Innovative Robotics Company In India To Work For

top robotics companies in india

The present epidemic has shown the significance of robots across numerous industries. To preserve social separation, robots are crucial since robots can execute the labor automatically. Especially in the healthcare area, robots have been supporting doctors and personnel in servicing patients. These sorts of creative robotics technologies have created a shift in the Indian automation sector.

Automation and robots are widespread these days across many companies. Thus, the attention to the requirement for robotics professionals with expertise in robotics has developed to satisfy the requirements of the new industry. Here are the Top 15 Robotics Company in India to work for that is altering the automation arena of India.

Top 15 Robotics Company in India

1. ABB

ABB is the world-class technological pioneer in industrial digitalization that focuses on tackling every key obstacle. The firm combines client software with its robotics, automation, electrification, and motion portfolio. ABB is one of the most prominent Robotics Companies in India with pay that varies from 20.81 lakh to 22.62 lakh yearly.

robotics companies in india

2. Recon Robotics, Inc

The firm was started in 2006. Recon is presently the largest robotics producer on the planet. It offers its goods in more than 33 countries throughout the world. The U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as the Border Patrol, FBI, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are just a few of its notable clients. Headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, it maintains offices all around the world.

3. Gridbots

Gridbots is one of the Indian robotics businesses working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and Robotics. The firm creates and develops ultra-high-performance systems that are utilized in the industry for defect detection, sorting apps, grading applications, and many other methods. Gridbots with their machine vision and robotic solutions help companies reach digital industrial goals in a time-bound way.

4. DiFACTO Robotics

DiFACTO Robotics is an acknowledged engineering service firm with its headquarters in Bangalore. DiFACTO believes in offering clients a broad array of robotic services under one roof. The most noteworthy offerings include offline programming, on-site robotic programming robotic simulation, design services, and education. DiFACTO also delivers solutions for Automobile BIW Weld lines, Arc weld lines, robots-based solutions for sealing and foundry, plastic cutting, and tending.

5. Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics develops and manufactures robotics systems that allow humans-like automatic functional testing of genuine equipment. The products are employed by service suppliers and OEMs to speed up testing and lower the time-to-market of their goods. It is the only robotics firm situated in India which offers services in the electronics industry, automotive sector, and aviation sector.

6. Mazor Robotics

Established in 2001, the business created history when it produced the first robotic device to guide spinal surgery. Today, physicians all around the world make use of the company’s Robotics Renaissance in executing neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. Its breakthrough “Mazor Robotics technology” is deployed in 28 hospitals throughout the US and 26 other hospitals across the globe. It is thought the technique has been deployed in over 4,000 surgical procedures throughout the world.


PARI is the leading worldwide automation firm situated in Satara, Maharashtra. It was formed in 1991 and today it is working with 970+ workers. So far, this organization has given over 3000 automated solutions globally. It provides services starting from conceiving, developing, and integrating innovative factory automation systems. It gives clients the answers they need to boost efficiency and meet their industrial goals. It was formed by technocrats with the skills and experience to grasp the requirements of the industrial industry.

8. Systemantics

Systemantics is a robotics-based automation system created in 1995. It was based in Bangalore. The major purpose of the organization is to automate difficult, repetitive, and hazardous operations in the sector. This organization was formed by Dr. Jagannath Raju, who has more than 30 years of expertise in the design & development of robotic systems.

The firm has created several technologies such as underwater robots, walking machines, and more. They supply numerous goods such as recent advancements of the robotic arm, Servo motion controllers, speed reducers, AC servo motors, and so more.

9. ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd

ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd is a unique window Solution and Services supplier that can handle all your robotics/automation demands. They provide technical goods solutions and advice in the fields including robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, VR, and navigation applications.

10. Invento Robotics

Invento Robotics debuted its 5-foot-tall Mitra robot at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where it met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The robot is particularly intended for the service sector and can communicate with consumers as well as perform autonomous navigation.

The firm is focused on producing service robots meant for client interactions. The company’s primary product, Mitra, is a fantastic breakthrough. It may automate everything that decreases operational expenses and offers a superior customer experience.

11. Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz is a Gurugram-based startup started in 2004. They concentrated on building mobility goods for the next generation, including their core tech for self-driving automobiles. They have a strong track record of supplying blue-chip OEMs for autopilots, driver-assistive systems, and fully autonomous vehicle technologies.

The Key focus is on creating Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for manufacturing and distribution centers with a linked industrial IoT framework.


Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd. (ARAPL) is a Pune, India-based firm, leading in the automation field for more than a decade servicing in Automotive, Non-Automotive, General Industries & also in Public sectors. ARAPL has a customer base in India, China & other regions of Asia

Robotic Inspection Stations, Pick & Place Systems, Gantries, Auto Assembly Stations, Robotic Welding Cells and Lines, Fixed, Indexing & Rotary type Welding Fixtures, Spot, Mig, Tig Robotic Cell, SPM’s for Welding, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Hydro-pneumatic SPM’s, Jigs, Gauges & Fixtures are just a few of the industrial automation demands that ARAPL caters Automatic Car Parking System is also their key area of competence.

13. Techasoft

Techasoft is the premier robotics company located in Bangalore. They employ top technologies including robots and cloud technology, hyper-automation, and cognitive computing to service their consumers. They are the pioneers in giving services such as Programming apps and PHP development, server-side development as well as online marketing. And they are a likewise bunch of skilled specialists that give expert solutions.

14. Ekzen

Ekzen was formed to offer excellent automation solutions designed to satisfy the end customer requirements. Affordability of the services without compromising on quality is something the organization takes pleasure in. Their team consists of highly focused, youthful, and energetic engineers with a love for innovative engineering.

Their products include robot simulation, PLC programming, onsite robot programming, and design services. Also, my interests lay in teaching aspiring engineers in automation and robotics, helping them to overcome production hindrances in an industrial setting.

15. Credence robotics

Credence robots are a concept, established as a solution for contemporary Humanitarian problems around the globe. The fundamental purpose of credence robotics is to design and supply inexpensive high-quality technological solutions for global humanitarian concerns. We provide our customers a comprehensive spectrum of IoT, Industry 4.0, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence solutions under one roof.

This comprises Enterprise, Industry, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Logistics, Supply Chain Automatons, and More under Customized Automation.

top robotics companies in india


Is robotics a viable profession in India?

Work for Robotics Engineering is regarded as a prestigious profession in India. A candidate with professional expertise in Robotics engineering can find an abundance of employment prospects.

Is AI superior to robotics?

The distinguishing characteristic of AI is its capacity to make judgments. It can improve the software’s output, i.e. improvisation. AI is a technical brain composed of wiring and code. To function autonomously or semi-autonomously, robots require prior instructions or codes of instructions.

Are robots engineers sought after?

Robotics Engineering is among the most in-demand and rapidly expanding fields in the world today. As each business is touched by the usage of robots, the demand for engineers who can design, construct, operate, and use robots is growing.

How widespread is robotics engineering in India?

A competent robotic engineer will find increased work prospects in manufacturing sectors, agricultural equipment manufacturing businesses, the mining industry, nuclear power plants, the research divisions of mechanical and electrical engineering firms, ocean exploration, space research organizations, and biotechnology.


We are at the forefront of technical development. To remain competitive in the marketplace, we must stay abreast of the most recent advances. The preceding list of a robotics companies in India to work for will tell you about the leading companies in the field of robotics.

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