13 Top Fintech Companies & Fintech Startups to Know in 2022

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The fintech industry is growing and evolving daily with various Top fintech companies and platforms coming forth with the aim of competing with the traditional financial payment and banking system. Fintech companies in the world currently have been rated to be the fastest-growing sector, which it has truly proven to be. With over 12,000 fintech … Read more

Top 7 Toronto Private Equity Firms You Should Know

Toronto Private Equity Firms

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn everything there is to know about private equity in Canada. We will discuss the top private equity firms Toronto has, their services, wages, and cultures in this article. For software Engineers/Developers and Founders who want to move to Canada, this article will help you … Read more

17 Unique Best social media platforms for business

best social media platform for business

Are you seeking the best social media platforms for business to improve your social strategy and increase your return on investment? Social media may be an extremely effective marketing avenue for your brand. It’s an excellent strategy for increasing brand awareness, strengthening connections with current customers, and generating new prospects to fill your channel. Choosing … Read more

14 Best Crowdfunding platforms for startups

best crowdfunding platforms for starups

Through the use of online crowdfunding platforms for startups, the digital era has simplified things to raise cash for your company concept, charitable cause, or personal needs. To date, these networks have raised more than $34 billion globally, with simple-to-use features that ensure a seamless experience for both organizers and supporters. Whatever your motive for … Read more

How Nigeria Technology development have aided small businesses

nigeria technology development

Nigeria raised its rating in the World Bank’s newest ease of doing business index 2020, as a result of its increased use of technology and automated solutions. Nigeria Technology development made establishing a business simpler, by lowering the time required to register a firm and strengthening internet platforms. Regularly, small companies rely on technology to … Read more

Ethereum swiftly becoming the best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022

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Apart from Ethereum being one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, it is a great digital asset to look out for. Ethereum price prediction in 2022 will prove to be the most remarkable year for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as well. DApps will see a huge adoption in this year. In the first … Read more


health technology startups

In comparison to the majority of the globe, Africa still has a significant way to go in terms of health technology startups. There are persisting difficulties such as the poor doctor-to-population balance still to be solved. With the disruption generated by Covid-19, it’s a fantastic moment to feature several healthcare technology companies delivering creative solutions … Read more

Top IT Courses list of Information Technology

IT Courses list

According to the transformation and advancement in the technology sector, there are different IT courses list that is accessible for individuals to pursue progress towards their future achievement. Candidates can increase their level of expertise on a particular platform by enrolling in courses. Taking IT certification courses helps to deliver an exclusive answer to individuals … Read more

12 Growth hacks for startups

growth hacks for startups

What exactly does it mean to “hack growth”? Growth hacks for startups has now become a catchphrase in marketing communities, but many people still don’t understand what it is or why it works. Let’s take a quick dive into growth hacking and see how you can make it work for you. Growth Hacking – What … Read more

10 Great Advantages of doing business in Canada

advantages of doing business in canada

Entrepreneurship may be both exhilarating and lucrative. However, while beginning a business in a competitive environment, you should anticipate certain roadblocks along the way. Canada is a strong competitor with numerous potential, but with elements such as the shifting dollar or other unforeseen economic conditions, there are certain to be both disadvantages and advantages to … Read more

Best 8 Video Conferencing Platforms You Should Try

video conferencing platforms

Here are the best Video Conferencing platforms as it is now an easier way to communicate. No doubt, the impact of the Coronavirus disease otherwise known as COVID-19 is being felt in every sector; from businesses to health to energy to aviation, countries going on lockdown, people’s movement is restricted, social distancing everywhere, and companies … Read more

How to find private investors for your startup

how to find private investors

Once you’ve developed a good business plan for your start-up and determined how much financial support you’ll require and how it would be used, the only remaining question is how to find private investors. Although this is a frightening step to take, it is rational, as being proactive is always the best course of action. … Read more

