12 Best Coworking Space in Washington DC

coworking space in washington Dc

The key to finding a productive and convenient coworking space in Washington DC, is determining where will be the best for your clients to get to and a great place for you to work.

Identifying a suitable coworking or flex office space that fits your budget while providing the atmosphere, square footage, and perks you need might take some effort. 

We have compiled a list of the best coworking space in Washington DC, to help you choose the one that will suit your needs.

Coworking Space in Washington

  1. Industrious Coworking Space in Washington DC

    Industrious shared office space is in a magnificent LEED-certified building in the heart of productive Washington, DC. 

    The site boasts several attractive amenities, such as an atrium patio and a recently updated fitness facility. People who want to snack while working will be happy to know that there is a café on the premises that provides daily fresh fruit, pastries, and excellent coffee.

    Natural light floods the room, making it impossible to weary of gazing around, and stunning city views may be admired whenever boredom strikes.

    $250/month for a once-a-week access membership
    $400/month for twice-a-week access
    $617/month for a dedicated desk
    $864/month for a small office
    $1341/month for a medium office
    $3,501/month for a big office.

    Industrious shared office space is located at Thomas Cir NW STE 700, Washington, DC.
  1. WeWork Coworking Space in Washington DC

    WeWork shared office space in Washington DC, is one of the best coworking spaces available. It provides its members with cutting-edge facilities and a wide network for startups, small businesses, and large corporations. You can focus on your job comfortably with first-rate services and a welcoming atmosphere.

    WeWork’s shared office space provides several services, including high-speed internet access, event space, wellness facilities, dog-friendliness, professional and social events, an on-site staff, phone booths, conference rooms, micro-roasted coffee, printing, fruit water, and more.

    $470 for a dedicated desk
    $370 for a hot desk
    $740 for a private office.

    Some locations of WeWork in DC are:
    1875 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006
    200 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001
    1100 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005.
  1. Mindspace Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    The rooftop lounge of Mindspace’s shared office space offers breathtaking panoramas of the city below, and the building is a major tourist attraction. 

    It’s a high-end boutique office space known for its excellent customer service and thriving staff community. It hosts a full calendar of health, social, and educational activities for its employees.

    Their facilities include a place to conduct TedX events, a scanner, showers, a meditation room, a place to store bikes, complimentary beverages, and accessible access. Members can work from any of Mindspace’s Americas, Europe, or Israel offices.

    $30 for a day pass
    $350 a month for a hot desk

    Mindspace coworking space is located at 1301 K Street Northwest, Suite 300W, Washington, DC.
  1. The Yard Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    The Yard is a coworking space featuring a variety of private offices, elegant lounges, conference rooms, and common areas designed to promote teamwork and open dialogue.

    With its proximity to the city’s best restaurants, retail centers, and the nation’s capital, this space will provide the entrepreneurial community of Washington, DC, with a stimulating and motivating workplace.

    The Yard’s coworking space provides its tenants with a variety of services and amenities, including complimentary coffee and tea, ergonomic chairs from Knoll, a helpful on-site staff, secure building access via keycard, conference rooms, printing services, discounts and perks from local businesses, and use of a rooftop lounge.

    $400/month for open coworking
    $550/month for a hot desk.

    The Yard shared office space is at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC.
coworking space in washington Dc
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  1. Inclusive Innovator Incubator (In3) Coworking Space in Washington DC

    The mission of the Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) is to foster a community that welcomes and includes those with fewer material resources. Located in the heart of Washington, DC, In3 is a popular coworking space noted for the wealth of tools it offers its members.

    Conference rooms, printers, phone booths, internet access, postal service, boot camps, training and mentorship, workshops, and events are all part of the Inclusive shared office space package.

    $15 for a day pass
    $200 a month for an open desk
    $500 a month for a private office.

    Inclusive Innovation is located at 2301 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC.
  1. The Hive 2.0 Coworking Space in Washington DC

    The Hive 2.0 is the first and only shared office space east of the river in Washington, DC, and is located on the building’s bottom level within the Anacostia Arts Center.

    They help local business owners get started, expand, and stay afloat by providing them with various tools and services (often owned by women and underrepresented groups). They have both enclosed offices and open coworking areas available to our clients.

