20 Fun Travel Games for Adults

travel games for adults

Do you know what provides more fun than just travelling or backpacking? Travelling with fun travel games for adults. The experience is wholesome as those moments that would have been thrown into the void while waiting for the next activity are spent on something creative.

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Interactive Design Program doing research on gaming and gamers’ behaviour discovered that despite the bad publicity that gaming gets, gaming, especially multiplayer games, has been found to increase the bond of friendship among friends. Friends who game together, stay together.

Travel games for adults have the same effect as you learn new things about yourself if you play the game alone and get stronger bonds of friendship or family when you play the games in a group. This is what we want to explore here.

travel games for adults

This article explores travel games for adults, what they are used for, the difference between these games and other games and a list of some fun travel games for adults.

What are travel games?

Travel games for adults are gaming or leisure activities that are designed to engage people during periods of physical inactivity. These games can come in many forms, shapes and sizes and the logic behind the games can vary from creator to creator and society to society.

These travel games for adults have been played by millions of people and have been modified to fit into a number of scenarios that makes the games more interesting for the game players. Sometimes the rules change, sometimes the sets and at other times, it is the number of players.

Why are travel games for adults not suitable for teenagers?

Travel games for adults are not all suitable for adults because most of these games were created with adults in mind as the language of the games and the kind of things they are expected to know do not allow for the participation of teenagers.

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20 fun travel games for adults

Here we present a list of 20 fun travel games for adults, how they are to be played, between how many people and perhaps the origin of these games.

1- Pass The Pigs

Pass the Pigs is an exciting and entertaining game. It is at the top of this list of travel games for adults. If you commit to giving it a try, you are sure to have a lot of fun.

It is a dice game where the worth of the pigs varies based on how they fall and is weighted. One person takes turns tossing two model pigs, each of which has a dot on one side. Depending on how the pigs fall, the player either gets or loses points.

Each player takes turns rolling the pigs until one of the following occurs: the player moves the pigs in a way that eliminates their current score, eliminates their total game score, or chooses to halt their turn, add their turn score to their total score, and pass the pigs to the next player.

The game’s rules can be altered in a number of ways. One such game is called “Hog Call,” in which one player tries to predict the score that their rival is about to land.

A non-throwing player may attempt a Hog Call after earning 20 points. Before the opposing players throw, the one who is not throwing must yell “Sooee!”

2- Word-a-Melon

Word-a-melon is another one of the travel games for adults on this list that truly has that all-around feeling of engagement that satisfies one gaming appetite. A fun fact: It involves a dice, not actually eating watermelons. Word-a-melon, not watermelon.

Get out the letter tokens and set up the watermelon-shaped board. Place a seed in each empty area on the board after flipping them all face down to the “seed” side. Any extra tokens should be put back in the box.

When it’s your time, roll the dice and turn over 3, 4, or 5 seed tokens. Make an effort to create a word using only the letters at hand. After that, add each letter you used to your score stack.

Any letters you weren’t able to utilize should be turned over, but remember where they are so you may choose them again. The game is done when there are not enough letters remaining to form any more words. The winner is the one with the most seed tokens!

3- Skull

Otherwise referred to as Skull and Roses, it resembles a picture-based game of poker with exquisitely crafted pieces. Each player is given a unique double-sided game board as well as three circular cards, two of which have roses and one of which has a skull on it.

Each player turns to deal a card of their choice face down onto the game card; this process continues until someone challenges the deal.

They achieve this by estimating the number of roses they can flip before colliding with a skull. You must flip your game board twice to win if you get it right. If you don’t, you lose.

4- Dobble

Everyone who has played Snap as a kid already understands this game, and Dobble just raises the game’s fundamental idea to a whole other level. It’s like “snap” with more energy.

Dobble offers five straightforward travel card games that are all as easy as they come. There are 8 photos on each card, and each one shares a symbol with the other cards in the set.

Depending on the game you’re playing, players all go at once to attempt to find the matching symbols and either accumulate or pass cards to opponents.

One of the greatest travel games for 2 adults, it can accommodate up to 8 players at once. Dobble is useful for overcoming language hurdles as well because it’s so straightforward.

5- Monopoly

Players aim to create their own real estate empires while also seeking to bankrupt their rivals. That’s it. The entire premise of the game is on competitiveness and hyper-capitalism.

Imagine having some time to rest and wanting to enjoy one of the travel games for adults as a competitively witty person. One of your first options should be Monopoly. To grow your empire, others cannot stand. It is like Chess but in a different way because while chess is a battle strategy, monopoly is a war strategy.

