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We’ve had high expectations for robots for so long; maybe higher than they’ll ever be able to achieve. While it’d take a while before robots could drive cars safely or produce truly amazing works of art, they’re perfectly capable of helping to reduce the chores we do at home.

Personal robot assistants aren’t the magicians you see on most TV shows and movies; they usually perform a certain task and they perform it excellently. Having a bunch of robots around your home will inevitably make your life a lot more comfortable.

However, not all robots are good for all people; some are best for old people or folks living with very specific disabilities. Since you don’t want to splash your cash on a robot designed to help a 90-year-old (unless you’re 90 yourself), you may want to pay attention to this article.

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Here, I’ll show you what personal robot assistants mean and how they work. Then, you’ll learn some reasons why paying top-dollar for a robot assistant might be worthwhile. Finally, I’ll show you a few personal robot assistants you should always have at home.

What are Personal Robot Assistants?

personal robot assistant for your home

When talking about robots, people like to think of the futuristic robots they’re used to seeing in sci-fi Hollywood movies. However, when it comes to real-life robot assistants, those couldn’t be further from reality.

A robot personal assistant can describe any AI that helps you with your day-to-day tasks to simplify your life. No, a robot assistant doesn’t have to look like a humanoid robot; in some cases, it doesn’t even have to be a physical device; software that uses AI to help in your daily tasks qualifies as a robot assistant.

A personal robot assistant has logical use cases in many places, but homes typically have more than offices and other locations. The easiest explanation for this is that most of the boring chores are at home, so you always need a robot to do them for you.

If you are after a list of reasons why your home should have a personal robot assistant, the following section should help. After that, I’ll show you some of the smartest personal robot assistants that will make staying at home a joy for you.

Why Do You Need a Personal Robot Assistant?

Let’s be honest here: personal robot assistants are pretty expensive. You should be looking at prices of up to thousands of dollars for the average robot assistant, regardless of its function. If you’ll be spending that much on anything, you want to be sure you’re not wasting your money in the long run.

Robots are necessary for any smart home because they will ultimately make your home run better. Imagine having a robot that vacuums your floor regularly without you having to remind it; that will keep your home clean forever, whether you’re at home or not.

Another compelling reason why an AI robot might be a good idea is that you can afford it. If you have the thousands of dollars that the robot sells for, the question changes from “why” to “why not.” Trust me, you can’t find a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t get a robot personal assistant for your home.

Personal robot assistants also make it easier to care for older people and people with specific disabilities. With the average life expectancy of the average person increasing rapidly, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to invest in a personal robot assistant for the older folks in your home.

Another reason that counts is that personal robot assistants generally make your home smarter. Most modern homes have smart home devices, and the majority of these devices are controlled by AI robots. If you fancy that million-dollar home, the only way to get something near it is by getting a bunch of robots to smarten your home.

Now that it’s clear that you need robot assistants, the question becomes: what is the best personal robot assistant for your home. In the following section, I’ll show you some of the best personal robot assistants that will go in most homes in 2022.

Best Personal Robot Assistants for Your Home

A home without any personal robot assistants in 2022 is a pretty dumb one. With smart homes being the latest trending topic, getting robots to simplify many of the tasks is fast becoming a necessity, rather than an option.

There are several robots out there that can make your home smarter. However, you don’t necessarily need every single one you can find on Amazon. To know which ones you need and which ones are unnecessary, you need to understand what each of the robots does in the first place.

To that end, here are some of the best personal robot assistants for your home and what they do to help you choose the best robot for your home.

  • 1. Aido

    Aido robot is probably the smartest family companion robot you can find on the market today. It’s able to move around your home unaided, making it a more practical companion than most other similar robots at the same price point.

    The personal robot assistant can help play with your kids, keep reminders, project videos onto walls, projectors, etc. It also uses its numerous sensors to monitor your home and ensure it’s safe from any intruders. Remember it does all this while being as natural as a regular human companion. Something particularly interesting about the AI robot is how it recognizes each member of the family and adjusts to meet their preferences. If you’re looking for an all-around robot personal assistant for your home, there are only a few better alternatives than Aido.
  • 2. Zenbo

    If you love using devices from Asus, you should also love their little personal assistant named Zenbo. With the experience the company has from developing excellent tablets and gaming laptops, they came up with a personal robot assistant that you should have in your home.

    Zenbo has three wheels for mobility, speakers for a voice, and a capacitive touchscreen to output video and accepts touch input. You can program apps specifically for the robot using Asus’s SDK which was designed to work for that very purpose.

    The robot is built around artificial intelligence and machine learning; the more you use it, the smarter it becomes. Plus, it can read fun stories and lullabies to your kids to help them fall asleep more quickly at night.
  • 3. Buddy

    If you’ve watched the movie: Child’s Play, the idea of getting a robot named buddy will surely send shivers down your spine. While Chucky was a terrible killer robot in the movie, I can assure you that Buddy is very different. Powered by Android and Unity 3D, the robot was designed to assist the family in day-to-day tasks, while ensuring that everyone is entertained. It has an 8-inch tablet for a face, which can double as an Android tablet with 10-hour battery life and 16 GB of storage.

    The numerous microphones enable it to listen to voice commands, while the speakers let it respond to you. It also features thermal sensors, infrared sensors, and ultrasound sensors in addition to an array of cameras that make it the perfect robot to watch out for fires and other unusual happenings in the home.
  • 4. WALKER

    While we’ve seen a couple of humanoid robots in this article, WALKER is the first one designed to behave and interact like a human. It was first introduced in CES 2019 by UBTECH as a smart bipedal robot with a humanoid form that excels in performing tasks that only humans are known to be able to perform.

    It’s capable of watering flowers, serving tea and other liquids, wiping surfaces, and using a regular vacuum cleaner. You can also play chess with the robot, have it climb up a flight of stairs, play chess with you, and do other amazing things.

    The only downside to this robot will be its availability, as it’s still not widely available at the moment. Building something that good is genuinely difficult, and it’s almost impossible for UBTECH to meet the demand of customers.
  • 5. Kuri

    Kuri is one of the most practical robots on this list, which works as a robot babysitter to help monitor your kids. It has a roughly humanoid form with 1080p cameras to watch over your kids in high quality, reporting back to you if you ever need to see what’s happening in real-time.

    While Kuri is one of the best babysitters you’ll find around, it doesn’t do much more than just watch your house and babysit your kids. If you’re looking for something to help you vacuum your house or perform other household tasks, you may have to continue your search.

    In addition to watching over your kids, Kuri can read ebooks, play podcasts, and play music. The robot also responds to human touch affectionately, as it looks up when you tap it on the head gently. All these are extras to the live streaming feature made possible by the camera.

    The most interesting feature of Kuri is the ability to navigate the home autonomously without anyone’s help. It also “naps” automatically to save energy when it’s not actively performing any tasks; undoubtedly an essential personal robot assistant for your home.


Personal robot assistants are an essential part of every home. However, with the plethora of options available on online stores across the internet, choosing the one you should have can be a chore. This article looks at five of the most common personal robot assistants and what they do to help you make a choice.

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