    Members also get access to the cafe, art gallery, shop, and black box theater at the Arts Center, as well as free parking on the surrounding streets.

    Affiliate membership fees begin at $110/mo.

    The Hive Coworking space in Washington, DC, is located at Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good Hope Road.
  1. Cowork Cafe Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    Cowork Cafe is a unique coworking space in Washington, DC. It is a cubicle-free facility with the sights and sounds of a lively café, including a wide selection of food and drink that can be purchased using a membership credit system. 

    Visitors may pick from a wide selection of desks, couches, and seats in a space flooded with natural light and an inspiring vibe. High-speed internet, private phone booths, printing and scanning capabilities, and meeting space are just some of the amenities available in this location.

    $20 for a day pass
    $150 per month for a hot desk

    Cowork Cafe coworking space in Washington is located at 2719 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Washington, DC.
  1. Spaces Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    The Spaces shared office space is located in a stunning and historically significant building that is easily accessible from three major thoroughfares and serves as the best-recognized venue in the United States as the first concert ever given by the Beatles.

    Getting to Union Station will take you no more than 10 minutes on foot, and three blocks will get you to New York Avenue. The White House, the Supreme Court, and many other federal buildings, museums, and conveniences are all within walking distance.

    $203/month for a virtual membership
    $279/month for virtual plus membership

    Spaces shared office space in Washington, DC, is located at 3rd Street North East.
coworking space in washington
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  1. AdvantEdge Coworking Space in Washington DC

    AdvantEdge is a cutting-edge, community-driven, and tech-enabled shared office space. AdvantEdge is a vibrant coworking space that caters to your specific demands with its elegant design and dedicated personal service.

    This coworking space has high-speed internet, coffee, tea, filtered water, business services, administrative support, and conference rooms.

    $279 a month for a hot desk
    $349 a month for a dedicated workstation.

    AdvantEdge coworking space in Washington DC is at 2101 L St NW | 5335 Wisconsin Ave NW #440.
  1. The Pitch Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    The Pitch is one of the best-shared office spaces in Washington, DC. Businesses can maintain flexibility without incurring the high costs associated with committing to a long-term lease.

    The Pitch has 11 meeting rooms, six call rooms, coworking lounges, relaxation rooms, and 90 fully furnished, turn-key private offices with built-in IT infrastructure, sound-masking technology, and ergonomic furniture.

    Building amenities include 24-hour security, access to the penthouse, and complimentary gourmet coffee and tea in two pantries staffed by trained professionals.

    $25 for an individual day pass
    $225 per month for a flex desk
    $315 per month for a dedicated desk.

    The Pitch Coworking Space in Washington is located at The District Wharf, 800 Maine Avenue. 
  1. The Expansive Coworking Space in Washington, DC

    The location of the expansive coworking space is ideal, as it provides quick and simple access to a wide variety of nearby services and amenities, including other businesses and dining options. Private offices, coworking spaces, and SmartSuite’s for 100+ employees are available in Expansive coworking space in Washington.

    They provide a variety of perks, such as individual offices with all the comforts of home, a coffee bar, a happy hour, and secure access that’s open around the clock.

    $219/month for an access card
    $329/month for a dedicated workstation
    $500/month for an office suite
    $550/month for a private office

    Expansive coworking space in Washington DC, is located at Connecticut Ave NW.
  1. Hera Hub Coworking Space in Washington DC

    The Hera Hub is a coworking space for women that is equally welcoming to males and is full of driven artists and entrepreneurs. Hera Hub brings together entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, and remote employees dedicated to helping one another. You may increase your network and knowledge base by using online resources and subject matter experts and attending regular events.

    The Hera Hub offers various services, including internet, printing, beverages, and snacks.

    Hera Hub plan starts range from $169 per month.

    5028 Wisconsin Ave NW #100, Washington, DC.


To help you locate the finest coworking space in Washington, DC, we have compiled a list of the top 12 coworking spaces in the city based on several factors, including cost, amenities, and locations.

If you are looking for more coworking spaces within your state in the united states, do check out our coworking space category.

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