Free Invoice Generator Software For Small Businesses In 2022

free invoice generator software

Invoices are very important documents for business owners because it contains details of your transactions with your customers. Through invoices, you can request payment for products and services from your customers. With businesses becoming digital, it is only right for you to look for free invoice generator software to increase your efficiency. Are you looking … Read more

How Does Internet of Things Work: IoT Explained

how does internet of things work

IoT has become the latest buzzword, right up there with big data and predictive analytics. But what exactly is the internet of things? How does it work? What opportunities does it present? These questions form the basis of this article. The Internet of Things means different things to different people, but basically, it describes the … Read more

Guide on how to get Facebook blueprint certification

how to get Facebook blueprint certification

You may distinguish yourself from other professionals in your area by passing meta certification examinations. Individuals who can demonstrate an advanced degree of skill in several facets of digital marketing using Meta products are eligible to receive credentials from the company. The Facebook Blueprint is an online learning platform that provides users with access to … Read more

Minecraft coding for kids (Everything you need to know right now)

Minecraft coding for kids

Fun has become the new way to learn, learning does not have to be boring, tiring, or difficult thanks to Minecraft. What if there is an exciting way to prepare kids for the future? What if we could make kids love learning with video games that could improve their spatial reasoning? Have you heard about … Read more

Great Artificial Intelligence Companies in Nigeria

Artificial Intelligence Companies in Nigeria

Ever since artificial intelligence first came alive, it has remained a topic of interest for most programmers and entrepreneurs. Given that we’re still in the early stages of utilizing its benefits, there’s still a lot that we can do with artificial intelligence, especially in a country like Nigeria. Sadly, Nigerian companies have not fully harnessed … Read more

Best Crypto Staking Calculator You Should Know in 2022

crypto staking calculator

Cryptocurrencies may be revolutionary, amazing, and secure, but there is a fact that remains: people only buy cryptocurrencies because they will potentially get a return. Regardless of what anybody may have you believe, that’s the main point of cryptocurrency, at least to investors. There are several ways to earn from cryptocurrencies, and over time, people … Read more

Innovative Robotics Company In India To Work For

top robotics companies in india

The present epidemic has shown the significance of robots across numerous industries. To preserve social separation, robots are crucial since robots can execute the labor automatically. Especially in the healthcare area, robots have been supporting doctors and personnel in servicing patients. These sorts of creative robotics technologies have created a shift in the Indian automation … Read more

21 Biggest Top Tech companies in the world

Top Tech companies in the world

The technological sector is one of the most influential in terms of its ability to shape the global economy, drive change, and establish new trends. The ranking is determined by the total annual revenue made by these digital companies. So here, we would then tell you about the 21 Biggest Top Tech companies in the … Read more

5 Top Great Blockchain Developer Tools 2022

top blockchain developer tools

Ever since cryptocurrencies gradually started going mainstream, the word “blockchain” has become insanely popular, which isn’t surprising. If you’re the technology behind the biggest financial revolution of the century, I’d argue that you deserve all the praise. The recent boom in crypto proved that the world is not yet ready for the futuristic digital currency, … Read more

Great Instant legit loan apps in USA (2022)

legit loan apps

If you find that you are constantly struggling to make ends meet, you need to look into some amazing loan applications that may assist lift some of the weight of your financial burden off of your shoulders immediately. Because of this, in this post, we have provided a list of the top Instant Legit Loan … Read more

How to remove family link: Quick fix

how to remove family link

Introduction Google family link is a parental control guide for parents and their children. Ever since the launch of this family link app, parents can now have control over what their kids are doing, buying, and watching on the internet. Google family link app is often used by parents who are curious about how their … Read more

Best Loan Apps in Nigeria for Instant Loans

loan apps in nigeria

The economic effects of the pandemic affected countries, billionaires, and businesses, but it has been especially hard on individuals. If you’re an average Joe in a country like Nigeria, you can attest to the struggle to make someone out of the worsening economy. When you put that factor into consideration, you’ll understand why so many … Read more

