22 Best Puzzle Games For Adults

20 Puzzle Games For Adults

Puzzle game is one of the best ways to keep your brain active, and adults can enjoy the fun too. Puzzle games are a great option if you’ve ever wanted to try something new or just want to pass the time while waiting for a friend or family member to arrive.

This post will detail more on 22 puzzle games for adults. You will also get to understand the benefits of puzzle games for adults, so let’s get started!

What Are Puzzle Games?

A puzzle game typically involves a problem that must be solved using the information or hints offered along with the game.

Most puzzle games for adults can be found right there in the problem statement. In addition to being enjoyable, solving a puzzle aids in mental development.

A person’s problem-solving skills can be considerably enhanced by solving puzzles. Decision-making and problem-solving skills

Why Adults Need to Play Puzzle Games

Puzzle games for adults have a lot of benefits which include:

1. It Enhances Memory

Our brain cells’ existing connections are strengthened as a result of puzzle-solving. Additionally, it boosts the development of new connections. As a result, mental agility and cognitive processes are enhanced.

Puzzles are particularly beneficial for enhancing short-term memory. We can imagine the overall image and recall shapes and colors with our short-term memory to determine how the pieces will fit together.

2. Puzzle Games Improve Problem-Solving Techniques

In the workplace, thinking critically and solving problems is highly important. We learn all of these crucial skills through solving puzzles.

Since there is a lot of trial and error in puzzles, we must try various approaches to try and solve a problem. We also learn the importance of developing theories, testing hypotheses, and shifting our viewpoints when things are unplanned.

3. There Is an Improved IQ

We can strengthen our memory and overall understanding by solving puzzles. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the additional advantages of puzzles is that they help increase our IQ.

4. It Delays Alzheimer and Dementia

Keeping your brain engaged with puzzles can help prevent the signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, even if you don’t care about increasing your IQ.

Studies show that puzzles and other problem-solving exercises can help people with Alzheimer’s experience less brain cell loss and keep their minds sharp. Additionally, it enhances the connections between nerve cells and promotes the growth of new nerve cells.

20 Puzzle Games For Adults

Types Of Puzzle Games

The category of puzzle games for adults are:

1. Word Puzzle

Given their availability and popularity, word puzzles are among the most played genres of puzzle games.

Depending on the puzzle you want to solve, varying language proficiency levels are needed. For example, crosswords or riddles require a better comprehension of the language and the capacity to examine it in more detail.

Still, games like Word Search or Fill-ins can be answered using merely logic, although having some familiarity with the language is a plus.

2. Number Puzzles

As the name implies, number puzzles require using numbers, which players must manipulate to solve and prevail.

Probably the most well-known puzzle game of this genre is Sudoku. It can be solved by applying logic alone and has straightforward rules (fill a grid with numbers without repeating any digits per row or column).

3. Mechanical Puzzle

There have been physical, mechanical puzzles for a very long time. These typically involve opening a box or other vessel, freeing a piece of a mechanism, or joining all the pieces together.

An illustration of a mechanical puzzle is a Chinese puzzle box, which requires players to comprehend where and how to press or move particular elements to unlock it.

4. Jigsaw puzzles

Many people immediately associate the word “puzzle” with jigsaw puzzles, with their lovely graphics and tiny parts ready to be put together.

They appear in various forms, depictions, and difficulty levels. The challenge becomes more difficult the more pieces there are. A jigsaw puzzle can be made easier or harder to solve depending on the image itself, its color gradient, and even the shape of the individual pieces.

22 Puzzle Games For Adults

Below are lists of 22 puzzle games for adults:

1. Number Slide Puzzle

20 Puzzle Games For Adults

A type of puzzle game that belongs to the subcategory of mathematical puzzle games is a number puzzle. Typically, it comprises a wooden frame shaped like a rectangle or square. The frame has a set of wooden blocks that match inside it.

The blocks can freely slide inside the frame in either a horizontal or vertical direction. The tops of the blocks are marked with numbers or alphabets.

The game’s primary objective is to move the blocks inside the frame so that they are aligned either in an ascending or descending order.

2. Freecell Solitaire

A great choice for kids and adults alike, Freecell is a popular variant of the classic card game, Solitaire.

Freecell involves building four foundation piles from Ace to King for each suit, similar to Solitaire, but with the added feature of four “freecells” that act as temporary storage spaces for individual cards. This allows for more strategic options and greater flexibility in moving cards around the tableau. 

The online version is available in a colorful format, equipped with redo and hint buttons.

3. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a classic computer puzzle game where players strategically uncover squares on a grid to avoid hidden mines. By analyzing revealed numbers, players deduce mine locations and plan their moves, promoting logical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Having a strong memory is a benefit in Minesweeper, as it helps navigate the grid efficiently. Overall, Minesweeper offers a challenging and stimulating puzzle experience that exercises critical thinking, memory, and focus. The addictive game is available in beginner, intermediate, and expert modes.

4. Sudoku

One of the most popular puzzle games for both educational and recreational reasons is Sudoku, which may be played by players of all ages, including kids and adults.

Usually, it is a puzzle games for adults that comprises a parent grid further divided into more compact squares with identical sizes. For example, a standard sudoku grid typically measures nine by 9.

The sub-grids, also known as the offspring grids, are created by further grouping the smaller squares encompassed by the sudoku puzzle.

5. Brain Teasers

One of the most well-known sayings states that brain teasers are the appetizers for the intellect. Another type of easy puzzle game that aids in learning and the development of many skills, such as memory, knowledge retention, observation, is the brain teaser game.

As one of the best puzzle games for adults, it can develop their capacity for critical and logical thought by solving brainteasers.

6. Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s cube is one of the well-known illustration puzzle games for adults that one can engage in to increase concentration or focus, pattern identification, problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, etc. Erno Rubik, a professor of architecture and artist from Hungary, created Rubik’s Cube in 1974.

A Rubik’s cube is a three-dimensional puzzle comprising a cube with 12 cubies attached to the edge, eight cubies on the corners, and one core in the center of all the cubies.

7. Word Puzzle

An n × n grid or matrix is common in word puzzle games and it is one of the best puzzle games for adults. On close inspection, one may easily group the letters in the matrix and find the hidden word since the squares or cells included by the parent matrix are filled with alphabets or letters.

The game’s main goal is to find as many hidden words in the puzzle matrix as possible.

8. Numbrix

Another pen and paper-based puzzle game that can raise one’s brain capacity and foster a variety of other talents is Numbrix.

The logic theory subset of mathematics is essentially used in the Numbrix puzzle game. Typically, it comprises a n x n grid populated randomly with integers between 1 and 81.

The player must fill the empty boxes in the game by merely moving in a horizontal or vertical direction.

9. Maze Puzzle

One of the best types of puzzle games for adults and children for entertainment and educational purposes is maze puzzles. A structure of numerous interconnected loops often makes up a maze game.

A labyrinth puzzle often consists of one or more paths that link the game’s beginning and end, but only one particular path can establish a connection between them.

The game’s major objective is finding a direct route between the endpoint and the starting point devoid of any breaks or obstacles.

10. Pyramid Puzzle

Another example of a three-dimensional puzzle game that people of any age can play for fun, skill development, and intellectual growth is a pyramid puzzle. Typically, a pyramid puzzle comprises several game pieces. A pyramid puzzle’s game components are often three-dimensional geometric shapes with irregular shapes.

These randomly arranged 3D puzzle pieces form a pyramid shape by a special alignment. The game’s main goal is to find a special arrangement where the game pieces can be placed next to one another to create a geometric pyramid shape.

11. Calcudoku

Sudoku and the puzzle game calcudoku are very similar. However, a calculous or Sudoku game requires that the main grid or matrix be distinctly filled with numbers, avoiding the repetition of numbers throughout the rows and columns of the matrix.

A calculous game is distinguished from a sudoku game by the fact that the little subgrids in a calculous game have varying dimensions, whereas the subgrids in a sudoku are uniform in size.

12. Burr Puzzle

20 Puzzle Games For Adults
Burr Puzzle

The interlocking puzzle game genre includes burr puzzles. Typically, a burr puzzle has a collection of blocks that must be strategically and sequentially assembled to make the appropriate prism shape.

Typically, the burr puzzle’s building blocks are wood, plastic, or metal. The burr plant’s form is where the puzzle gets its name.

13. Suguru

Another puzzle game that is appropriate for players of all ages is Suguru. Number groups are referred to as “Suguru.” It is a puzzle game from Japan that was created using the principles of two mathematics branches: number systems and logic theory.

Typically, a Suguru puzzle comprises a parent grid or matrix divided into several congruent squares. Cells are another name for these congruent squares. Then, blocks are created by randomly associating the cells.

14. Tangram

One of the most popular two-dimensional puzzle games, tangram is ideally suited for adults and kids of all ages. It has been found to be one of the best puzzle games for adults and during the First World War, tangram generally became more well-known.

Some of the ideas around tangram suggest that the English term “tamgram,” which means puzzle, is where the word “Tangram” originated. An ordinary tangram puzzle is done by slicing a two-dimensional square or rectangle geometric figure into seven parts.

