The Pros and Cons of Buying SoundCloud Followers: What You Need to Know

soundcloud followers

Getting noticed as a beginner in the highly competitive music world is a tough task. You will be required to reach target audience, promote your music, gain followers, boost a number of plays, and get noticed by reputable brands. Most people are nowadays buying SoundCloud followers to increase their reach and get noticed in the already saturated music market.

Are you thinking about getting more SoundCloud plays and appearing in the top searches on SoundCloud, but wondering if it will be a wise decision? This article will ease the decision-making process by showing you the good and negative sides of purchasing followers on SoundCloud.

Need to purchase SoundCloud followers

For new artists, getting their music heard and shared with a wide audience is one of the main challenges. Developing their fan base can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s a reason most musicians buy followers to promote their tracks and gain a wider audience quickly.

Purchasing SoundCloud followers, like buying Instagram followers, is intended to get more people to listen to your tracks and get them share with their friends and followers. It can improve your credibility not just on SoundCloud but many other social platforms.

But, buying followers is not considered a safe practice because it has a potential for spam. To buy genuine followers, you need to ensure the services you’re receiving comply with the terms and conditions of SoundCloud.

How would you decide whether purchasing SoundCloud followers would be the right decision? Get 100% confident about your decisions after weighing the positive and negative sides of bought followers.

soundcloud followers

Pros to purchase SoundCloud followers

1. Kickstart your music or song

Just like social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, etc., getting your first play, like, follower, comment is difficult on SoundCloud. Purchasing followers is an excellent way to kickstart your song or music, even your musical career. This purchase process can potentially attract attention from media, agents, record labels, listeners, etc.

Rather than starting from no plays, you can begin from some thousand and rapidly keep things in control. It is because people generally don’t prefer songs with no plays.

They would not be interested in listening to your music or song if it doesn’t inspire trust. They will be more inclined to listen to your song when they find that it has been heard by so many people.

2. Get social proof

Looking popular can make you popular. Buying followers for SoundCloud will show you trending on the platform. It will attract attention and make people believe that it is worth listening to.

Although it doesn’t guarantee 100% popularity because the music quality also matters a lot, getting more followers will make more people share your music on their social networking platforms.

3. Improve social credibility

Buying followers on SoundCloud could also benefit you by strengthening social credibility. It can assist in improving your profile on social media platforms and gain increasing popularity. In addition, it can possibly make people discuss you and your music.

4. Assist with community development

Buying SoundCloud followers means that more people will be attracted to your music and acquainted with you in the long term. When they’re impressed with your song, they will be more likely to search for you on other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

If you can get the most out of developing a social media presence, you will possibly gain an increasing number of followers over time. This will eventually grow your community.

5. Improve brand image and reputation

Paid followers will make an official announcement of your newly uploaded music on the platform. Alongside improving your social credibility, it will help your music trend more quickly than it would take otherwise.

Better brand image will get you performance opportunities because once your profile starts to stand out from the crowd, more brands will tend to approach you and sign you to their labels when impressed with your music.

Cons to purchase SoundCloud followers

1. There might be multiple scams

Yes, there are some reputable and legitimate companies surviving successfully in the market but be aware of the scams, which are also available in large amounts. The fraud companies are offering cheaper packages for purchasing followers. Availability of services from these companies can make your SoundCloud profile look fake.

So, be sure you research real websites to purchase SoundCloud followers. It is recommended to use a company that is doing organic SoundCloud music promotion by providing plays and followers from real users.

Stay away from the service providers who reach you directly or ask you for your login credentials because they will be scammers. Check the reputation by reading customer satisfaction reviews online to avoid the risk of getting restricted or banned.

2. Not targeted in most cases

The bought SoundCloud followers are not targeted in most cases. With that being said, it is temporary. It can possibly have the opposite impact on what you are intending.

In addition, it can undermine your reliability and reputation as a real artist. You may receive so many followers suddenly on your SoundCloud profile or music.

There might be a lot of wasted followers because you might don’t know who they are and from where they are listening to your music. Such bots are not interested in you and can hurt your career in the music industry. Purchasing followers will only increase your follower base, it is not promoting your song.

3. Success is not assured

Despite paying for followers, success is not 100% guaranteed. You will need to put on more effort because SoundCloud users can unfollow you anytime.

Thus, you need to keep some patience and remember that standing out as a perfect artist should take time. This recognition can’t be achieved in a single night. Building up an authentic and genuine following takes time.

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