The Best Mobile App Development Tools in 2022

Mobile app development tools

The 21st century is experiencing the spiral growth of mobile app development as the industry keeps evolving to meet the needs of over 7 billion people who are now connected to the web. Currently, over 75% of businesses worldwide have adopted at least one mobile app development tool or platform to intensify their digital footprint. … Read more


smart contract platforms

Smart contract platforms facilitate, validate, and enforce smart contracts. They provide the blockchain infrastructure for smart contracts, offer programming and testing services for smart contracts, and host the implementation and execution of smart contracts. The platforms further include the inputs and outputs of smart contracts in the blockchain. For instance, a travel insurance smart contract … Read more

Best Unique Productive Personal Assistant Apps

productive personal assistant apps

Hiring a human personal assistant costs around $15 an hour.  Given the wage of the average employee in the United States, you know there’s got to be an alternative. If we’ll be paying personal assistants 150% of our salaries, how are we even expected to survive? It turns out that there are cheaper alternatives to … Read more

Top Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022 you should know

Fake loan apps in Nigeria

The proliferation of fake loan apps in Nigeria is increasingly becoming unbecoming. Have you ever opened your phone and kept seeing ads of loan apps popping on your screen every time? What has been your experience with loan apps in Nigeria? Google removed over 30 lending apps from the Play Store for failing to prove … Read more

Great Peer To Peer Lending Apps In 2022

peer to peer lending apps

A decade ago, people mostly borrow money from traditional financial institutions but with the advancement in technology, there have been some recent changes. One of such changes is a peer to peer lending, where borrowers link up with private money lenders to get loans without the stringent rules of the traditional method. If you’re tired … Read more

How does Web3 Authentication work (Quick Tips)

web3 authentication

Web3 authentication is required whether a user is communicating with a Defi protocol or wishes to go far into the metaverse via blockchain gaming. Without the capacity to authenticate users on the blockchain, your Web3 applications would certainly fail. Nevertheless, allowing people to join the Web3 world offers life-altering prospects, particularly for early adopters. If … Read more

Can Digital Currency Ever Replace Fiat Currency?

cryptocurrency apps for beginners

Updates made on Stanley cup odds are designed to help you make more informed decisions the next time you place your bets on BetUS. Likewise, articles about finance current information help you to find the changes and inventions being experienced within the world’s financial and investment sectors when it comes to digital currency and fiat … Read more

How adding crypto as a form of payment can help grow your business

legit bitcoin investment sites

Going online with your business is an amazing step; however, payment options may be problematic, especially when you are trying to go international. Finding a suitable form of payment is vital and can be compared to the predictions today on most sports events.  Come with us as we explore why adding cryptocurrency to your business … Read more

How to buy land in the metaverse

How to buy land in the metaverse

Currently, it appears like everyone is discussing the metaverse. The term’s usage increased last autumn after Facebook changed its name to Meta. Since then, many people have taken an interest in the “metaverse” and, presumably, found it confusing. The best way to characterize the metaverse is as a combination of the real and virtual worlds, … Read more

Everything About Web3 You Need To Know | 2022

everything about web3

When discussing everything about Web3, it would help to reflect on how much technology and the internet have evolved over the years. Starting from the first generation of the internet, Web1, which was launched in 1990, is a read-only network where users could only consume content. Web2 focus on interactions, where users could make their … Read more

Top 11 Popular Ponzi scams and how much they took from Nigerians


Nigerians have lost more than 300 billion naira to Ponzi scams in just 5 years. In Fact, according to my personal findings, I’ve realized that 1 in 3 Nigerians that I’ve spoken to have once lost money to Ponzi schemes. These alarming statistics beg the question how, how are people losing huge money to online … Read more

Top Unique 5 Web3 Bootcamp programs You Should Apply For

web3 bootcamp programs

It is possible that this new growing area, which has the potential to become one of the most significant in the IT industry shortly, will be a wonderful fit for you if you are engaged in decentralizing things, making them more private, safe, and self-sovereign. Web 3.0 principles will be extremely important in any organization … Read more