What Are The Top Edtech Startups in Africa

edtech startups

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical need for innovation and technology-based educational solutions in Africa. With time, online education will gradually supplant traditional in-person classes, especially given the positive reaction it has received. EdTech startups are better equipped to address the issues associated with traditional modalities of learning, as they do not require commutes … Read more

7 Innovative Agritech Startups to watch by 2022

agritech startups

Agritech startups are businesses that offer relevant and innovative solutions to a variety of problems that crop up throughout the agricultural value chain. Market connections, such as retail, B2C, and B2B marketplaces, and digital agronomy platforms, are where Agritech businesses are leveraging on Modern day technology. Agri-tech is the application of technology to farming to … Read more

Top tech companies in Nigeria To Work For

Top Tech Companies In Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, most people often try to know the top Tech companies in Nigeria to work for, and we have made some checks to give out few lists of companies/startups you can work for. Have you ever wondered if there is something worse than being unemployed? Of course, working in a choking environment. The … Read more

What Jobs Are In Demand in Canada For Immigrants

what jobs are the most in demand in canada for immigrants

Even as the number of individuals’ immigration to Canada continues to grow, one frequently asked question is: What jobs are in demand in Canada for Immigrants? Here it is. Certain employment positions are constantly recognized as the most in-demand in Canada, which means that developing a career trajectory in those fields is often easier for … Read more

Business Startup Checklist: Unique things to know before Starting a business

business startup checklist

There’s no gainsaying the fact that you are at the right place as Techibytes’ articles are rightly positioned to get you up and running in no distant! Watch it!  Starting your own business may seem to be a hard nut to crack but the very truth is that it’s not.  Frankly speaking, you’re going to have … Read more

22 Great Home Based Business You Can Start Today

Home Based Business

There is no reason to put in long hours for someone when you could set up a business from the comfort of your own home. If you already have a working internet connection and a computer, you can start a home based company. Expense and entry-level are still low, even if you have to get … Read more

30 Best Free Coding Websites For Kids

Free coding websites for kids

While coding for kids has become a thing in recent times, people tend to search for most free coding websites for kids. Trying to leverage these resources in training kids. Basic programming has become an essential skill for adults and kids alike. There are a lot of Coding websites, Future Learn Courses are one of … Read more

20 Tech Careers with No Coding Required

Tech Careers with no coding

If you want to be a part of the expanding tech industry but don’t know how to code, there are a plethora of options available to you in a variety of tech careers with no coding abilities required at all. As the subject of technology is vast and diverse, with over 100 talents and occupations … Read more

Investment: Where to Invest money to get good returns

Where to Invest money to get good returns

Building wealth is everyone’s desire, and as such begs the question, “Where to Invest money to get good returns? And this is not only a question of choosing the best stocks or selecting between equities and bonds. It is making appropriate financial decisions centered on your objectives or, more precisely, when you might be reliant … Read more

Keys to successful Brand Reputation Strategy

brand reputation strategy

In this digital era, customers possess more control over brands than ever before. Your reputation is based upon the ratings, comments, and general dialogues that customers publicly disclose online based on their interactions with your brand. What does this imply for you? It implies that what people believe and say concerning your brand has a … Read more

Private Equity vs Investment Banking – What To Know

private equity vs investment banking

If you’re willing to work in investment, investment banking and private equity are two of your most viable choices. With so many similarities between both careers, you may ask: how does private equity vs. investment banking stack up in the real world? Both careers specialize in creating capital for companies and governments but in different … Read more

Venture Capitalist vs Angel Investors: Which is better

Venture capitalist vs Angel investors

If you’re launching a business and seeking investment funding, it’s critical to understand how numerous facets of the venture finance ecosystem operate. This involves the distinction between Venture Capitalist vs Angel Investors, as well as which one of the two is more applicable to your present stage of business. The financing part of a business … Read more

Top 10 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

benefits of digital marketing

Whether you refer to it as digital marketing, online marketing, or internet advertising, the benefits of digital marketing are significant for businesses these days. After all, online activity has more than doubled in the last decade, profoundly altering how people shop and engage with businesses. So, what exactly does digital marketing entail? Digital marketing is … Read more

