9 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

best sites to buy instagram followers

Your last resort might just be buying Instagram followers if you’ve tried all you can to grow your brand on Instagram to no avail. This is an effective method of jumpstarting your brand’s popularity on IG.

One major challenge you can face is choosing the best sites to buy Instagram followers as there are tons of sites out there, some of which sell fake and dormant followers.

In this post, we have listed some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers to avoid being duped and get the best service for your money. Read this post to the end as it is super informative and insightful.

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers has lots of advantages, some of which include:

1. Increase Instagram Growth

It should come as no surprise that buying Instagram followers will aid in increasing Instagram growth. You’ll undoubtedly earn a lot of followers, but buying Instagram followers can also speed up your growth in general because they provide you with more social proof and help you outperform other accounts in the Instagram algorithm, which will improve your reach.

2. Followers Yield Followers

The unusual phenomenon of “more followers, more followers” is founded on the concept of social credibility. People want to be a part of a successful and well-liked community, so having a large number of followers makes it more likely that they will click the follow button.

As a result, having more followers will result in you gaining more followers. It might make a difference in whether they choose to follow you or not.

3. Build Authority

Having a larger Instagram following makes your profile appear more trustworthy and ultimately increases your authority in your specialized field. You will start to establish a name for yourself on Instagram if you have a large following of people who enjoy your work.

4. Engagement

You’ll get greater engagement if you have real followers, which will help you stand out from other accounts on Instagram.

Your post will show up higher on their Instagram feed if you have a large number of followers who interact with it and view it, increasing visibility and promoting engagement. This is a huge benefit because it will improve your performance overall.

5. Shares And Recommendations

Having more followers improves the likelihood that people will share your content if they enjoy it, relate to it, adore your items, or want to introduce you to someone.

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

There are many sites to buy Instagram followers. Below are some of the best sites for buying Instagram followers

1. Twicsy

Best sites to buy Instagram followers
Twicsy – Best Sites to buy Instagram followers

Twicsy is a well-established and trustworthy site for buying Instagram followers of the best quality. There are two options available when buying Instagram followers from Twicsy: premium and high-quality followers.

High-quality followers have a profile photo and are automatically refilled following the follower package you selected. Premium Twicsy followers are 100% actual, active Instagram users with a profile photo, a bio, and posts. Regardless of the followers you select, Twicsy offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 assistance.

The quantity and cost of Twicsy’s Instagram follower packages vary, making it possible for anyone wishing to buy Instagram followers to choose a package that suits their requirements and price range.

You can buy up to 5000 followers at once, or as few as 100. Twicsy provides unique savings throughout the checkout process if you choose to add more followers to your selected bundle.

Once payment has been processed using a major debit card, credit card, or Diners Club card, Twicsy offers quick delivery often within 10 minutes of buying Instagram followers.

The best part is that Twicsy only needs your Instagram username and an email address connected to the account; it doesn’t ask for passwords or other sensitive information.

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2. Stormlikes

Stormlikes will be well-liked by those who are tired of ghost followers. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. The Instagram-only business guarantees to give customers real followers, comments, and likes.

Also, this service provider aims to customize each customer’s experience to meet their unique requirements. This entails prompt customer service and Instagram growth that happens when users want it, whether they want it now or later.

Customers can also define gender distribution and the nations from which they want their followers to originate. This keeps the growth of their account appearing more fluid and genuine.

Payment options include one-time payments, monthly installments, and customized plans. Those who have several accounts may be able to get discounts that will take a specific amount off their bundle.

For those seeking to increase their Instagram popularity and growth, this company appears to be a solid choice. The Stormlikes blog and website are both up-to-date with pertinent information.

Customers of Stormlikes are not required to provide a password, and PayPal is used for payment. For those who are curious, there is a trial edition available with 50 free followers. A plan with 100 followers costs $2.99 and 1000 followers cost $12.99.

3. Thunderclap

Best sites for buying Instagram followers
Thunderclap – Best sites for buying Instagram followers

Thunderclap is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers if you’re seeking top-quality followers who will take your Instagram account to new heights. You can anticipate actual Instagram followers if you choose thunderclap

By using Thunderclap, dealing with fake followers is not a problem. The increase in your follower count is as significant as ever since they realize that having real followers is the only way to succeed on Instagram.

Genuine followers will visit your Instagram stories, like your posts, and follow your Instagram profile. Thunderclap provides the highest-quality services available. You might obtain likes and views on Instagram from them in addition to real followers.