Everyone on the team is interested since it moves quickly and is thrilling enough. Anyone above 8 within a family or group can partake in the game.

6- Cards Against Humanity

It’s understandable why most people have heard of Cards Against Humanity at this point – you know how certain vulgar things fly. You’ll be shocked by the words and phrases you speak while playing this really inappropriate any of the listed games for adults.

This card game is ideal for parties of adults enjoying a few drinks while on vacation but is not appropriate for kids. The reason is simple and needs no further explanation.

The dealer of this card game reads aloud a sentence card that they choose at random. The other players must choose the best choice from a list of alternatives in their ten-card hand to finish the phrase, which has one or two words lacking.

7- Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

A scintillating battle of wits and smarts is being played in Shashibo Battle forms to discover who can produce the most Shashibo forms the quickest. This intriguing problem elevates our well-liked Shashibo shape-shifting puzzle cube to a new level with captivating twists and turns. You may play it with friends and family or practice your abilities alone.

This 3D puzzle game is unmatched in terms of quality and beauty because of its vivid design and robust construction. Two limited edition Shashibo cubes are included in our family game.

They are made of durable injection-cast plastic and have a matte, tear-proof surface that displays our captivating designs. Each game box comes with a deck of playing cards, a decision coin, a clock, a bell, and clear instructions.

This hands-on form-matching game wakes up the brain and engages the senses, making it ideal for both Shashibo novices and masters.

8- Jenga Game

The fact that everyone in your crew can play at their own speed makes Jenga the ideal trip diversion and one of the best travel games for adults. The Jenga game comprises 54 hardwood blocks that are skillfully built to be assembled into a tower and are tiny enough to fit in a backpack or small luggage.

Players strive to maintain the tower’s integrity as they remove blocks from the game one at a time and hone their stacking techniques. Ultimately, whoever makes the tower fall is out of the game.

9- Thinkfun Rush Hour

A full playthrough of the strategy game Thinkfun Rush Hour takes one to two hours. In order to get the red automobile to the exit, players who participate in this sliding block logic game must overcome the bottleneck.

Users may choose the difficulty level in advance thanks to the game’s 40 various challenges. For lone gamers who wish to prevent becoming bored while travelling, Thinkfun Rush Hour is perfect.

The four levels of difficulty that this game has earned it its place as one of the best travel games for adults. You keep getting vehicles out of the way as users try to wade across.

10- Queensell Mexican Train Dominoes

The Queensell Mexican Train is one of the travel games for adults that will engage your senses of competition and achievement. Each player starts their own personal train of dominoes by placing a tile that corresponds to the station number.

Shuffle the dominoes on the table after turning them all face down. Each participant gets one tile. The person with the most pips (dots) goes first. Stack the tiles back up after being face down.

The following dominoes should be drawn by each player:

  • Draw 15 dominoes if there are 2-4 participants.
  • Draw 12 dominoes if there are 5 or 6 participants.
  • Draw 11 dominoes if there are 7-8 participants.

To prevent your opponents from seeing your dominoes, place them on edge facing you. The “boneyard” is formed from the leftover dominoes. Play is circular in nature. Play all of your dominoes in order to achieve the lowest score possible after three rounds.

11- Battleship Grab and Go

This portable Battleship Grab & Go game lets you command your fleet to victory while you’re on the go! You just keep moving on to victory as you tank your enemies. Can you sink the ships of your rival before all of your own are lost? That’s the joy of the travel games for adults that you play.

It’s a flip-open game unit that enables you to take control of the conflict and place your carrier, battleship, submarine, destroyer, and cruiser on the grid of the ocean. When the conflict is done, you may slide the units together and store the pegs inside. By using Battleship to Grab & Go, you will conquer the seas.

12- Exploding Kittens

Each player begins the game with a diffuse card and four action cards. The remaining cards are arranged face down in the centre of the table, and each player takes a turn drawing cards from it.

The game is over if someone sketches an explosion with a kitty. Unless they own a diffuse card that enables them to neutralize the bomb and continue. The card with the exploding kitten can also be reinserted anywhere in the deck The beauty of travel games for adults.

Prior to drawing from the deck, players use action cards, which provide them access to a variety of options. These include taking other players’ cards or sneaking a glimpse at the top three cards in the deck.

13- Shotgun – The Road Trip Game

The boredom of a long drive is about to vanish: Introducing shotgun, a brand-new card game for families that will make for the most entertaining and memorable road trips ever.

Play games of dares, quizzes, challenges, riddles, and more with your fellow passengers in the automobile. You’ll have fun the entire journey thanks to the more than 200 cards, and no two games are ever the same.