15. Filomino Puzzle

A math puzzle game that may be played for enjoyment as well as to develop abilities, including a solid conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas, improve focus, increase concentration, and relieve tension, is the fillomino puzzle.

In 1994, the Japanese pen-paper puzzle publisher Nikoli released the first Fillomino puzzle. Filomino is one of the best puzzle games for adults has three straightforward rules. The primary goal of the puzzle and the first game rule is to fill every block with the same number horizontally and vertically.

16. Letter T Puzzle

The letter T puzzle is one of the best games adults can play for entertainment and personality development.

The game’s main goal is to arrange the puzzle pieces in a particular pattern to create the letter “T” in the English alphabet. However, only one type of arrangement of the game pieces would form a perfect English alphabet, ‘T,’ which is why the game is somewhat complex.

The pieces are uneven in shape and size and can be fixed to each other in various ways.

17. Count The Figures Puzzle Games

A sheet or a display screen with a picture of several geometric figures drawn on it often makes up a count-the-figures puzzle game. This is because the geometric shapes are intricately connected.

The basic goal of the game is to count all of the different geometric figures of one type that the parent or main figure contains.

The game is usually won by the individual who can count the precise number of figures in the image. Generally, a count-the-figures puzzle game uses the mathematics subfields of number theory and logic and also one of the best puzzle games for adults.

18. Kingou Puzzle Game

Another illustration of a puzzle game for adults is Kingou, and there is evidence that Kingou puzzles originated in China. A wooden ball puzzle is another name for it. Typically, a wooden ball puzzle has 12 game components. The size and shape of these gaming pieces vary.

Twelve pieces total, with three being the telephone pieces, two being entire bridges, two being half bridges, two being tie fighters, two being eyebrows, and one being a wrench.

The components of the puzzle typically come linked to one another in a certain order, making a perfect sphere shape.

19. Mahjongg

A tile-based puzzle game Mahjongg was first created in China in the 19th century. It is a cooperative game played by three to four players and one of the best puzzle games for adults.

The game’s two sets of identical tiles are referred to as “eyes,” while its three or four sets are called “melds.” One of the best puzzle games for grownups is mahjong. It provides a lot of happiness and lowers stress levels.

20. Detangle the Ropes Puzzle Game

In the past, a two-dimensional pen-and-paper puzzle game called “Detangle the Ropes” was produced; however, in the present, several digital platforms or applications for the game have also been developed.

A page with two or more irregularly drawn detangled ropes makes up a conventional pen-and-paper disentangle-the-ropes puzzle. One of the ropes’ ends is fastened to a gaming equipment piece.

The game’s main goal is finding the rope out of all the detangled ropes holding the game item and it is one of the best puzzle games for adults.

21. Kong Ming Lock

Another block puzzle games for adults that belongs to the group of three-dimensional games is a Kong Ming Lock. Typically, it consists of building bricks made of fiber, plastic, metal, or wood formed like various geometrical objects.

There are various ways to join these blocks together. The game’s main goal is to decide on a specific arrangement for the blocks such that when combined, they form a complete three-dimensional object like a cross, box, etc.

22. Visual Math Puzzles Games

20 Puzzle Games For Adults
Visual Math Puzzles Games

A picture of a 3D object is frequently used in visual math puzzle games or locating views of objects. A set of photographs that primarily show the object’s top, side, or front view are also offered in addition to the image of it.

The image that best captures the object’s view is one of the ones included in the collection. Therefore, the game’s main objective is finding the object’s ideal or most precise projection.

A solid understanding of engineering drawing, three-dimensional theory, and other engineering principles is necessary to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drawbacks are there to puzzle games?

In puzzles, the picture may accidentally break if you touch it because the fixation is frequently not rigid. Second, the kid might quit showing up to school and lose interest. Third, the child frequently loses puzzle pieces and cannot complete the task he started.

Do puzzle games for adults help with problem-solving?

Yes, Jigsaw puzzles, for example, can enhance cognitive and visual-spatial reasoning, according to studies. Concentration is needed, and short-term memory and problem-solving skills are enhanced by placing puzzle pieces together.

In what ways do puzzles foster creativity?

Another distinctive quality of puzzles is that they exercise your analytical and creative faculties.

They typically require various abilities, such as spatial reasoning, analytic thinking, and observational thinking, so they can help you see how you think and where you can improve.


Puzzle games for adults are a great way to spend time with friends, exercise your brain, and get some much-needed rest. If you’re looking for something new to challenge yourself with, puzzle games are a great way to do it!

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