Your follower count will significantly increase with follower packages that start at $2.97 for 100 high-quality followers and go up to 25,000.

4. Buzzoid

Due to its reputation as one of the few producers of 100% authentic followers and the high caliber of its services, Buzzoid made our list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Buzzoid offers rapid delivery of followers while also charging some of the lowest costs on the market. High-quality, premium, and managed growth Instagram followers are the three sorts of followers that Buzzoid sells.

Premium and high-quality followers have verified profiles, detailed bios, and profile pictures. The primary distinction between the two is that the premium followers come from verified, private Instagram profiles that are quite active.

The price of a Buzzoid bundle starts at just a few dollars, and the website offers fantastic discounts for packages with up to 5000 followers.

Payment and processing are straightforward; all you need to do is enter your Instagram username, email address, and accepted payment method to begin seeing results in as little as 20 minutes.

5. UseViral

For years, Useviral has offered high-quality Instagram followers. They are leaders in the social media industry and provide their clients with excellent outcomes.

Due to its reputation, UseViral is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. They distinguish themselves from the competitors because of the variety of features they provide.

They offer to provide your followers within the specified time limit, and because their followers are high-quality, genuine Instagram users, they can guarantee the legitimacy and authenticity of your account.

They also take seriously the privacy and security of their customers, providing a service that is 100% safe and private and providing round-the-clock customer care to guarantee that all customers are happy with their offerings.

6. Fameoid

Best sites for buying Instagram followers
Fameoid – Best sites for buying Instagram followers

Fameoid is a fantastic site if you want to buy Instagram followers securely. Fameoid is one of the greatest places to buy from because you can get real followers from them, making them another business that doesn’t use fake followers.

The nice thing about Fameoid is that you may acquire both active and high-quality followers. You have more alternatives when buying Instagram followers because you can pick the kind that you want.

Their active Instagram followers package comes with a ton of benefits, such as 30-day refills, rapid delivery, a dedicated customer support team, and a satisfaction guarantee.

When you utilize Fameoid, you don’t have to be concerned about jeopardizing your Instagram profile. They are without a doubt among the top sites if you’re thinking about buying Instagram followers.

Their features are excellent, and their prices are reasonable. Gaining followers on Instagram who are active will increase your online visibility and help your social media marketing plan succeed. Check them out right now; you can purchase actual, active accounts for as little as $11.99 for 500 Instagram followers.

7. Likes.io

Likes.io is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers because increasing an Instagram account’s number of followers is the primary goal of Likes.io.

More potential buyers will notice the content as a result of the profile’s activity increasing. The content shared on the account will receive comments, views, reposts, and likes from the followers, increasing their visibility.

Businesses, people, and social media influencers are interested in the service. The profiles that are given followers are legitimate Instagram accounts, not automated ones.

Also, the business provides a variety of customer assistance channels, including live chat, email, and electronic form submissions. Don’t wait to buy Instagram followers from Likes.io.

For the account holder to immediately enjoy the benefits, the service provides speedy delivery. The organization makes a lot of effort to safeguard the data of its consumers, therefore virtual security is good. It’s easy to increase an Instagram account’s success quickly by using this supplier. For $12.99, you can purchase 1000 followers.

8. Rushmax

For companies, public figures, celebrities, and anybody else wishing to boost their social media following on Instagram, Rushmax is a great site to buy Instagram followers.

For active IG followers, Rushmax offers both a monthly subscription and one-time purchase packages. Depending on the plan you choose, subscription purchases offer significant discounts and give 1000–25,000 followers each month for Instagram stories and posts. Rushmax offers one-time purchase packages in groups of 100–25,000 followers.

The main distinction between premium and high-quality followers is how many posts and followers each account has. Customers can choose between these followers.

Followers are provided within 72 hours of purchase and orders can be placed at any time. Starting with a few dollars, Instagram follower packages include 24/7 customer assistance.

9. Followers.io

The platform became available to the public in 2009. It has grown to become one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. It has benefited numerous people and organizations over the years. Members have a great chance of creating profiles with value because of its followership program.

The business provides account owners with a growth model that promotes a secure, steady, and organic increase in their following.

Its organic approach and policies also make sure that the new additions are genuinely interested in the content of the subscribers. More views, likes, and interactions are thus always advantageous to members.

Also, unlike other platforms, the site does not engage clients’ accounts with a rise in new followers. Instead, it executes the command piecemeal until it is finished. By doing this, it can completely rule out the prospect of an account being blocked due to excessive activity.

