20 Cool Maths Games For Kids

Maths games for kids

You should try the cool maths games for kids if you want something fun and educational for your kids. There are games, lessons, and tests on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

It is a wonderful website to visit if you want to practice your arithmetic facts through games or tutorials and if you care to know more. Then keep reading as the next part of this article will focus more on 20 cool Maths games for kids.

Why Your Kids Need Cool Math Games

Playing games to learn math is beneficial because:

  1. It visually represents ideas.
  2. Kids learn new abilities in fun ways.
  3. It develops your logical and strategic thinking skills.
  4. Develop your confidence when learning challenging subjects with the help of games that aren’t daunting.
  5. Stress reduction through memorization of math equations
  6. You better comprehend incorrect responses.
  7. Place value, geometric forms, shape fractions, and more concepts are simple to comprehend.
  8. It increases memory for arithmetic facts.
  9. The use of manipulatives by hands-on learners (which fosters a mind-body connection for practical math solutions)
  10. Boost your memory
  11. Keep your mind active!
  12. Make math lessons enjoyable for your children, especially if they dislike math or have had a bad arithmetic experience.
  13. Keeping children amused with games

Let us now focus more on the 20 cool Maths games for kids to learn.

20 Cool Maths Games For Kids

Below are lists of 20 cool Maths games for kids to learn from:

1. Grand Prix Multiplication (8–9)

Maths Games For Kids
Grand Prix Multiplication

There are countless fun math games on Math Playground, Grand Prix Multiplication being just one of them. It is one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

Pre-Algebra, Shapes, Graphs, Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide, Fractions, Money and Time, and Pre-Algebra are the six categories Math Playground organizes its games.

All of the games feature a competitive element against other players and are very interactive. If your kids like the feeling of accomplishment, each game even features a leaderboard.

Additionally, as a teacher, you’ll be able to see details regarding how each game relates to the course material for the corresponding level.

2. Maths on BBC School Radio (Ages 3–11)

The BBC has always offered various high-quality educational resources on various themes for adults and children. And it is particularly well known for its language-learning services and it is one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

The BBC School Radio series, including arithmetic, cover most subjects that kids study in primary school.

“Counting Songs” (for ages 3-5), “Numbertime” (for ages 5-7), “Megamaths” (for ages 7-9), “Maths Challenge” (for ages 9–11), “Maths Challenge 1” (for ages 9–11), and “Maths Challenge 2” (for ages 9–11) are five enjoyable math games for kids that are accessible on this app.

Instead of lengthy, drawn-out lectures, each series emphasizes interaction and self-confidence development. As they advance, kids are rewarded with small victories and praise.

3. Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math provides math games and other content linked with the curriculum for children in first through eighth grades.

Both parents and students are welcome to create an account. With a free account, you can view your child’s progress as a parent, including how many questions they’ve completed, their grade level, and problem areas.

Additionally, you can access various reports and performance data, set learning objectives, and provide incentives and it is also one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

More games are available with a premium subscription. However, each youngster must pay $4.99 every month.

4. Underwater Counting (2-5 Years)

This tablet-friendly game is what it sounds like—a technique to encourage young kids to become accustomed to utilizing the digits 1–10. It’s intended to support children with both number recognition and proper usage.

It features two levels of difficulty that may be utilized to tailor the game to the child’s current proficiency.

The game revolves around a treasure hunt, and as kids correctly respond to questions, a scuba diver on screen gets closer to finding the hidden wealth. For the game to be finished, kids must correctly answer ten questions and it is one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

5. 3D Shapes and Cube

A geometry game called 3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack encourages kids to recognize 3D shapes while keeping their ice cream from melting in the sun.

It is a video game from the Education.com platform. It provides engaging arithmetic games for kids in preschool through fifth grade. Each game has a lesson plan that goes along with it, allowing you to enhance the learning’s interactive component.

Free typing, reading, writing, and coding games are also available. To play, you must create an account.

6. Maths Games

Arithmetic Games offers a variety of entertaining arithmetic games for children in prekindergarten through eighth grade. On the platform, there are over a thousand games available in total.

You may sort games by skill, which differs from many fun math games. The list includes more than 20 abilities, including geometry, ratios, estimate, money, and other topics.

To play some of the games, you must have a premium subscription. However, if you pay yearly, you may get a monthly subscription for as little as $3.75.

7. Khan Academy Children (Ages 2-7)

The Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore provide the free Khan Academy Kids app and it is one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

Math isn’t the only subject covered in the program. It is intended to promote creativity and the development of social skills while concurrently teaching early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math.

It also provides plenty of tools for teachers and parents to track a child’s development.

Make sure to also look at the Khan Academy Early Math YouTube channel. The principles the youngsters learn in online math games will have a theoretical foundation thanks to the video lectures.

8. One Step Equation

Although algebra may be a child’s greatest mathematical phobia, this basketball-themed game aims to make it more entertaining than staring at a chalkboard all day.

The player must respond to an algebra question before being allowed to make a basket. If you successfully catch the moving basketball, your player will slam it home. As the game progresses, the questions get harder.