Each time a Dashboard Card is drawn, the players will be required to fulfil a challenge. The players must strive to remember these cards for when the appropriate moment arises by placing them off to the side (the game suggests the dashboard of the automobile). This is probably one of the most mentally and physically engaging travel games for adults.

14- Rubberneckers

Whether you’re road travelling, field tripping, or just enduring the morning commute, Rubberneckers is one of the best travel games for adults that puts an end to the boredom of being on the road.

This road trip activity for adults and others combines many games that we’ve all played at some time in our driving and riding careers. It contains glossy cards with “I Spy”-style instructions to keep passengers of all ages interested for hours.

Start the fun by opening the package of glossy cards! To get points in a race against other motorcyclists, you must find the items on your card. One should keep an eye out for both uncommon and commonplace sightings, such as someone picking their nose, singing, or eating.

15- Carpool karaoke

This carpool karaoke mic should without a doubt be taken into consideration by music enthusiasts looking for basics for road trips. This is among the easiest travel games for adults that people can play. Here, the microphone comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours and quickly connects to your car through Bluetooth or an aux wire.

With three sound effects and six voice-changing effects, your family can sing along to your favourite tunes. Additionally, fun lighting effects coordinate with your music to further personalize the experience. Any lengthy vehicle ride will be made more entertaining by this.

16- Gentlemen’s Hardware Road Trip Trivia

This 100-card road trip trivia game comes in a stylish metal container that is ideal for road trips and has 100 questions. 100 questions that test your ability to recall things that you are expected to know.

The most well-known landmarks in the country are covered with trivia questions, as are well-liked roadside attractions. It starts the fun for those whose fantasies for spying are covered in at least one or two travel games for adults here.

A ton of new, maybe pointless information will also be imparted to players, such as the location of the biggest ball of twine in the world. Road Trip Trivia is ideal for both adults and children, but it’s particularly well suited for crew members who like to think of themselves as experts.

17- Bananagrams

The playing field is covered with 144 tiles, known as the bunch, each has a different letter on it. The exact amount of tiles that each player chooses varies based on the number of players. In front of the appropriate players, they are positioned face down.

Anyone can scream “split” after everyone has their tiles, and the game will then start. Then, all of the players’ tiles must be turned face up. The objective is to remove all of your tiles by making words, but they must all connect to one another like a crossword. There are no turns; instead, each player completes their own grid as rapidly as they can.

A player takes a new turn if they run out of letters as they exclaim “peel” when they select a fresh letter from the group. This is one of the travel games for adults that requires skills used in games like Scrabble.

18- Connect 4 Board Game

Similar to tic-tac-toe, this board game Connect 4 is enjoyed by both children and adults and it is one of the most popular travel games for adults and children alike because of how simple it is to play.

Players carefully strategize and plan their next move as they strive to line up four different coloured discs while stopping other players from doing the same. This game is not only entertaining for players of all ages, but it is also lightweight and portable.

19- Codenames

Being the first team to contact all of their secret spies is the whole point of codenames. After splitting into two teams, each chooses a spymaster. The competing spymasters are seated across from their respective field operatives and accomplices on the same side of the table.

Then, 25 codenames are chosen at random from the deck and arranged in a 5 by 5 grid. This starts the fun for those whose fantasies for spying are covered in at least one or two travel games for adults here.

The spymasters may now determine which of the agents in the grid belong to either side by selecting a “key” card. A handful of innocent bystanders are also present among the agents. There is also an assassin you must avoid at all costs.

Spymasters strive to make it possible for their team to recognize their own covert operatives. They accomplish this by giving them a number and a single word as hints. The team may connect several different agent codenames using the clues, and the number indicates how many are connected.

20- Catan

On the fictitious island of Catan, each player is a settler trying to build their own outposts from the start. The game board, which consists of 19 separate hexagons, serves as a representation of the island.

Since they may be arranged in almost endless ways, each time you play, you might use a different board. There are equivalent numbers on each hexagon.

Each player takes a turn and rolls two dice; depending on the number, the matching hexagon can create resources. Brick, wool, ore, grain, or timber are a few examples. This starts the fun for those whose fantasies for history and living are covered in at least one or two travel games for adults here.

Players can expand their towns by gathering particular combinations of these resources. If another player has what you’re in need of, you may also trade with them. Additionally, keep an eye out for the thief who disrupts the hexagon he is on.

The goal of Catan is to earn 10 victory points, which you do mostly through constructing cities or settlements.

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If you travel often and you are creative with your time, travel games for adults are one of the first things that would have come in handy because they engage the senses and help to make proper use of time between activities. This list provides the best travel games for adults that I think you should try.

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