What is business to business model all about

business to business model

With the advancement of technology, Business to business models have become increasingly prevalent, and we frequently hear terms like B2B services and B2B sales. It primarily relates to business transactions or operations between two businesses. It entails one business selling items or rendering services to another. In plain terms, a business is another business’s consumer. … Read more

Women in Tech Groups & Communities in Africa

women in tech groups

Women in Tech groups is a phenomenon that has been present as early as the 19th century, women have constantly been involved in the tech community though it can be argued that there is visibly a more male to female ratio in tech organizations. This scene has since changed dramatically with an increase in the … Read more

Digital Marketing Is No Longer Optional for Small Businesses

benefits of digital marketing

It’s not simply a matter of how much you spend on marketing, but also of how you spend it.There are easier and more efficient ways than conventional marketing to generate a far betterreturn on your marketing spend. And that is through maximizing and refining your digital marketing efforts. Internet penetration in the United States is … Read more

Best E-commerce Platform for Startups

Best E-commerce Platform for Startups

When you think of the best e-commerce platform for startups, what comes to mind is the following? First and foremost, you think of your e-Commerce platform as the front window of your online business, because individuals are prone to window shopping, you want to provide them with a platform that encourages them to spend more … Read more

5 Unique Customer Service Improvement Strategies

customer service improvement strategies

According to studies, when a good customer service Improvement strategies are integrated in a business and consumers experience this service, they tend to spread the word to two or three other individuals, whilst poor service will be passed along to 10 to 12 other people. Every company should endeavor to provide consistently high levels of … Read more

The Top latest 14 Google Internships For Africans [Updated]

Google internships for africa

Google Internships is a global program aimed at increasing the number of student engineers working on open-source software. During their break from school, students work on a 3-month programming project with an open-source group. While many organizations only provide Summer Internships, Google offers both Winter and Summer Internships. To apply for a Google internship, make … Read more

5 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in demand in 2022

125975 job pti

It is no gainsaying that tech jobs are fast becoming the most in-demand job in the world, a lot of individuals switch careers into the highest paying tech jobs In the world. There are different reasons why people dive into tech jobs not only because it is the most in-demand job but also the benefits … Read more

Tech Opportunities For Africans

opportunities for africans

Emerging digitalization is having a significant impact on Tech opportunities for Africans security and stability. The final legacy of the digital revolution, on the other hand, will be determined by how it is used, not by the technology itself. African countries to make use of developing technology’s benefits while limiting its threats may be able … Read more

Top 10 Competitive IT Certification in Canada

IT Certification in Canada

For an IT professional, earning one of Canada’s highest-paying IT credentials can be a career game-changer. It can not only help you establish yourself as a tech expert in a field like cloud architecture, incident management, and mitigation, cloud infrastructure, cloud services, IT security, or auditing, but it can also help you earn more money. … Read more

Unicorns In Africa: Here Are 7 Of Them In Africa

unicorns in africa

In 2020/2021 there have been more tech unicorns in Africa than previous years, a good number of them are Fintech companies. Techibytes A unicorn is something very different in investor circles and the tech startup ecosystem. A tech unicorn, in the most basic sense, is a company that has been valued by investors at more … Read more

How To Buy Stocks In Nigeria: Quick Guide

how to buy stocks in nigeria

The stock market is no more tedious as it used to be in the past, so people want to know how to buy stocks in Nigeria either for those in Nigeria or in Diaspora. Since the introduction of computerized trading in 1970, the trend of stock trading has been continuously increasing around the world. Through … Read more

13 Best Places To Live In Africa While Working Remote

best places to live in africa as a remote worker

With the Rise of Tech Companies and Startups in Africa, tech talents are in search of best places to live in Africa freely. For many employees worldwide, the rise of digital technology and remote work has given birth to a new lifestyle: the digital nomad. These tech-savvy freelancers have more flexibility regarding where and when … Read more