Top CyberSecurity Consulting Firm in Nigeria You Should Know

cybersecurity consulting firm in nigeria

While Nigeria is seeing an upsurge in the number of technology startups in the country, a crucial part of every technological system is left unattended: cybersecurity. Since whole infrastructures live on the web, it’s only natural that those infrastructures will need adequate security from attackers. You may not have known that there are quite a … Read more

What Is a Wealth Management Software and Why Do You Need One?

wealth management software

Wealth management is still not a popular field in most parts of the world for an important reason: not a lot of people are wealthy. However, that doesn’t subtract from the fact that tons of wealthy people are looking for easy ways to manage their wealth, and there aren’t enough solutions for that. One common … Read more

Top Cyber security consulting firms making waves in the world

cyber security consulting firms

Cybersecurity has now become a word used interchangeably with words like information security or computer information or IT security but there’s more to these terms than something to be used loosely. Did you know that in 2021, businesses lost about $1.8 million every minute due to cybercrime and scams? What do you know about cyber … Read more


robotics companies in canada

Global demand for robots is increasing and is likely to continue to do so in the future years, particularly in the industrial sector. Canada, in particular, is driving demand for robotics in North America, attracting global investors owing to the country’s favorable regulatory framework for testing and development. The country is currently home to a … Read more

Tips on How to be Productive everyday in 2022

How to be productive everyday

Have you ever felt like you’re doing too much and in actual fact, you’re not doing anything at all? Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning with a mountain load of to-do lists and you feel less motivated? Or have you ever felt like all you do is work, work, and work and … Read more

The 8 Best ways to transfer money internationally right now

Best ways to transfer money internationally

According to the World Bank, “about $68 billion was remitted from the United States to developing countries in 2017 alone”. That figure is expected to increase to $550 billion in 2022 but what are the best ways to transfer money internationally with ease? How does international money transfer work? What is the best money transfer … Read more

Five strong reasons to use Microsoft Office Online

reasons to use microsoft office online

So many people are yet to know the benefits and reasons to use Microsoft office online. If you do not want to pay for Microsoft 365, that is quite OK. I get what you’re saying. I paid for five years of the software because I realized that 1TB of OneDrive storage is well worth my … Read more

Best wealth management firms in toronto

wealth management firms toronto

Before examining the finest wealth management firms in Toronto, Canada, it is necessary to get an understanding of wealth management and the functions of such organizations. Toronto is Canada‘s most populated city, and its size attracts a sizable number of financial advice businesses. Indeed, there are so many firms to choose from that selecting one … Read more

How to use Paypal in Nigeria to Receive money

how to use paypal in nigeria

PayPal is an American financial organization registered in the United States and numerous other countries that offers an online wallet service. Additionally, the corporation is registered in Canada, Luxembourg, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It operates on a worldwide scale and is by far the most popular internet wallet service. By 2014, its service … Read more

Effective Strategies For TikTok Affiliate Marketing In 2022

tiktok affilaite marketing

Before TikTok was launched, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were the leading social media platforms. TikTok happens to be the new kid in town that took everyone’s attention from the other platforms.  TikTok was launched in 2016 and it is currently available in 155 countries in 75 languages. The app has been downloaded 2 billion times. … Read more

Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria You Should Know

insurance companies in nigeria

Insurance is a critical service that assists in protecting you, your organization, and your family from unforeseen disasters. Nevertheless, as much as you wish these occurrences would not occur, the reality is that they cannot be avoided, hence why they are referred to be unexpected. However, the best part is that once they occur, insurance … Read more

How Open Banking Fintech in Africa will shape the continent

Over the years, Open Banking in the financial sector has become a major source of innovation poised to reshape the banking industry. It is created to pave the pathway to unite financial technology (Fintech) and the banking industry with an improved application programming interface (API). In this article, I’ll be dissecting the meaning of open … Read more

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

how to suggest friends on facebook

There are various methods how to suggest friends on Facebook; one popular method is to utilize the ‘suggested friends’ feature. This tool allows you to link your pals if you believe they might get along. Facebook buddies are the social networking site’s lifeblood. Socializing on Facebook is ineffective without your pals, and suggesting a friend … Read more