You can buy 1000 followers for $12.67 from Followers.io

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

Although technically buying Instagram followers is not “safe,” there is a catch.

Indeed, by violating Instagram’s terms of service and abusing the system, you are endangering your account. Not to mention that the majority of your new followers will likely be bots or fake accounts that will unfollow you in a few weeks.

But, there is also a positive aspect to buying Instagram followers. It jumpstarts the growth of your followers. If you are brand-new to Instagram and don’t have any followers, it can be difficult to build trust.

Even if the followers you purchase are bots, doing so will boost your Klout with other possible accounts, which will increase the likelihood that real people will follow you as well.

The secret is to avoid buying an excessive number of followers. It will raise red flags for both Instagram and other potential followers if you only have a few posts and hundreds of thousands of followers. Your account will appear fraudulent.

On the other hand, your follower growth will look natural if you repeatedly buy Instagram followers in smaller increments – it will just happen much faster!

Disadvantages Of Buying Instagram Followers 

After stating the above, let us take a look at some of the downsides of buying Instagram followers.

1. Lots of Fake Companies

Sorting through all of the available businesses to determine which ones might be useful to you is no simple undertaking. Also, it’s regrettable that some businesses prey on Instagram users who are sincere in their need for assistance and take advantage of them by selling them useless services.

Even though this shouldn’t stop you from buying Instagram followers, you should always exercise caution and critical thought when selecting a business to work with.

2. It Can Become A Habit

Far too many people seek the quick fix to Instagram stardom and believe that all it takes to become successful is to buy followers. For individuals who become caught up in the loop of buying Instagram followers, this could be a serious drawback.

Prevent this by using it simply as a way of achieving your goal; it shouldn’t be your only or even primary tactic.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

If you want to buy Instagram followers, the procedure is rather simple. This is a step-by-step guide on how to buy Instagram followers.

STEP 1: Choose a website

You must first decide on a website where you can buy Instagram followers. We have given a list of some of the best websites where you can buy Instagram followers above. You can pick from any of them.

STEP 2: Choose a package

After deciding on a website, you must choose the bundle that most closely matches your requirements. Prices for packages start at a few bucks and often range from 100 to 50,000 followers.

STEP 3: Provide your Instagram username

For the website to send followers to your account, you must give your Instagram username. During the delivery process, it’s crucial to make sure your account is public and not private.

STEP 4: Make payment

After that, you must pay for the followers. The majority of websites provide safe payment methods like PayPal or credit cards.

STEP 5: Wait for delivery

After paying for the followers, you will need to wait for them to arrive on your account. Typically, depending on the website and the quantity of the item you bought, this can take a few hours to a day.


It is very important to be cautious when buying Instagram followers. One little mistake and the reputation you’re trying to build online would be ruined.

We hope our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers was helpful. We’d advise you to pick the one that suits you the most from this list. Kindly let us know what you think.

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Yes, it is legal to buy Instagram followers who aren’t malevolent bots, fake accounts, spammers, or blacklisted persons.

The nine businesses described above are professionals at navigating the Instagram algorithm to make sure that the followers you buy are actual people who will actively engage with your material to avoid getting banned for breaking Instagram’s rules.

Buying Instagram followers can help you improve your account’s popularity and kickstart its growth. Just keep in mind to prioritize quality over the number and to avoid purchasing more followers than you can acquire naturally.

2. How can buying Instagram followers help me increase my account?

An excellent strategy to promote your account, jumpstart profile growth, and increase brand exposure on social media is to buy followers.

You may make sure that the individuals who follow your account are legitimate users who will interact with your material by buying followers from a reliable supplier.

Buying Instagram followers can assist you in enlarging your audience, boosting consumer and brand exposure, getting natural followers, increasing your social media presence, and helping any viral marketing approach succeed.

Whatever your social media objectives, buying Instagram followers can help you get the boost you need to be successful.

3. What is the Best Amount of Followers to Buy?

Prioritizing quality over quantity is key when buying Instagram followers. Tens of thousands of fake, inactive accounts are not worth as much as a few hundred high-quality followers.

We advise only buying as many followers as you need while searching to buy them. As an illustration, if you’re new to Instagram and just have a few hundred followers, you might want to think about buying a few hundred more to meet your target of 1,000 followers.

On the other hand, if you’re a well-known Instagram influencer with a sizable following in the tens of thousands, you might think about investing in a package of a few thousand followers to assist you to reach your target of 100,000.

In the end, the best number of followers to purchase is the number that will enable you to accomplish your Instagram objectives.


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