Ulesson transforming the educational system


Ulesson is an educational technology startup that leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable, and accessible education for African students. It an educational technology start-up that has built a platform that helps African students be the very best they can be. This allows them to maximize their academic achievement … Read more

Best B2B SEO Agency marketing strategies for startups

b2b seo agency

Why should you hire a B2B SEO agency when you can learn some of the B2B SEO Agency marketing strategies for startups? The echo for SEO has heightened as every business owner will love to appear on Google’s front page. At the same time, B2B SEO is greatly misunderstood as most business owners do not … Read more

How to get Unsecured business loans for startups

Unsecured business loans

Before you think of applying for any business loans, you need to understand the benefits and how to get unsecured business loans for startups which is more or less saying you want a business loan without a collateral. The most crucial factor about building startups lies in the need for adequate funding. A lot of … Read more

Explained: Digital wallet are the future of Payments

future of payments

Digital payments globally increased tremendously in 2020. According to Visa’s Back to Business study, 78% of global consumers modified their payment methods during lockdown. In this article, we’d look into the future of Payments. Many businesses and individuals switched from the regular mode of making payment either through physical or credit card to other digital … Read more

E-Naira: Everything you need to know about the new Central Bank Digital Currency


After several months of speculations, the Central Bank of Nigeria is finally coming out with more details about the much anticipated central bank digital currency “the e-Naira”.  Nigeria’s apex bank, has released new guidelines on how eNaira, a state-supported digital currency, will be regulated, designed, and issued.  Talks about a digital currency started a few … Read more

Best 7 ways to find your niche market as a software developer

find your niche market

Are you interested in learning easy ways to find your niche market as a software developer?, I hope by the end of this article, you would find a few tips that could help. The place of specialization in your career path cannot be overemphasized. Software developers among many tech demand jobs are advised to learn … Read more

10 Top highest paying companies in Canada

highest paying companies in Canada

We would be looking at the highest paying companies in Canada you can work for. Truth is, for many reasons a Company might be one of the best but might not be paying the most. We Curved this list to only tech Companies in Toronto Canada. Tech Startups worldwide have become an integral driving force … Read more

10 Top tech companies in Canada to work for

find your niche market as a software developer

Canada has become a desired destination for most Nigerian tech talents out there to work; young people, especially in Africa, dream of a golden opportunity to relocate to Canada because of the generous opportunities in the country. But when you think of the biggest tech startup hub globally, Canada most often gets ignored due to … Read more

How to Set Up Your Home Workstation to Be More Productive

Working from home can be a great experience. However, it’s also easy to become distracted, especially when you’re around your home comforts. Research has shown that if you improve your home workstation set-up, you can make your home workspace more productive. This is especially important for those who work with multiple clients, who need to … Read more

How to make steady passive income Online

passive income

Have you heard about people who make money while sleeping, the passive income? I know a friend who told me not so long ago that before he wakes up in the morning, he should have received an alert of money paid into his account. Even if he doesn’t do anything for the rest of the … Read more

Top 6 Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria For Businesses and Individuals

payment gateways in Nigeria

Finding the best payment gateway provider in Nigeria has become an important necessity that cannot be overlooked, whether you’re a business owner, or a trader, or you’re a head of a religious organisation or even an educational institution, everyone needs a secured way to make their transactions

Top 5 Best VPN Service Networks to Use

best vpn service networks

In search to protect online Footprint, we tested few Networks to find out the best vpn service networks to use for your surfing. Have you ever wondered on how to bypass an App or website to which you are restricted to access either in your School or your Country? Yes, I know you must have … Read more

The Top 10 Popular Fintech Companies in Nigeria

fintech companies in Nigeria

The financial technology space in Nigeria is fast becoming a much more competitive sector as more players keep penetrating the economy; there are now more than 250 Fintech companies in the system.Financial technology (Fintech) is an economic initiative composed of companies or Startups that uses technology to deliver financial services to consumers – the technologies … Read more