Top Buy Now Pay Later Sites

buy now pay later sites

Let’s be real for a second; for most of the population, our salaries aren’t anywhere near enough to get most of the things we want to buy at once. Also, saving up to buy something expensive is impractical, since you’ll always find something important to do with the money along the way. It’s no surprise … Read more

Unique Steps On Preventing Workplace Violence

preventing workplace violence

According to a survey by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, about 2 million people reported a case of workplace violence in the United States annually. As if that isn’t scary per se, an estimated 25% of all cases of workplace violence go unreported. These facts and figures are only trying to show us something: … Read more

Top: Best Banks in Canada you should Know right now

Best Banks in Canada

Before I talk about some of the Best Banks in Canada, there are important things to know before you make your choices. For now, there are about 29 domestic banks, 24 foreign bank subsidiaries, 27 full-service foreign bank branches, and three foreign bank lending branches in Canada and of course, new fintech is springing up … Read more

10 Best IT Colleges in the USA for International Students

Best IT Colleges in the USA for International Students

Looking for the best IT colleges in the USA for international students? look no more than this as we have listed out the best schools for you to study information technology in the USA. IT represents the development of science and technology in the world, IT today represents the development level of the United States, … Read more

Top Neobank List in 2022 that’s best for you

Top Neobank

Before now, there used to be an unpleasant experience with the traditional banking services, malfunctioning ATMs, excessive transaction and maintenance charges, long queues and other frustrations that come with the regular banks but now Neobanks are taking over to offer better services without taking a dime from you. In this article, I’ll be talking about … Read more

7 Best Programming Movies to Watch in 2022

best programming movies

It’s important to start this off by admitting that Hollywood has never been the best at portraying programming movies. From unrealistic hack scenes to the downright ridiculous portrayal of the average programmer, there’s a lot that the movie industry should learn from actual programmers. However, that doesn’t mean every single Hollywood movie portrays programming and … Read more

Top Growing Best Logistics Startups in the World right now

Logistics Startups in USA

In 2021, the logistics sector received a total of USD$24.3 billion in the first three quarters, a figure which more than doubled the sumtotal that was recorded in 2020. The supply chain industry or better still logistics sector has experienced an Increasing funding resulting in more innovations in product delivery, supply chain startups and more … Read more

Top 6 Tech Business Ideas For Startups

tech business ideas 2021

Our list of top Six tech business ideas 2022 Edition for startups It takes a lot of planning to come up with amazing tech business ideas. Every tech enthusiast at some point in life will love to grow from being a tech lover to a tech business owner. This might be a critical phase to … Read more

Your Guide To Optimize Remote Work And Stay Motivated

remote work

Working from home or remote work might not be as convenient as you think. Right now, many people have to avoid going to the office because of the ongoing pandemic. And while the situation is improving, which leads to restrictions lifting, there is still no telling when things will return to normal. For now, remote … Read more

Best Health Insurance For Startups

health insurance for startups

For startups, health insurance providers are trying to make healthcare more inexpensive and accessible through their policies. Individuals entering the employment market are increasingly gravitating toward fast-paced startups. Working with a modest budget while your firm grows and scales is one of the most challenging tasks you may encounter as an entrepreneur. In startups, most … Read more

Unique Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses?

benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is a lot of extra work for any small business. Collecting emails, segmenting them, and crafting emails that appeal to your audience takes a lot of time, and oftentimes, money. However, most business startups still use email marketing regardless of these constraints. This may lead the average business owner to ask: what are … Read more

What Is Network Security Key On A Computer

what is network security key

The Internet and technology have advanced at a tremendous speed. Online users now have unprecedented access to tools and digital services, enabling them to access previously unimaginable levels of information and ease. However, as the Internet has grown in popularity, so has the number of cyber risks. The challenges to online security are real, ranging … Read more

List Of 8 Top Web3 Companies You Should Know (Update)

top web3 companies

{Updated} Note: This list of top web3 companies was initially written as 7 top web3 companies but we continue to update to whichever number, the URL and slug will not be changed but the numbers of the web3 companies will continue to increase as we continue to make updates to the list. Techibytes Most people … Read more