One Step Equation allows for two players, so your children may compete with their siblings, or you can play to review some of those long-forgotten formulas yourself.

9. MathVenture

One of the numerous entertaining cool Maths games for kids on the Coolmath Games website is Mathventure. In this game, you must solve equations while navigating a massive math cosmos.

You can discover many games on the website that range from simple math to Sudoku if you look around a bit more on the website. Games are classified, including Trivia, Strategy, Skill, and Number.

In addition to educational games for arithmetic, Coolmath Games also includes games for science, history, geography, and word games.

10. Number Conundrum Decimals

Number Conundrum Decimals challenges players to construct a tower of solutions using fractions and decimals.

The sum of the two integers immediately below each block is the solution. The game improves the player’s aptitude for multiplying and dividing fractions and handling various denominators and numerators.

Once more, the level of difficulty rises as players advance. It is definitely one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

11. Maths Dice Chase

Your young mathematicians play Math Dice Chase while seated at a table or in a circle. When the dice are rolled, math players across from one another race to shout out the right response.  

It can be modified to play math games like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

12. Odds or Even Steven

Another entertaining math game that we all enjoy is Even Steven’s Odd! (Perhaps because it has a large squishy math die, Stephen!)

To find a challenge, you flip a card. The arithmetic dice are then placed in front of each person while they attempt to solve the problem. The soft Stephen is claimed by the first person who correctly guesses it. Amazing arithmetic games to make everyone smile!

Include this in your collection of math learning materials. It covers numerical sequencing, mental math addition and subtraction, patterns, strategies, and more.

13. Smath

Smath is an excellent addition to your STEM learning games collection because it is a math crossword game.

With their tiles, math players create equations rather than words (like in Scrabble). Then, like in Scrabble, add up all of your tiles.

You can use it to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, which enables you to gain different arithmetic learning levels from the game or add additional levels. However, finding entertaining division one math games might be challenging at times.

14. SKYJO Math Card Game

Many people’s families enjoy playing the math game SKYJO, and it’s one of the best games for use in the classroom or at home because it allows you to practice addition and subtraction with positive and negative numbers.

Cards are laid down face-down by players in a grid in front of them. The game’s object is to score as few points as you can by drawing or trading cards.

The player with the lowest score wins once someone reaches 100 points (through several hands).

15. PrimeClimb

cool maths games for kids

For tweens or adolescents and older, Prime Club math is a cool game for learning and mastering multiplication, division, factorization, and prime number principles through colors.

Try this if you’re seeking a math board game for older kids as it is one of the cool Maths games for kids to learn.

16. Proof

A winner of the Teacher’s Choice Award for math and number games, Proof! is also a fantastic option for homeschoolers.

Players can learn addition, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, and square roots in this quick-paced math game.

Players create an equation and then demonstrate the answer. You keep the cards if it’s right. At the end of the deck, the player with the most cards wins.

Add it to your collection of fun math games because it’s now one of the most popular.

17. Multiplication Splat Math Card Game

The caller reads a response in Splat! Math. The participants must check their cards to verify if they possess the necessary math facts for that response.

In that case, they yell, “SPLAT!” and turn the card over face down. The first player wins the game by flipping all their cards face down.

Other Spat games, such as Splat Addition and Splat Subtraction, don’t deal with math.

18. Check The Fridge! Math Game

Check The Fridge is an entertaining arithmetic addition card game with lots of bluffing.

Each player acquires various delicacies with various point values to reach 25. You’ll also need to apply your problem-solving abilities because players may bluff when trying to make the offers you require.

19. Make Your Assets Game

In the entertaining family, game Cover Your Assets, you collect assets and compete to be the first to create sets and earn a million dollars.

Excellent math games with a money theme and money management!

20. Maths Solitaire Card Game

Have you ever thought about how excellent a math game Solitaire is for a single player?

This age-old card game will help you learn number recognition, patterns, logical reasoning, strategy, and more!

Take turns and use it in arithmetic games for two players.

Play one of the simple, common mathematics games with a deck of cards you already have at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Cool Maths Games?

A large selection of educational games is available on the well-known online resource Cool Arithmetic Games, which aims to make learning arithmetic interesting and exciting.

The platform strives to help players grow and enhance their arithmetic skills while enjoying difficult and engaging gameplay with various games appropriate for youngsters and adults alike.

Are Kids Still Engaging in Cool Math Games?

There’s a wild rumor that Cool Math Games is closing, but don’t worry—it’s untrue. Instead, flash games appeared to be the source of concern because they are no longer supported as of 2020.

Why Are Cool Math Games Blocked In Schools?

An outdated website called Cool Math contains spyware and viruses. Seventy laptops crashed when students previously used this website on school hardware. Virus-infected equipment must be wiped clean and reformatted.


By now, I am sure you know that your kids can have fun and understand Maths perfectly with the cool Maths games for kids.

Choose from any of the 20 Cool Maths games for kids listed above and let your kids start a new way of learning Mathematics.

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