’s natural. Whether or not that hack works is a discussion for another day.

How Do You Know If Someone is Buying Followers on TikTok?

One of the surest signs that a TikTok account has fake followers is disproportionate engagement numbers. If an account has 2,500 with 250 views on their most popular video and only two comments, the followers are likely fake unless the user is a public figure, of course.

Another smart way is using a tool to check the quality of their followers. While these tools may not be 100% accurate, they typically do a decent job of determining if someone has too many fake followers to be a red flag. FakeCheck, Social Audit Pro, and HypeAudit are popular auditing tools for TikTok followers.

Another smart way to determine if someone buys followers is by manually checking their follower list. Having too many eggheads or empty accounts is typically a big sign. Also, if they have a TikTok follower buying page following them, it’s typically a big sign they’re buying followers. 

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers Cheap

A simple Google search for “buy TikTok followers” will return hundreds of sites, with all promising to offer the same service. However, most of these sites are scams, which is why we’ve resolved to show you some legitimate sites that sell TikTok followers at an affordable price.

Here are the best sites to buy TikTok followers cheaply.

1. UseViral

UseViral is one of the most popular sites to buy TikTok followers, as they offer an excellent service for a competitive price. About competitive pricing, UseViral sells 100 followers for $5, and you can buy up to 10,000 real TikTok followers for only $199.

When you sign up for UseViral and buy any plan, you get a dedicated success manager that works with you to ensure your account grows continuously. They offer a 30-day guarantee, so you can get your money back in 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with the quality of the service.

UseViral has an instant delivery policy, which means you start seeing an improvement in your engagement numbers as soon as you complete your payment. They also claim that the followers have a high retention rate, but you should keep your expectations low. 

2. TokGrowth

While UseViral focuses on social media sites generally, TokGrowth only sells TikTok followers. While that doesn’t imply the latter offers better follower quality than the former, I’d trust an electrician for my house’s wiring than a carpenter.

Unlike most other TikTok growth tools, TokGrowth cares about your account’s safety. So, it doesn’t inflate your follower count by hundreds of thousands on day one; instead, it makes them trickle in at first, increasing it exponentially once it decides it’s safe enough.

TokGrowth won’t assign you a dedicated account manager like UseViral, but they’re always ready to answer any questions you might have about the service. If you want to avoid a shadowban when you buy TikTok followers, you should consider TokGrowth.

3. ViralHQ

If you’d love exponential growth to your TikTok account in the shortest possible time, ViralHQ is your best bet. Like UseViral, the service offers several account growth packages, the cheapest being $12 for 300 followers.

Unlike TokGrowth, ViralHQ doesn’t take drastic account safety measures. Once you pay for followers, they deliver almost instantly, making it your responsibility to safeguard your account by buying responsibly.

To avoid any manual action on your account, we recommend starting from the cheaper packages that offer fewer followers initially to avoid triggering TikTok’s shadowbanning algorithm. Next to UseViral and TokGrowth, ViralHQ is one of the best websites to buy TikTok followers cheaply.

4. TokSocial

If you’re after a TikTok account growth service with dedicated customer service, TokSocial is one of the best. Unlike most websites where you can buy TikTok followers, TokSocial doesn’t simply sell you followers and abandon your account, but they also help you configure your account for growth.

Unlike services like ViralHQ, TokSocial doesn’t offer you packages that promise specific follower counts; instead, they work with you to optimize your account in a way that sets it on a growth trajectory.

TokSocial’s account growth service isn’t instant; you may have to wait weeks to see results. However, once the followers start rolling in, your account will continue to grow in the long term, making it arguably a better service to buy TikTok followers than vendors that have you purchase growth plans. 

5. FeedPixel

FeedPixel is another TikTok growth service that takes stringent measures to ensure your account doesn’t make it into TikTok’s bad books. With FeedPixel, you’ll have to purchase a plan, the lowest being $12.99, and you’ll choose how quickly you want the followers to roll in.

However, you can’t choose to buy 5,000 followers in a day, as that would arouse suspicion, potentially triggering a shadowban from TikTok. In short, you don’t have to worry about account blocks or bans with FeedPixel; the service has you covered on that.

Apart from the TikTok followers plan, FeedPixel also lets you buy likes and views on TikTok, and you can buy the plans simultaneously to make your rapid account growth seem natural.


How Do You Get Free Followers on TikTok?

There’s no magical hack for automatically getting free followers on TikTok; create engaging videos, and other TikTok users will naturally follow you. Alternatively, you can buy TikTok followers, but that’s not free.

What Do Fake TikTok Followers Look Like?

Fake TikTok followers typically have one purpose: following other accounts, making them easy to spot. Any account with no content or profile picture that uses a long username and follows many pages, including follower sellers, is likely a fake TikTok follower.

Can I Go Live on TikTok If I Buy Followers?

TikTok doesn’t specify that your followers must be genuine to qualify for the live feature, so yes, it should be possible to go live if you buy TikTok followers, as long as you meet the 1,000 fans threshold. 


Why struggle to grow your TikTok following when you can easily buy them for a few dollars from a provider? In this article, we analyze the TikTok followers purchase phenomenon and if it’s sustainable to buy TikTok followers cheaply.


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